This last part is strictly how Magnus deals with Alec, Jace deals with Clary, and how Simon deals with Isabelle. Some people wanted a bit extra, so I decided to go ahead and give it to you. As for the heartbreaking funerals and whatnot, I'm not writing that part. I'm terrible at writing that kind of stuff, and I figured it's best to let your imaginations go wild when it comes to how everyone deals with what has happened. :) Hopefully, you agree!

"Any changes?"

Magnus shook his head, not looking back towards the infirmary entrance where Caterina would be standing. No, his gaze stayed focused on the figure in the bed, the love of his life, the reason he lived.


He was still just lying there, eyes closed, hair falling on his forehead, and pale. He was so, so pale. A sickly pale. Caterina had taken his shirt off, exposing the perfect skin that Magnus had adored for so many years, in order to apply more medication of different kinds. There were no cuts, no bruises, no visible injuries. Alec pretty much looked like he did all those times he slept. Whenever Magnus awoke before him, this was the exact picture he'd always see, except for the paleness.

He reached forward, grabbing Alec's hand and holding it between his two. He brought it up to his mouth, kissing it softly before kneeling down by the bed, his head down against the sheets.

The sound of the door shutting let Magnus know that he was once again alone. There was no one else, because everyone else had already been released.

Jordan, Maia, Jocelyn, Luke, Isabelle, Jace, Clary, Chase, they were all gone! But Alec… he wasn't improving. All he was doing was lying there, breathing, but otherwise showing no sign of life.

"Come on, darling," Magnus whispered, looking up towards Alec's beautiful face again. He reached forward, pushing a stray piece of black hair off his forehead. "I need you, love. I need you to come back for me."

If only it was that simple. If only he could just ask Alec to come back, and for it to actually happen. That would make everything so much easier, but that wasn't the case. This was Alec's decision. It was up to Alec if he wanted to make it back. It wasn't anyone's choice. No amount of medicine could help. Nothing he could do could help.

This is up to him, Magnus. I've done all I can. If Alec wants to pull through, he will, but Agramon did a number on his head. All we can do is wait and see what happens.

That was the worst part. The waiting. He'd been waiting for two days. He'd been sitting there for two days! Even worse, he had other obligations. He should be with Karrie, helping Karrie deal with the loss of her brother. And yes, Magnus was gutted about that as well. He and Karrie spent that entire night in tears when Caterina gave them the news, but he knew that Michael could take care of her. Michael loved Karrie like Magnus loved Alec, like Chase loved Emily, like Simon loved Isabelle, and at least he knew his daughter was in good hands.

"She'll be okay," he mumbled, dropping his head again. Whether he was saying it for his benefit or Alec's wasn't really clear, but he just talked anyway. "Karrie will be alright. She's strong, like you are. Which is why you're going to pull through. Alec, honey, you're going to pull through. You have to fight whatever that bastard, Agramon did to you. You're stronger than he was. And I love you. I can't lose you. I – I can't–"

His throat closed as he spoke and a sob escaped, along with the tears that suddenly seemed to flow like Niagara Falls. Magnus clutched at the sheets, at Alec's hand, at his own hair, at everything, just trying to find something to transfer the pain to.

All he wanted was for this to be over. He just wanted to see those blue eyes he fell in love with, kiss those lips that he was addicted to, and touch that smile that lit up his world. And if – no, when Alec pulled through, he was going to do that for the rest of his life, for the rest of eternity. If a second passed by that he wasn't with him, then it would just be wasted.

There was a knock on the infirmary doors and they slowly swung open. Magnus wiped his eyes, annoyed at the tears that were coming through, and looked towards the doors.

Karrie stood there, looking just as bad as Magnus did. Both of them hadn't gotten any sleep for forty-eight hours, but she'd at least gotten a shower. Her hair was down, looking like it needed to be brushed badly. She was in one of Michael's shirts and shorts, and Magnus made a mental note to thank that kid. If it wasn't for him, Magnus might have broken down trying to deal with both Alec and Karrie.

She stepped inside, closing the door behind her. "How is he?"

This was the dreaded question. Magnus looked back at his love, at his life, and took a deep breath. "We don't know."

