As a massive fan of both Cartoon Network and outrageously epic crossovers I was in love with the idea of FusionFall from the moment the idea was announced. I've never been able to play it, so all of my knowledge comes from the FusionFall wiki and extensive time spent trolling the FusionFall site. The idea of the cartoon forces structuring that you'll see hinted at in this chapter came from both the way the game is set up and what I've seen of the fandom on deviantART, so it might not be very true to the game (if anyone who plays has any suggestions or advice I'd love to hear it). Actually, if anyone has any ideas they think would help this story or make it better please don't hesitate to let me know!

Time Until the End of the Earth: 0 days, 0 hours, 14 minutes

Blossom sighed softly, resting her chin in her hand as she looked out from her small bedroom window. Vast space stared back at her, a smattering of billions of sparkles covering an immense abyss. From this side of the ship she couldn't see Planet Fusion, didn't have to watch as it slowly absorbed Earth into its mass.

She didn't have to be reminded of all they had failed to save.

It had been Numbuh One's idea, initially, to stay. He'd told them that he couldn't, in good conscience, simply abandon everything. He didn't think they deserved to get off so easily, not when so many had been left behind. And if not for the survivors, he'd argued, then at least for those who hadn't made it—they deserved to at least have their friends close till the very end.

Blossom had fully agreed with Numbuh One from the moment he'd suggested staying, but that hadn't made the actual act of staying put—of seeing the only place she'd ever called home sucked in by Fuse like it was nothing more than a jawbreaker—any easier.

Her door opened, distracting her from her solemn musings.


"Hi Bubbles," Blossom said, turning to smile at her sister. The blonde wasn't smiling back, her large eyes downturned as she moved into the doorway. "What's up?"

"Dexter said it's almost time," Bubbles mumbled, still looking down. Her hands were clasped tightly at her waist. Blossom's smile faded.

"Oh." She couldn't think of anything else to say. Bubbles looked as miserable as she felt though, so she knew she needed to say something. "Do you want to wait it out in here with me?" she offered. Bubbled surprised her with a sudden, fierce look.

"How can you say that?" she asked.


"After everything, you want to run and hide now?" Bubbles hands were now curled into fists. "I thought you were stronger than that!"

"Bubbles," Blossom said, startled by her sister's reaction, "I didn't mean it like that." Bubbles, not built to carry anger, deflated with her sister's words.

"I know," she said. "I'm sorry. I just…we should be there…for her, you know?" She trailed off, toeing the carpet uncertainly

"Yeah," Blossom slowly nodded, looking down at her lap. "I know." She looked back up when Bubbles's hand appeared around her own.

"We'll go together," she announced, attempting an encouraging smile. "The Professor will be there too," she added, "and all the others. We can do this with them." A small return smile pulled at the corners of Blossom's lips.

"You're right," she said, climbing to her feet. She gave her sister's hand a squeeze, bolstered when the small act helped her sister's smile gain a little more strength. "Come on," she said, tugging the blonde towards the door. "We don't want to be late!"

Surprised—but in no way disappointed—by her sister's abrupt change in attitude, Bubbles hurried to keep up as they started down the hall.

"We'll never get there on time like this," she said. At Blossom's questioning look, Bubbles jumped into the air, gripping Blossom's hand in both of her so she could pull her up off the ground as well. With a startled shout, Blossom hung for a moment before joining her sister in flight, and the two raced down the winding hallways, pink and blue trailing in their wake.

Their pace picked up as they left the narrow dormitory corridors, emerging into the wider walkways of the main ship. A few people milled about, looking, for the most part, unable to figure out what they should be doing. They didn't say anything to the passing Powerpuffs—the girls didn't slow enough to let them—and soon the girls had left them behind, winding their way through the ship's more restricted halls.

"Watch it!" a technician barked as they swooped past him. The girls, their attention focused, ignored him.

Their destination wasn't far now.

The girls slowed as they reached the very front of the ship, dropping back to the floor as they passed through the entrance to the ship's vast observation deck. They were unsurprised to see quite the group was already assembled. A few people nodded to the girls in greeting, but most seemed not to notice their arrival, their attentions focused outside of the vast space station.

Numbuh One stood at the very front of the crowd, the stars reflecting in his sunglasses as he stared at the massive green planet in the distance. Numbuh Three stood beside him, his hand held in one of hers, Numbuh Two's in the other. Dexter was with them, hands clasped tightly behind his back, along with Gwen, her expression strained. Bloo was pressed so close to the glass, Blossom wondered if he wouldn't simply faze through it.

And standing behind the imaginary friend, looking older than he ever had before, was the Professor. The girls glided over to him, each silently taking one of his hands and holding it tight between both of their own. The Professor gave a tiny start, looking down at his little girls in surprise.

