It had been three days since Bass went all terminator on Charlie. Three days and he still won't look at her. The angry red lines across her throat are turning into an ugly mixture of green and blue. She was pissed originally yeah, but It's been three days. She's bored and getting tired of him giving her the silent treatment. She was busy packing her bag when she hears him shuffle around behind her. She has decided that she is ready to get back on the road, whether he was talking to her or not.

"Where do you think you are going?" He asks gruffly from behind her. Charlie's lip twitches up in a small smirkā€¦ got him. "I'm going home, Monroe. Not that it hasn't been fun and all..." she adds with typical Matheson sarcasm. "Miles and Mom are probably worried sick, assuming that they have not murdered half the town in frustration." Charlie sighs as she slings her bag upon her shoulder. "And besides, you have your own problems right? Your people want you dead." She spins lightly on her heel to look at him. Bass is face to face with her now. The bruises on her neck look terrible, and he feels a little bit of bile rise in his throat at the thought of harming her. Not wanting to hurt her, that is an emotion that he understands. What he doesn't understand is the slight tightening in his chest at the thought of her leaving. He brushes away the notion quickly.

"That's why I am coming with you," he says as confidently as he can. Charlie's eyebrows almost disappear in her hairline. "Yeah, no. The people I'm going to see really, really want you dead." Bass rolls his eyes, losing patience. "It's too far for you to go by yourself," he says. Charlie tilts her head slightly, how does he know how far I am from them?

"Look I know Rachel's family is from Texas, I'm guessing that is where everyone is right?" Charlie can't help but smile sarcastically and shake her head. There was absolutely no way she was taking him to her family. She tries to walk past him out of the hideout they had hunkered down in, but he wrapped his hand around the inside of her elbow. " all were my family once, I.. I have nothing." Charlie quickly bats away the twinge of sympathy she feels, "Yeah, we all were family, and look how that end up for us." He drops her elbow, and she walks out of the mouth of the cave. She sets off down the road and can practically feel him staring a hole in the back of her head. Refusing to turn around, she puts as much distance between them as she can.

Two hours into her trip and she is still replaying the last conversation she had with him. What was that look in his eyes when he finally looked at her? And she's pretty sure that's the longest he had ever gone without murdering someone in cold blood just for the sake of being in a bad mood. She shakes her head faintly trying to dismiss Monroe out of her thoughts altogether. Instead, she looks up at the sunlight peeking through the leaves and breathes in a deep lung full of fresh air. She is not dumb; she knows she has to cover her tracks because Monroe is, maybe an hour tops, behind her. She also knows that Miles was planning on going to Louisiana to meet up with some friends he had that helped him get out from under the republic. So while Monroe was wrong about her going to Texas, he was correct about the general area, so that means she had to get creative on getting there.

Bass is pacing circles in the small cave they had spent the last week in. He watched her walk away. He knows she's gone, but he can still feel her in the space, can still smell the lavender she used to wash her hair. He looks down at his hands. Charlie may not remember him from the, but he remembers her. He doesn't care that she said that he wasn't her family. He cares about her, Miles, and even Rachel when she wasn't hell-bent on killing him. Bass quickly stuffs his clothes into his bag. If he hurried, he could catch up to her before nightfall.

*Author Note*

Hey guys, so I remember that I had HUGE ideas for this story, but I have moved three times and have been locked out of this account twice since 2013. So I'm open to ideas. Shoot me a review or a DM if you have an opinion. I was reading back at some of the past reviews and someone wanted Charlie and Bass imprisoned together. I can do something with that. So if you guys have any input let me know! I'm all open ears:)