That was the worst part. The not knowing. All he wanted was a yes or no! It would make it so much easier if he knew that Alec was going to make it or not. The uncertainty is what was making Magnus lose his mind.

Arms wrapped around his neck suddenly from behind. Karrie rested her head on Magnus's shoulder, and he reached up, placing his hands over hers on his chest. "Dad, he'll make it through."

Magnus closed his eyes, trying his best not to let more tears through while his daughter was around. "Let's hope he does."

"He will," she said with more conviction. "Dad is a fighter, and he'll make it through. He wouldn't have fought for this long only to lose at the finish line. If he learned anything from Uncle Jace, it had to be their ability to survive situations like this."

Jace. Magnus almost wished that Jace was here. He was the only one who could talk Alec back to reality. He'd come quite often, checking on Alec and also on Magnus. It was still shocking that first time, when Jace walked in and just grabbed Magnus… and hugged him. The shock of the situation still blew Magnus's mind. After all these years, Jace actually did have a heart that others got to see, not just Clary. The thought was actually reassuring.

While that helped a bit, it still wasn't much. Nothing was going to help for long until Alec woke up. Until Magnus knew that when he woke, he'd still be the same Alec as before. If Agramon did anything, any permanent damage, who knew how long it would take to recover.

Things like this happened all the time in the mundane world. Traumatic events and pain caused humans to have what Caterina called amnesia. The memory loss to help them cope. What if something like that happened to Alec? What if he didn't remember? Not that Magnus wouldn't mind if Alec didn't remember a single thing Agramon did to him. In fact, that would be better. He just hoped that Alec still remembered everything else, everything that's happened in the past that made them who they are today.

Magnus felt Karrie kiss his cheek, hugging him tighter once more. "Conan's funeral is today," she whispered. "I know that you don't want to leave Dad, but Michael asked me to remind you in case you wanted to go."

God, there was another thing to worry about. Even though he was never a big fan of the werewolf in the first place, he still didn't want the punk to die. "I don't know if I can make it. What if he wakes up and I'm not here?"

"That's what I thought you would say." She released him, her hands lingering on his shoulders. "And Dad, there's one more thing."

"What is it, honey?"

She slid to the side, cupping Magnus's cheek and pulling his face to look at her. "Are you sure that you're okay with my ascension?" Her eyes searched his face, going back and forth like she was looking for any sign of disapproval. "You know what it means if I do."

He nodded, and for the first time in two days, smiled. "Baby, the Shadowhunters could use someone like you, and they need you." He leaned forward, kissing the top of her forehead. "I'm proud of you."

"I am too."

Magnus froze. Karrie gasped. That wasn't… was it?

Slowly, almost glacially slow, Magnus pulled away from Karrie and turned. It felt like the many centuries he had been alive were shorter than the few seconds that it took for him to turn towards the voice, the rugged, pained voice that he'd been wanting to hear for the past week and a half, the voice that was his only comfort in these situations.

Alec's voice.

Karrie was the first to react. "Dad!" she screamed and Magnus was practically shoved out of the way when she hugged him. Alec didn't move much, tapped her back softly when she wrapped her arms around him. He was smiling, slightly but it was there.

But his eyes were on Magnus. Their gazes were locked and didn't waver in the slightest.

Magnus, for the first time in history, felt like a frozen block of ice. He couldn't move, like Alec's gaze was glue that held him in his spot.

"You're okay!" Karrie pulled back, brushing her hair over her shoulder as she smiled down at him. "I can't believe you're okay."

"I'm okay," he assured, but his voice was rough, raspy.

Karrie suddenly jerked back. "I'll go get Caterina," she said quickly and ran out of the infirmary, screaming for the warlock to get her ass down there.

Alec lifted his hand, just barely, and gestured for Magnus to come closer. "You look like hell."

That's what broke the warlock. He gripped Alec's hand, tight and probably painful but he did and collapsed. His head felt to the man's chest, taking him in. It wasn't like it was before. He could smell him before, touch him, talk to him, but now it would all be reciprocated. Alec could talk back, touch him back, and he was going to be okay, right?

Magnus looked up, and the mesmerizing blue eyes stared into his. "How bad is it?"

As if the question brought all the pain back, Alec closed his eyes, his brows pinching together and his grip tightening on Magnus's hand. "I remember it," he said in a pained voice. "All of it."

