Over pov:

Flynns of only recollection of lucidity was in the brief periods of waking up to find his sister accompanied with...really attractive people.

Every time he'd wake up to see these people he always thought it was a dream.

But alas sometimes he'd wake up and they wouldn't be there of course this would saddened him. The only thing that remained the same in his fading in out, is that every time he'd wake up he'd feel significantly worse then he did last time.

This time was different.

All most instantly he woke up to the feeling of so much energy. Too much energy.

It felt like he'd could get up, that alone is beyond crazy, and run for miles on in and not tire.

It wasn't just the energy that was different. Everything seemed to...pop. The walls seemed so close to him that he could make out even the smallest ridge that was off place on them.

He could see the fly that plagued the rooms existence right down to the design of its wings.

Needles to say Flynn did not wake up normal. This conclusion further confirmed by the sight of the outside hallway even though the door to his room was closed.

Flynn jumped up in a mess of fear and confusion, the machines that were connected to him by wires broke out of there fixtures with his movement.

"What the-" was all that he could say before he saw two off looking characters approaching the door.

They opened it. One man wore a bright smile and a calm composure while the other man in a red hoodie walked beside him with a brooding composure.

When they entered the calm mans smile grew even wider.

"Oh well it looks like this will shake things up a bit won't it " he was talking about Flynn appearance.

" WHAT THE HELL DID TOU DO TO HIM" The guy in the red hoodie screamed about to throw a punch at the other guy

The other guy then teleported to the other side of the hooded guy.

"Don't worry he has to get use to it" the calm guy said...calmly

"USE TO IT?! LOOK AT HIS FUCKING FACE" the guy in the red hoody screamed.

It's weird to Flynn it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. Like the air was replaced by water of jello.

"He'll get the hang of it" the guys said in the same tone.

Even when that one guy teleported it, seemed like he slowly sucked into himself then sucked out on other side of the guy in the red hoody.

What's even more weird is that to the men currently in Flynn's room , Flynn looked like a smear.

In actuality Flynn was vibrating at moch 123 in stationary position, giving off the appearance of a face on a picture that had been smudged out.

"Oh and by the way you ever try to hit me again I will teleport you to Pluto come on" the man with the smile said turning around "our work here is done"

"You fucking serious?! We can't just leave him like that" the red hooded dude screamed from behind him.

The man stopped " your wrong were not leaving him like that" with that the man snapped his fingers, and instantly all the wires and breathing machines connected to Flynn detached themselves.

With that they were off leaving Flynn still in his current state liberated from the hospital machines that previously aided his ill condition.

Flynns Pov:

It was like I was supercharged, like filled with endless energy.

Before those men left all the things that I was hooked up to cause completely broke off.

Not to not that but everything was going really slow, like some hit the slow motion button on the tv or something.

But that wasn't the weirdest part. When I tried to get out the gurney I was end I found myself outside of the hospital.

I could see doctors and nurses trotting around in their normal routine but it was as if they all were moving at a snails pace.

I had to get the fuck out of here. I had to get home I need to see my mom I need to see...Cece.

With that the I took off leaving behind and orange and blue blur behind me.