A/N: A little Coderra one-shot.

Cody paced around his room, confused, and still upset about how Gwen would never love him. She even said that to his face a couple days ago. It didn't make his heart break as much as he thought it would though. It confused him as to why he wasn't collapsed on the bed, in a heaping ball of depression.

"Cody, why don't you just sit down?" Sierra said from his bed. She had come up earlier to hang out, and to get some peace and quiet from the squabble that was going on downstairs between Gwen and Courtney.

"I don't know Sierra." Cody replied anxiously. Sierra rolled her eyes.

"Dude. Sit." Sierra ordered. Cody took a seat on the bed next to her.

"I am so confused right now!" Cody exclaimed. Sierra put her laptop down.

"Why?" Sierra asked. Cody faced her.

"I don't-" Cody cocked his head, staring at Sierra. There was something about her today, that really appealed to him all of a sudden. He scrutinized her, really liking this. He always had a thing for girls with dyed hair. It just seemed like a punk thing, or a rebel act, that he really liked. Sierra looked visibly happy and confused at the same time.

"Cody?" Sierra asked, and furrowed her eyebrows when he continued to just stare at her. "Do I have something in my hair or something?" She asked, twirling her long hair around her finger. She had let it down today, and it was still growing back, almost at her mid-back.

"You..." Cody shifted to hide the sensation in his pants. Sierra blushed.

"What?" Sierra asked. Cody looked away, and stood completely still for a couple of minutes. Sierra stared at him. Suddenly, she was attacked by him, and she felt something soft on her lips. Sierra flushed with happiness and shoved him off.

"Sorry..." Cody muttered. Sierra violently shook her head no.

"No, no don't be sorry! Kiss me again!" Sierra was filled with adrenaline at the thought of her crush liking her back. Cody complied and they kissed again, this time longer.

"OMG, you're like, a really good kisser!" Sierra complimented.