Magnus stood, cupping Alec's cheeks with his hands. They were so cold, so sick feeling, and he leaned down, their foreheads pressing against each other. "I'm so sorry."

"What happened between you two?" Alec asked.

This wasn't exactly a question he wanted to answer, but he figured short and sweet was the best way to go. "Agramon and I have had many dealings in the past. After I bested him a few times over the centuries, I guess he finally learned that going after me wouldn't get him anywhere."

"So he went after me," Alec mumbled. Magnus pulled back enough to look into Alec's eyes, but they were closed. "He tortured me to get to you."

There was nothing he could say. Nothing Magnus could say would make this situation any better or worse. The truth was out. And he couldn't protect Alec. He couldn't keep him safe in that situation, and that's what hurt the most.

The fact that he couldn't stop the pain was painful in and of itself.

A tear slipped out of Magnus's eye, falling down slowly and it fell completely, landing on Alec's cheek below.

"Stop that," Alec demanded as he reached up. He grabbed Magnus's cheeks just as Magnus was doing to him. It felt amazing, just being touched by him again. The feeling his hands against his skin was like feeling at home. He was home, finally, in Alec's arms. "It's over, right?"

Magnus nodded slowly and closed his eyes.

"Then there's nothing else to worry about." Alec's thumb brushed over another tear as it escaped. "I'm here, and I'm not leaving. Agramon about drove me insane," he confessed, his eyes tearing away for a split second but they came back to Magnus's quickly, "But nothing could drive me away from you completely. Understand?"

There was nothing else he could do, nothing he could say to describe what he was feeling, so he just did the one thing that he'd done for so many years, the one thing that could ever calm him but excite him at the same time.

He leaned down, kissing Alec softly, slowly. His lips were cold and dry, but it was the taste that he craved. It was the feeling of having the man that meant the world to him to kiss him back, to have his fingers move to his hair and pull him down. This was what Magnus had been waiting for, wanting and craving since they all returned, and he finally had it. He had his world back, his life back, his love back, and no way in hell was anyone taking it away from him.

"You just couldn't stand it, could you?"

Magnus groaned, knowing that voice all too well. He barely pulled back, just enough to crane his neck and look towards the doorway. "Get the hell out of here, Jace."

The blonde smiled, leaning against the door frame casually. "You know, you might want to give him time to catch his breath before you assault him like that again."

Magnus was about to come up with some retort, something to get Jace out of there, but Alec beat him too it.

"Jace?" Alec sat up on his elbows, looking to be in a bit of pain but dealing with it. "Can you do me a favor?"

He stood straight instantly, nodding once. "Anything, what is it?"

"Get. The. Fuck. Out."

And that is why Magnus loved this man with every fiber of his being. Jace on the other hand, made sure to slam the door shut as loudly as possible as he left the room, leaving Alec and Magnus alone for their much needed reunion.

Clary stood in front of the floor length mirror, looking at herself. She twisted, going back and forth, taking in the black, floor length dress she was supposed to wear for this funeral. Her hair was done, not to Isabelle's standards but close enough. Just a bunch of curls and her bangs were pinned back, letting her hair do its thing.

That was all she really had the energy for. Today wasn't something she wasn't looking forward to. It wasn't going to be easy, especially for Emily. Clary knew that her daughter was trying her best to hide it, to act like she wasn't in pain, but a mother's instinct is never wrong. She could see it in Emily's eyes, in her walk, in the way she talked. She was hurting, bad.

There wasn't anything Clary could do though. Emily needed the closure, needed the goodbye that she was going to get today. The funeral wasn't just for Jordan and Maia, but for all of them. Clary just hoped that Chase would stay by her, hold her, because she was bound to break down. No way was she going to make it through this, and even through all of what's happened, Clary was just thankful that Chase has been there for her daughter. Without him, Angel knows how bad of a wreck she'd be.

She turned at the sound of the door opening, and smiled slightly when Jace walked in. "Alec's going to be fine," he said as he walked towards her. She turned, wrapping her arms around his neck when he reached her, and she brought his lips down to hers. "One down, a lot to go," he whispered against her lips.

