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"Hey guys there's another case we have now." I said to half of the gang that wasn't in the meeting room. "Alright JJ." Morgan said as he grapped his coffee. The rest got up and followed me to the meeting room. Once we were there they took their seats and looked at the pictures of the 3 girls and 3 boys.

"It doesn't look like a serial killer doing these things. I mean they look nothing alike." Morgan said breaking the silence. "Well I know that but the one thing they have in common is that they all went to the same high school together." I said when I heard this and read the file I just had to take it.

"What high school was it?" Ross asked, always the curious one. "A high school in Forks, Washington called Forks high school." I answered him. "Why would someone want to kill these teenagers?" he asked this time just thinking out loud. "A grudge maybe?" Reid said he knew a lot of things like this.

"Possibly, So what do we know about the unsub?" *Hotch asked he is our boss and he still is a little said about his family dying. "Well I say Caucasian male around 17 to 19 and from the clues he left behind, he's looking for revenge." I walked up to the board where the girls were and pointed out areas.

"See here on the neck it looks like a tattoo of a girl and then on the floor next to her there's a letter and a picture of a girl. That's how the FBI knew she had a tattoo because they look like similar markings." I pointed to the neck and zoomed in on it and you can see the markings.

"Can you zoom in on the picture and the letter?" Reid asked me sitting up closer to get a better look at the markings. "Sure." I zoomed in on the picture and letter. The letter said:

To whoever finds this body, picture, and note, find the girl in the picture and ask her questions about the body and tell her that it's her fault and they didn't have to die if she had said yes but now all those who hurt her will surly pay the price and die with the consequences. She is my love please tell her that also that she is the lamb.

The picture had a beautiful girl hugging a handsome man with bronze or copper hair. "Well it looks like we are going to Forks." Hotch said standing up the others followed him. We all hoped into two cars and drove to our plane. We got on the plane and took our seats. Morgan was listening to music; Emily, Ross, Hotch, and I were reading books while Reid was looking into the file.


I was reading the file and stared at the picture inside. She was beautiful; her arms were wrapped around the man. Both of them were smiling and they looked in love. I heard Hotch call Garcia and told her to get a back ground check on the girl in the picture, she has a file to.

A few minutes later Garcia called back and Hotch but her on speaker, "What did you get Garcia?" "Her name is Isabella swan, prefers Bella, She went to Forks high and was the most beautiful in the school she is now19 years old she still lives with father only because he begged her to stay. Ummm she used to date Edward Cullen but they broke up when she was 18, her birthday is September 13th and she was friends with all the people that died. Is that good sir?"

"Thanks Garcia that will be all for now." (FEW HOURS LATER) We landed our plane and drove to Forks since we landed in Seattle it isn't a long drive. (30 MINTUTES LATER) We found Charlie swan's house and heard a girl laughing and music blasting from the house playing Maroon 5-Miesery.

Hotch knocked on the door and the music instantly died down and we still heard the girl laughing. We heard footsteps and the door opened reviling the girl in the picture but her eyes looked pained and tired but she put on a smile for show "Hey I'm Bella you must be the people my dad were talking about come in.

"Jake no more music." She said as she walked into the living room. "Fine." She walked up to a tall boy with his shirt off "Umm Jake I would like you to introduce yourself while I wake up dad." She walked up the stairs and turned left heading to her father's room. Jake looked at us and smiled

"Hi I'm Jacob and you guys are?" He said looking at all of us. "I'm Hotch this is DR. Spencer Reid, Emily, Morgan, JJ, and Ross." Hotch said pointing to each of us. Just then Bella walked down the stairs with a very tired looking Charlie.