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Hey! I really love your story! Very interesting! So I need a favor! On July 16th, I'll be writing a NEW CROSSOVER STORY called the reunion of Icarly and Shake It Up! Or would you prefer Icarly and Shake It Up is back! Which one you think is the best! So can you post another fanfic with this information on it?

Hey guys and girls!
This is Thove here and it's my first time writing on this fanfiction. Later in the day, this same news will be on another fanfiction like shake it up, Sam and cat, etc. now, this is not a story, just all the information about a big, big, brand new, exciting story being posted on July 13th! Guess who'll be writing it? Me, that's right! And guess what I'll be writing? An brand new story called, drum roll, please, the reunion of ICARLY AND SHAKE IT UP! That's right! Two shows merged in ONE...BEAUTIFUL...CROSSOVER STORY!
Now, I bet, after reading this, your eyes are widen open, your heart is beating wildly, and you are jumping and screaming around the room. Some of you would be typing a review right now! But hold on! Let wait till you finish reading this story. Lol. So my story will be lot different than all the story here on this fanfiction. It will have adventure, romance, friendship, action! LOTS AND LOTS OF ACTION! ACTION like fighting, dares, risks, etc. and we all know who love violence the most. Her name is SAMANTHA PUCKETT. Ohh. The most violence person in Icarly and in MY story! Now, let's talk about the characters. The 11 Main Character in my story will be...
1. Carly Shay
2. Cece Jones
3. Deuce Martinez
4. Flynn Jones
5. Freddie Benson
6. Gunther Hessenheffer
7. Henry Dillon
8. Rocky Blue
9. SAM PUCKETT *wink*
10. Tinka Hessenheffer
11. Ty Blue
12. So the character that I list will be in EVERY story I write. That's why they are called the Main character! Haha! Another character like Georgia Jones, J.J. Jones, Melanie Jone, Spencer Shay, etc, will appear in Most story but not ALL. People who are guest star in my story will appear in, like, less stories. So I will call them Main Character(who will appear in EVERY story I write), Recurring Characters(The characters who will appear in most stories), and Guest Star(who will appear in less story). So in my story, there will be NO differences between the Main Character from the TV shows. They will all stay the same. Their personality, what they look like, their age, their likes and dislike, their friends and their enemies, their family, EVERYTHING about them are going to be the same. Like I say, NO DIFFERENCE! It's the same thing with recurring character and Guest Starring character! NO DIFFERENCE! When I write the second story called an fun game night, the Icarly gang will be currently living in Chicago, where the shake it up lives! Now, that we are done with the character, let move on to the summary. The summary of my FIRST STORY EVER called the reunion of Icarly and Shake it up is the Icarly gang reunited and travel to Chicago where they met the Shake it Up gang. Sound like a exciting summary. Later, they will embrace on a fun adventure that will make them best friends! The plot of the entire Icarly and Shake It Up crossover is, they will go on amazing adventures around the world! So, if you have any questions, comment, or suggestion about my summary, don't hesitate to review or PM or review me down there. Or don't do it. HAHA! Just kidding! Of course you can do it! And if you think I should change the summary a little... or a lot, let me know! I'll really appreciate your help! Now, I'll give you something you have been waiting for... AN PREVIEW!
13. Preview:
At the Benson' Apartment in the morning, the 13 year old boy named Freddie Benson was asleep in his bed. The time was 8:12am. Freddie was snoring and dreaming peacefully about Carly and him skipping on the clouds. He started to smile about the dream. But suddenly, his dream was interrupted by a knock (actually it was a pounding), at the door. That pounding make Freddie jerked out of his bed. "Mom?" Freddie said as he rubbed his forehead for a unknown reason. "It's not your mom." An voice said. "Then who are you." Freddie asked. "Guess." The voice said. "Um, Carly?" Freddie said. The person behind the door laughed and open the door at the same time revealing...
Preview ends
Ooh. Who do you think was behind the door! If you wanna know, come read my story on July 13th! It'll be so fun and cool! So that's all the information I can give you! If you have any questions, suggestions, and/or comments about the entire story, let me know in the review. Or PM me. LOL! And remember, through the entire story, you can always ask questions about my story. You can also give me suggestions about the next chapter. Or you can just comment about it. But remember...ask a question, give a suggestion, or comment. And if you want my help on YOUR story, let me know! I'll be so happy to help! So, tell your friends, tell your siblings, tell your parents, tell everyone to come and read my story. It'll be posted on the ICARLY AND SHAKE IT UP CROSSOVER fanfiction. There's only one story there so look for one that say "The reunion of Icarly and Shake It Up" it'll be posted around 9am to 11am! Whoo. That was alot of information. Anyway, go ahead, go wild! Go type a review! Go tell everyone! Go be sooo excited! I can't wait to see what your reviews say! I'll be waiting! And please PM me too! I got to go so see you guys...ALL of you guys on the Icarly and Shake It Up fanfiction on July 13th! Goodbye!
P.S. Ask a question, give a suggestion, and/or just comment *wink*
Thove. Peace out and have fun reading on your story!
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