Clary pulled back, looking up into the golden eyes that had the ability to make her forget everything around her. She fought it this time, taking her hand and running her fingers over his lips. "This isn't going to be easy."

"I know." His eyes closed when her thumb passed his bottom lips, sighing deeply. His hands slipped around her back, moving up her shoulders, back down, and then around to her stomach. "How are they?"

She knew exactly what he was referring to, and was happy to actually give a decent report this time. "They're healthy, even after everything we went through. Aaron and Aria will be just fine."

Her hand covered his over her stomach, pressing against the dress that covered her mid-section. Jace's priorities had been so mixed lately, from dealing with the Clave, to those who died, to those who were healing. Clary didn't blame him for being jumble headed, but she missed this. She missed his caring touches, his loving kisses on her neck, the way he'd whisper into her skin and the shivers she got when he did.

So she let herself go. Her eyes closed when his mouth connected with her bare shoulder, and she was suddenly thankful this was a strapless dress. They were light kisses, barely there but still ignited something inside of her. He reached down, bending slightly but she got the message. With a squeeze to her thighs, she jumped, her legs wrapping around his waist and his arms holding her up as he carried her to the bed like he had on so many other occasions. Even though she could still feel the tension and stress in his shoulders, she was just happy to have him again. After these past two days, they both needed a bit of relief, and if Alec and Magnus got theirs, then Clary sure as hell was taking hers.

Jace gently placed her on the bed, her head against the pillows and his mouth attacked hers with a fury that she'd been begging for. The feeling of sunlight surrounded her, taking her into a different place as his tongue battled hers. He wasn't completely on top of her, not like he used to, but he was just being cautious because of the twins. Even though it drove her mad, she knew better than to make him do something he didn't want to, and he had enough to worry about already.

His hands slid down, pulling the dress up inch by inch while his mouth distracted her. He was going slow, painfully slow as his fingers brushed against her skin, just enough to make her want more and not fulfill her.

He laughed when she moaned into his mouth, biting his bottom lip and pulling before releasing it. "Jace, I'm pregnant, hormonal, stressed, worried, and upset." She looked into his eyes, wrapping her fingers through his hair. "And I swear if you don't rip this dress off right now and get out of your clothes, I'm going to make you regret it."

She didn't give him time to answer, or even come up with a sarcastic remark as she grabbed his shirt, ripping it off of him. Thank goodness he didn't have the decency to get dressed early, and the only thing that stood between her and what she wanted was only a t-shirt and pair of training pants. And once the shirt was gone, thrown somewhere in the room, her hands roamed as his mouth attacked hers once more.

It still amazed her how she ended up with someone like him. Someone so perfect, in every single way. He was the balance that she always needed, the balance she never knew she needed. He could be tough, hard, angry, and dangerous while being vulnerable, soft, happy, and harmless at the same time. That's what she loved about him. There were so many parts, so many pieces to the puzzle that he was, and she was the only one that got to see him like this. He trusted her enough to show her, to let her have it all, and God, she'd never wanted more in her entire life.

"This dress is in the way," he mumbled into her skin by her ear, biting on her earlobe softly before placing more kisses along her neck. "And it seriously needs to go."

She smiled, her hands gripping his biceps as she arched into him. "Do what you must, Mr. Herondale."


Jace's head dropped to Clary's shoulder, his hands on the hem of her dress and he groaned in agony. "You've got to be kidding me."

Clary didn't realize how bad her heart was pounding until they both stopped moving at that moment. Her hair was more than likely a mess now, and the last thing she wanted to do was to answer the door, especially with a shirtless Jace lying on top of her.

No woman would want to leave that.

Emily started pounding on the door. "Dad? Are you in there?"

"I know I said I love our daughter," Jace groaned, "But she really does have the worst timing."

Clary giggled. Her hands went to his hair, playing the strands as she kissed his temple. The fingers that she loved so much dug into her thighs, and she could tell the last thing he wanted to do was to leave. "Jace–"

"Alright, well, the Silent Brothers are here," Emily said through the door. "Obviously, you two are busy, so you've got fifteen minutes. Make it snappy you two. And don't hurt her, Dad! No squishing the kids!"

