Hi. I know, shocked right?! I am sorry to say this is not an update...

The reason for my absence? Discouragement. I was halfway finished with the Taken Rewrite before the computer it was saved on completely broke down and shattered. I stopped paying attention to my own stories. So I am putting a poll up again. It will be on which two stories I will take care of uploading. I will try to make weekly schedule like I have promised so many times before, but this time I feel the need to finish them.

The poll is similar to the last one, but this one will have clearer language. I will try to make it so you can vote twice.

Which two stories should I work on first?

Taken (The Rewrite)

Tuesday Swift


The One That Knows

Save Her Soul

Power Impersonate

On The Run Angel

I Love The Way You Love Me

Forgetting the Past, Focusing on the Future


Beaten And Broken

A Curse Yet A Gift

It Was Never Love...

Again, sorry for the delay. Vote and I will try to maintain an update schedule. So... yeah. PLEASE VOTE!