"Are you sure you want to be here for this?" he asked gently. They both nodded.

"We couldn't be anywhere else," Blossom answered. A few of the other looked over at her words, nodding their solemn agreement. None of them had ever thought they would have to watch the scene about to unfold before them, yet not a one of them would even consider being anywhere else.


Blossom looked up, surprised to see that Mandy was now standing beside the small scientist, the Grim Reaper hovering just past her shoulder. She hadn't seen the girl come in.

"Hmm?" Dexter didn't look at his fellow commander. Mandy didn't seem to mind, shifting to mimic his pose.

"How much longer?"

Her simple question sent a thrum of energy around the room. Suddenly all eyes were on Dexter, waiting for the redhead to respond.

"Not long," he said. His gaze never left Planet Fusion, and Blossom felt her own attention being slowly pulled back to the immense destroyer of worlds.

The figure Planet Fusion cut against the starry sky was truly horrible, she thought. Its great mass had shifted and spread, stretching out to form massive extensions reaching for Earth. It was like watching an amoeba under a microscope, extending its entire mass out around a particle of food, which it would absorb and ingest, breaking it down into nothing.

A shudder raced through her at the thought, and she clung a little more tightly to her father.

And then Dexter's voice broke through the silence, whisper quiet and yet unbearably loud as he uttered two simple, life changing words:

"It's starting."

The energy in the room shifted. Eddy joined Bloo in attempting to press through the glass. The green suited providence agent in the corner also moved closer to the glass, the monkey beside him looking away for a moment before turning back.

"How long?" Mandy whispered. Grim had vanished from her side, a fact most tried to ignore.

"Ninety seconds," Dexter answered. Blossom gripped the Professor's hand tighter. Could her entire world truly vanish in less time than it took to pop popcorn?

The few half digested planets sticking out of Planet Fusion shifted as the planet began engulfing the blue and green orb that those gathered had fought so desperately hard to protect. Its progress was both maddeningly slow and, when one considered the immensity of both objects, terrifyingly quick.

"Eighty seconds," Dexter breathed.

Drew Saturday clung to her husband, who himself looked like he was barely keeping his legs beneath himself as he watched his home, and his family, slip from view.

"Seventy seconds."

An agonized whine escaped Courage, the pink dog pulling his ears in distress. Juniper scooped him up and hugged him close, trying to comfort them both.

"Sixty seconds."

A muffled sob announced the otherwise silent tears streaming down Numbuh Three's face.

"Fifty seconds."

Sucking in a shaky breath, Gwen stepped up to the glass. Tears dripped from her lashes as she gently placed her hand against the window.

"Forty seconds."

Sniffing loudly, Bubbles copied the older girl, Blossom right behind her.

"Thirty seconds."

More hands soon joined them.

"Twenty seconds."

Dexter placed a gloved hand beside Gwen's.

"Ten seconds."

With a brief hesitation, Mandy's hand appeared beside Dexter's.

"Five seconds."

Everyone tensed, no one capable of looking away now. Almost all of Earth was lost from sight, engulfed by Fuse.

"Four seconds."

Numbuh One's hand curled into a fist against the glass.


"You fought bravely until the very end," the KND leader said softly.


"You won't be forgotten."


Bright green came together, obscuring Earth completely from view. Faint crying echoed throughout the otherwise silent room, Dexter's final count hanging heavy in the air. A soft sigh escaped the redhead and, for the first time since entering the observation deck, he allowed his gaze to fall. His head hung, eyes screwed shut as he whispered, "Zero."

Blossom's own gaze dropped as she found herself no longer able to look at the one enemy she couldn't defeat. She leaned into the Professor. Bubbles had buried her face against his other side, crying quietly into his lab coat.

And then Numbuh Two's shout rang out, startling everyone.

"Look!" he cried, pointing at Planet Fusion.

"We've already seen it," Mandy snapped angrily. Numbuh Two looked confused for a moment, before shaking his head hard.

"No, that's not what I mean! There's some kind of light coming out of Planet Fusion!"

"What?" Dexter snapped, his head jerking back up. "What are you talking about?" he started to ask, but trailed off halfway through his sentence as he looked at the planet in question. All around the area where Earth had been sucked in, bright white light was breaking through the planet's surface. The spots of light grew rapidly, spreading out across the lump that covered Earth, connecting together and forming a single mass of light which then began to spread across the rest of the planet.

"Is that…supposed to happen?" Juniper asked. Both Dexter and Numbuh Two were shaking their heads.

"Not according to any of my calculations," Dexter said.

"Or the simulations," Gwen added. Mandy frowned.

"Then what's going on?" she demanded. Dexter's eyes narrowed, but before he could say more the light surrounding Planet Fusion suddenly exploded, surging towards the space station with a shock wave that rocked the entire ship sideways as everything faded to white.