Jace didn't move as Emily's footsteps retreated down the hall, and Clary wondered for a moment if he'd suddenly passed out. But then, out of nowhere, his arm wrapped around Clary and pulled her up. With his amazing Shadowhunter speed and undressing-women skills, he had her out of the dress and lying under him again within ten seconds.

His arms held him up as he hovered over her, smiling down at his work. "This is more like it."

Her heart started back up quickly, blood pounding in her veins just by the way Jace was looking down at her. His eyes were taking her all in, and even after all this time, that one look could turn her into a hormonal mess.

One of Clary's hands made its way to his hair, as it always did, and the other found the star shaped mark on his shoulder. She rubbed slow circles into it as he watched her intently.

"Jace, don't you think it's weird?"

He sighed when she leaned up and kissed the mark, his head dropping to her shoulder and burying his face in her neck. He kissed her a few times in her sweet spot, causing her skin to react against her will but she loved every bit of it. "What do you mean?"

This was something that Clary had thought about for a long time, and even though the thought wasn't something she was happy about, she knew it would come eventually. Emily was seventeen, and Clary knew exactly what it was like to be seventeen. "That Emily is so… understanding about what we're about to be doing? Most teenagers freak out about their parents having sex. Even with Luke, it still made me sick to know my mom... you know."

He lowered himself a bit more, dropping to his elbows. The skin of their stomachs touched, and he shivered above her. "I haven't really thought about it."

Clary sighed, knowing Jace was about to have a heart attack. But this was something they had to talk about, in case it really was happening. She had to prepare Jace before she confronted Emily. "Well, don't freak out, but I think she and Chase have probably made it to that level."

Jace didn't speak for a moment. He didn't move. He didn't kiss her. Hell, Clary wasn't sure he was breathing for a while. It was like she was lying in her underwear under a statue.


He sighed, his hands digging into the sheets by her head. Maybe this wasn't the best time to bring up such a conversation, considering everything else that has been going on, but Clary just figured that getting it all out on the table would be best. The last thing she wanted to think about was Emily and Chase, but dammit, if this conversation came up when Chase was in the room, he might not survive.

"You have the strangest tendencies, you know that?" he asked. Her eyebrows pulled together, confusion sweeping over her face when Jace started to kiss down her neck, to her collar bone, and across her chest. "Honestly, you've been bringing up Chase more than anyone when we're in bed together." Her body was froze, watching him as he inched his way down her skin. "It worries me."

Clary's breathing became harder and harder as he passed the valley between her breasts, leaving soft kisses through the material. The scruff on his chin scratched at the skin of her stomach when his tongue darted out, licking the lines between her barely visible abs that wouldn't be there in a few weeks. "Jace, what are you–"

"Do I have to show you who you should be thinking about?" He smirked up at her, giving her that panty dropping look that always made her want to just attack him. "Emily is a big girl, and Chase is a big boy. They can handle their own decisions, which we should not be a part of. And you are my wife, which means you should be thinking about me, not him."

Clary knew that look. The look on his face was dangerous, seductive, and manipulative. She gripped the pillows under her head, trying her best to keep herself under control when his fingers looped into her panties. His lips touched just above the fabric, dancing across her hip as he slowly tugged them down, barely centimeters. He kissed across the fabric, ignoring the one spot that she needed him most. And he had her withering underneath him, moaning and begging.

He was being a tease, a torturous tease, and she loved every second of it. "Now, we have about thirteen minutes," he stated. "And my name better be the only one you're saying." He crawled back up to her, gripping her hands and intertwining their fingers as he kissed her again. "Got it?"

Simon closed his eyes as the water dripped over him in the shower. He was tired, so damn tired, but the day was just starting. It was about that time, time for another funeral, another goodbye, and as sad as it was, he was thankful it wasn't Izzy's.

No, it wasn't Isabelle's. She was in his bed, at this very moment, very much alive, and he exhaled an unneeded breath at the thought. He still remembered when she finally woke up, when she finally showed him those eyes, that smile, and he practically lost it then and there.

Sadly, it got him thinking though. What was he going to do in forty, fifty, sixty years after she… passes? What was he going to do when Clary is gone? When Jace is gone? When it's just going to be him, Alec, and Magnus left? He pressed his head against the cold tile of the shower walls. Would he be able to make it without her? Two days was bad enough. But an eternity without her…

"Simon?" As if he thought about her, she somehow showed up. He pulled the glass wall of the shower back, sticking his head out of the shower after a few moments to collect himself. Her eyes landed on him instantly as she stepped forwards in nothing but his Xbox t-shirt form all those years ago. "There you are."

