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A Road We Have To Walk Together

Charlie was once again, running for her life. She ducked reflectively as the red-hot bullets zoomed by her head, she had to find Miles. Charlie heard a chopper behind her. More bullets scream by her, one tore through her shoulder, she cried out in pain as she fell to the ground. Just as Monroe's men…Well, Tom's men….. got close to her shots rang out- one in each of the men's heads. Charlie hoped it was the lack of blood in her brain that was making who was supposed to look like Miles look a lot like Bass Monroe.

Bass saw his former men getting closer to Charlie. He picked up the sniper rifle and squeezed off one round in between the eyes of each man. He heard the chopper getting closer making its second round. Charlie couldn't fight the blood loss and lost consciousness just as Monroe got near her. He strapped the gun to his back and bent down picking Charlie up bridal style. I should just leave her here. All the trouble she's cost me... I cant she's Miles' family, which makes her my family as well. He thought with a scowl on his face. They made it to the cover of the woods. The chopper did desperate circles it the darkening sky looking for the fugitives but after a few hours left to go back to base.

Bass, and a very unconscious Charlie, took shelter in a cave under a waterfall. He set the girl down against the wall of the cave and for the first time genuinely looked at her. The resemblance between her and Rachel was uncanny. But in personality, she was every bit of Miles as they come. He wondered if she had always been this way; Strong, Hard-headed, Confident, Fearless? She would have made an excellent gain for the Monroe Republic. And maybe have even been more faithful than those

SOB's that just tried to kill him. After checking for concussion, his eyes moved to her shoulder. It was a clean shot. The hardest part was going to be keeping it from getting infected. Bass unbuttoned his shirt leaving him just in his white undershirt and moved to the waterfall to wet the material. Slowly he wiped around the wound, careful not to touch it. He rinsed the shirt out and started again. After a few rounds, her shoulder was clean. He wiped off her face, moving the dirt and grime from her cheeks. There were traces of tear traces. What on earth could make this girl cry? He thought absently. He tried to make her as comfortable as possible in the cold cave. Once he covered her with his waistcoat, he walked out to the stream to wash up and try to plan a way out of this mess, she should be out for a few hours.

Monroe was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't hear her come up behind him. He was waist deep in the water, shirtless, and utterly vulnerable to the girl who had a gun aimed right for his head. His coat was still on her shoulders; he felt the corner of his mouth lift up slightly. She must have noticed because a broken "shut up" came from her lips. He could tell that she was frightened of him and that she was in pain. But here she as. Standing on her feet, pointing a gun at the head of the General of the Monroe Republic. Oh, she is definitely a Matheson.

"Wa...What happened?" Charlie asked, shifting on her feet obviously in pain.

"You were being gunned down by my men." "I took them out." But, not before they put a round in you." He answered her honestly nodding to her wounded shoulder.

"Sorry about that," he added somewhat sheepishly, looking down at the running water.

"Yeah it happens," she dismissed quickly. "Wait a minute…. I was being gunned down by your men. And you shot them….why not just order them to stop?" She asked. But before he could answer, she put together a scenario and apparently it made Bass the bad guy again because his coat was off her shoulders and she had that gun train on him with both hands.

"What the hell is this Monroe?! Are you running some kind of an op on me? To get me to trust you so I will lead you to Miles? You would sacrifice your own men just to get a cover story?!" She accused sharply as she slowly began to back up trying to find a way to escape from this man who was responsible for so many deaths and so much destruction.

"No. Charlie it's not like that if you'll wait I can explain," Bass said to her calmly. But she didn't stop. She continued to back up, putting distance between her and the general but also keeping her eyes on him scared that somehow he could kill her with just a thought.

She took another step back and stumbled. Losing her balance, she dropped the gun and crashed to the ground, her skull making a deafening echo as it hit the hard clay behind her.

"Charlie!" Bass yelled. He did his best to get out of the water, to get to her.

"Owwww" She moaned rubbing the back of her head. She froze as Monroe got out of the water. Her gun was in between them and in her current predicament there was no way that she could get it before him. Bass slowly began to walk to her, towards the gun. She stopped breathing. He was just four, three, two steps away from the firearm. But when he got to it, he didn't even falter. He stepped right over it and closer to her.

"Charlie why would I bandage you all up just to kill you a few hours later? I have no intention of harming you in any way. The only way we are going to survive this is if we stick together." He helped her to her feet. But the movement was to fast. She swayed on her feet and all but fell into Bass's chest. Fast as lightning, his arms were around her middle, and her forehead was in the center of his chest.

She could feel his warm breath on her head when she closed her eyes. She just couldn't wrap her head around the fact that he was helping her. I have tried to kill him so many times. I should not be ok with the fact that he helping me. Keeping me safe. What is his angle? He has an army to run why is here in the middle of the woods helping me.

Once he got them back in the cave and comfortable she began to ask her questions. "Why is YOUR militia trying to kill you?" she asked quietly.

He took in a deep breath and slid down the wall next to her. Sitting between her and the mouth of the cave. "It appears that Robert Neville has sweet talked my men against me." He said grimly.

Charlie couldn't help the abrupt laughter that poured out of her. Monroe sent her a look that would kill small children, but it only made her laugh harder. She continued laughing until the pain of her should and head outweighed the humor of it all.

"I'm sorry." She sobered.

"I suppose it is expected." He said with a little humor in voice.

"We should get some sleep," Bass suggested quietly into the darkness.

"Should we take shifts?" Charlie asked.

"No. I tend to be a very light sleeper since I woke up to your uncle holding a gun to my head." He said sharply.

Charlie got really quiet and refused to look in his direction. She fixed her eyes on the wall furthest away from him.

The temperature began to drop, and even with Bass's coat, she couldn't fight the shiver that ran down her spine. Usually when it got cold Charlie would scoot over to where Miles was, and even in his sleep he would throw an arm over her or share his blanket to warm his freezing niece. But Miles wasn't here.

Bass must have noticed her shaking because he mumbled a curse word under his breath and scooted closer to her. He lifted an arm and paused waiting for her okay. At her small nod, he put his arm over her shoulders, sharing some of his warmth. Instinctively, Charlie moved deeper into the light embrace. Before she knew what she was doing, she laid her head on the inside of his shoulder. She stopped breathing, waiting for him to get angry, curse her out, or shove her away.

Bass noticed her hesitation and ran his hand up and down the top of her arm trying to warm her up more. He didn't know how she could fall asleep so fast when she slept so many hours already today. He smiled when she snuggled in his arms. Get Charlie out of the world, and she was actually quite enjoyable. He could see how Miles could throw away everything to help this girl. Bass promised himself and Miles right then and there that no harm would come to Charlie. I will get you back to your family Charlie. I will keep you safe.