Another Toothless story! Don't judge me, I just have a lot of time now that it's summer break!

This has nothing to do or involves any of my past stories. Disclaimer: I do not own How to Train Your Dragon. This is a Toothless/OC story and a Prequel to the movie with the (sometimes) Position of view of Toothless. Yes, it's still Toothless but he will have a different name. I'm not saying that the name Toothless won't show up. Enjoy

Toothless POV

This is the Night Fury island. It's a pretty big island, actually. There are many caves, and a huge forest that spreads out. I like it. But I don't like sharing it. Unfortunately, we Night Fury's have to share it with a close species called Snow Fury's. The other side of this island is covered with snow and that's where they live. We don't like them, nor hate them. I'm sure they feel the same way about us. We avoid them, though. The easy and normal thing, would be for us to just leave. But if we leave, that means that the Snow Fury's get the island, and we let them win. So, having too much pride, is the reason why we haven't left yet. I don't really know why the Snow Fury's haven't left. That's their own problem. My name's Darkwing. I was orphaned at a young age. A long time ago my parents died. I'm not sure how. The older Night Fury's kind of took care of me altogether. They would take turns feeding me. I would play with the other hatchling Night Fury's. I'm the one only one who doesn't have siblings. Then I learned how to hunt, and soon I became independant. You can say I'm one of the more 'mysterious' Night Fury's. But I happen to be one of the fastest.

Just because I don't like to talk to the others, doesn't mean I don't participate in the contests. I do have a best friend. One of my only friends. You can't blame me for being reclusive. That's a trait most Night Fury's have. Well, my best friends name is HiccWarr. There's a reason for his name. When he was little, he was labeled a hiccup. He proved himself by succeeding in a War, that was a long time ago. When his leg was injured, he decided to be the idea Dragon, him being one of the more intelligent Dragons. He taught me everything I know. His name is a mix of hiccup and warrior. That's basically my only friend. I walked out of my cave. I flew into HiccWarr's cave. His was bigger, mostly because he needs 'space' for all his ideas. "HiccWarr? You in here?" I asked. "I'm over here hatchling" he called. I walked over to him. "Hatchling? I'm far from that" I declared. I'm not really an adult yet but I'm far from a hatchling. So I guess I'm in between. "Is that the best you could come up with?" I asked looking at what he was doing. "No, I'm trying to multitask" HiccWarr replied. I figured out why you have so much space in your cave" I said. "Why?" he asked. "To fit that big head of yours in it" I replied.

"That proves it. Your a hatchling, alright" he said. I rolled my eyes. "So, did you hear what happened?" HiccWarr asked. "What?" I asked. "More food has disappeared. The Alpha thinks it was the Snow Fury's" he said. I snorted. "I don't doubt it. Who knows how much they eat, or how lazy they are" I said. "We wouldn't know" HiccWarr replied. "Then why don't they go over there and find out?" I asked. "You know the laws, you can't pass our territory" he said. "Why not? If the Snow Fury's come here to steal food, why can't we cross over there?" I asked. "I said that the Alpha 'thinks', we don't know for sure if they've done it" HiccWarr said. "I say they did it" I said. "Darkwing, tell me that you won't go to the other territory" he said firmly. "Calm down, I won't" I muttered. His eyes narrowed at me. "Well, would you look at the sun, I'll just be going" I said. I flew towards the forest. I went to my cave and thought. What if I decided just to take a peak at the other side. I said I wouldn't 'go' not 'see'. I wouldn't label myself as the 'mysterious' type, I'm more of a curious type of a Dragon. I climbed out, and jumped. Before I fell to my death, I spead my wings out. I spend time flying, but I didn't keep track. I turned around and saw that I was no where near my cave. The wind around me increased but the temperature decreased. I landed. The ground was cold. I of course could handle it.

The wind blew through the trees and I kept walking. Then I saw a snow covered forest in front of me. That was what divided the territories. I took a step on it. When I took my paw off, a paw print was left on the snow. I let myself fully go on it. This was a whole new environment. I ran in all sort of directions, constantly jumping on trees. That was when I heard a voice, a feminine voice. I listened closely, but I didn't know what direction it was coming from. "Of course. My idea's always the worst. But when someone elses idea is heard they're all like 'Oh, Shadeswift do this, no do that.' Well you know what? I don't want to do any crap!" the voice yelled. Soon enough, I felt an impact. I shook my head. I looked straight at this Dragon. She was a Snow Fury. I've never seen one. I took a good look at her. Then she yelled. "NN-NNIGHT F-FURYYY! NN-NNIGHT F-FURY!" she yelled before I even got to speak. My eyes dilated. I took a step back. "You don't need to yell. I know what I am" I said. She stumbled back, and took off into the skies. My first encounter with a Snow Fury... Not bad.

HiccWarr is just a substitude for Hiccup (obviously) since Toothless hasn't met Hiccup yet. But nobody can replace (the awesome) Hiccup! I hope to get some reviews and if I do, you gonna find out what happens next.