He nodded, looking her up and down as she walked towards him. His shirt barely came down to her upper thighs, and he knew that was all she had on. Earlier, she had tried, tried so hard to make him take her how he wanted to, but he refused. She was tired, weak from the exhaustion of recovery and he didn't want to hurt her. But now, the way she moved told him that she was better, much better, and he felt himself react instantly to the thoughts that went straight to his lower region. He took her all in as she walked towards him, every bit of her that he loved. Her age only made her more beautiful in his eyes, and he swallowed when she finally reached him.

This was what he lived for. The moments like this when she looked at him like he was everything.

"What are you doing in here by yourself?" she asked. Her fingers slid down his chest, her eyes following their path when they moved over his slick skin.

He dropped his head back, letting her work her magic on him. His eyes closed involuntarily, loving the feelings she was giving him. "I figured – you might be… tired."

"I've slept for over thirty-six hours."

"You lost a lot of blood."

"And a lot of precious time with you, since you wouldn't give it to me earlier." He was suddenly pushed, his back slamming against the tile of the wall as she stepped inside. When he opened his eyes again, the shirt she wore was nowhere to be seen, and she was completely and total exposed to him.

He practically fell to his knees in joy right then and there.

She never gave him the chance though. Her hands found his, pushing them up by his head and slipping her fingers through his. Then, her mouth found his as well, kissing him with more of a fire, like she had more energy this time. Earlier, he was careful, wary about how much strength she had, but it wasn't until now that he realized she really was okay. She'd be fine.

She pulled away, kissing along his jaw up to his ear, teasing, licking, and sucking as the water poured over both of them. She practically held him hostage, her hands refusing to let him go and let him lead, and then he realized how come.

Her runes were back. They were black, dark, and brand new. And unlike her and her ability to get her strength back so quickly, he didn't have that. He hadn't had much blood lately, at least, not the powerful stuff that Isabelle always gave him, and he was lacking in the strength department. It was like the roles were reversed, and even though he loved it when Isabelle was dominant, she was also a dominant tease, which meant he was about to suffer, big time.

"Iz," he whined when she squeezed his hands, her mouth sucking on the skin above his collarbone. She pushed herself closer to him, ever part of her up against ever part of him, and a noise escaped his throat that he hadn't made in a long, long time.

"Don't growl at me." She might have sounded angry, but Simon could feel the smile on her lips against his chest.

This was what she wanted. His little princess was evil, whether she knew it or not.

"Then don't be a tease." He tried to pull against her hold, but she only pushed him back against the tile with even more force. "Isabelle, please."

"Someone's eager."

"Yes," he answered with all his pride going right out the window. "Yes, I'm fucking eager and you're torturing me right now."

"Whose fault is that?" she asked. And finally, after what felt like forever, she let go of his hands and cupped his cheeks. His fingers immediately dug into her hips, pulling her closer to him as he twisted them, pinning her between the wall and his body.

He didn't answer her question and attacked her mouth with his so quickly that she gasped in surprise. Her fingers moved their way into his hair, pulling at it roughly. She wanted this just as badly as he did. They both needed this. Hell, everyone else was probably doing it anyway. This was a way of coping, right?

Her strength had surprised him earlier, but he wasn't letting that happen again. He reached down with one hand, throwing her left leg over his hip and grinding into her. If anyone was going to be the lead this time, it would be him.

"Simon!" she exclaimed, her head thrown back and her mouth open. Simon attacked her neck at the exposure, sucking to the point it would leave a nasty mark. "Simon, please, I need–"

"I know." His voice was calm, calmer than he'd expected it to be.

"And this water is fucking cold."

He switched to the other part of her neck, kissing her softer and more loving. "Tell me what you want me to do about it."

With a gracefulness that only came from Shadowhunters, she jumped and his vampire reflexes helped him catch her expertly. Her legs wrapped around him. Her face went to the crook of his neck. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders. "You know what I want you to do."

Yes he did. And dammit, if he didn't want that too.

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