Primitive Violation Revisited


The following chapter was very difficult to write but to be true to the story and life it had to be written. So you are WARNED again if this type of subject bothers you in anyway DON'T READ IT!

I came up with the idea while UlurNaga wrote the first 5 chapters. UlurNaga also helped with this next chapter but I wrote most of it. This story is not meant as a joke or insult to rape victims but as a tribute to them for what they/we silently survive every minute of every day.

This story is supposed to be an example of how one can bear the dual role of being both the violator, and a victim; as poor Optimus is about to discover.

The story takes place in Transformers Prime shortly after Darkness Rising Part 5 and Master and Student. I will try to follow the story line of Transformers Prime. The characters will have other issues outside of Transformers Primestory line those will be the main forces of this story.

It deals with Sparkrape, and will contain a great deal of sexual content. SOME OF THE CHARACTERS SWEARS, so don't be offended by the content because YOU HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY WARNED. If you don't like the context of this story, then PLEASE just don't read it. I cannot stress that enough, people.

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Chapter 7 Road Trip


Hell's Highway

(Highway 2 S. Bound)

"You were in there quite a while."Prime states as Tory got back in.

"Yeah well, like I told you my family and the owners goes a ways back." Tory snaps the realized how rude she sounded. "Sorry about that Prime. I just was…."

"I understand." Optimus gently reassures her. "Where you able to get everything you needed for the trip?"

"Yeah I was. In fact I got extra so we don't have to make too many more stops along the way." Tory tells him as she put her new back pack into his sleeping area.

"That will please Ratchet." Optimus says as he pulls out onto the Highway 2 South.

"I figure our next stop should be in about 4 hours. Which will take us to the replica stone hedge and then less than five mile from it is a Fly J truck stop. Do you have enough fuel or should we stop sooner?" Tory states.

"I don't consume human fuel and I have more than enough to make it to our destination." Optimus informs her.

"So if you don't use human fuel what do you use?" Tory asked as she shoved a power bar.

For the next several hours Tory and Prime compare and explain the difference between humans and Cybertronian. Tory even manages to get Prime to laugh at how similar and different their kinds are.

"You have lived an interesting life." Optimus laughs.

"Look who's talking. I betting you are holding the more juicer stuff back." Tory laughs so hard she had to brace herself against the seat to keep from falling.

"Why do you believe I am holding juicer stuff back?" Optimus inquires.

"Come Big Guy you have been around way longer then I could every image and you're trying to say that you are not holding back." Tory laughs.

Silence is his only responds.

"Don't worry you can save it for later." Tory teases.

"The Replica Stone Hedge you mention earlier is 5 miles ahead." Optimus informs as he tries to avoid the continuing subject.

"Thanks and you are safe on the juicy story telling…for now." Tory replies.

"This is a strange place. What is it about?" Optimus inquires as he pulls off of Highway 14 into empty parking area.

"This is like I said it's a replica.. Sam Hill who built this replica visited the real one in England. During the time he visited the original it was believe that it was used as blood an apleasement sacrifices to pagan gods. He felt that the wars that were going on were similar because it took the blood of service men to end it. So to honor those servicemen he built it. There are names of 13 Klickitat County servicemen who died in World War 1 on the pillars." Tory explains as she climbs out of Prime's cab.

"That is very admiral." Prime states.

"Do you have anything like this back on your planet?" Tory asks

"We did but.." Prime replies.

"Yeah I understand, war leave and takes what it wants." Tory remarks with a pit of sadness as she walked over to the bronze plaque and started to read it." This monument is erected in the hope that others inspired by the example of their valor and their heroism may share in that love of liberty and burn with that fire of patriotism which death alone can quench…." Then she got very quiet as tears fall down her face.

Optimus observes Tory as he realized she is crying. "Tory are you alright."

"For some this place doesn't just honor the Klickitat servicemen but is a testament to all servicemen and women from all the wars." Tory says as she kisses her father's dog tags then heads into the monument.

The cool fall breeze didn't nothing to deter Tory's from stretching her legs around and through the full size monument. She walks to the center stone and lowers to one knee and quietly repeats two old poems taught to her by her father

Across this land

is scattered


of the many

who stood beside

each other

and fought

the enemy

to win

the victory.

Their number is


by thousands

every day,

these men who

stood before the

cannons that

roared away,

who sailed into

the maelstrom

of vessels fired

to sway the

storm of battle.

Their ranks thin

daily as time

does take its toll,

at gatherings of the many

crowns of grey unfold

to mark their presence

in the ranks in which

they march so bold.

To those of us that gather

on auspicious occasions

to honor these warriors,

bear in mind that time

affords us all this

honorable occasion.

No matter

what the uniform

with pride and

care you wore,

you served

your country,

did your best.

We could not

ask for more.

The Final Inspection

The Marine stood and faced God

Which must always come to pass

He hoped his shoes were shining

Just as brightly as his brass.

"Step forward now, you Marine,

How shall I deal with you?

Have you always turned the other cheek?

To My Church have been true?"

The Marine squared his shoulders and
said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't
Because those of us who carry guns
Can't always be a saint.
I've had to work most Sundays
And at times my talk was tough,
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.
But, I never took a penny
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime
When the bills got just too steep,

And I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear,
And sometimes, God forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place
Among the people here,
They never wanted me around
Except to calm their fears.
If you've a place for me here, Lord,
It needn't be so grand,
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand."
There was a silence all around the throne
Where the saints had often trod
As the Marine waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God,
"Step forward now, you Marine,
You've borne your burdens well,
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell."

Tory repeated the poem a few more times, as she repeated it she spoke a little louder. When she finished the poem she wiped a tear from her face and placed in onto the center stone. What Tory didn't realize is that a platoon of soldiers had stopped and all of them were silently standing behind her saluting. When Tory rose up turned and saw them. Tory then salutes back and says "Semper Fi" in unison the entire platoon replies with an "OOORAH!"

Tory then got back into Prime without saying a word to the soldiers but the look they gave each other spoke volumes of the respect for each other and the fallen. Once she was back in Prime's cab Tory brightly smiled at each of the soldier who stood there paying their respects.

"Thank you for letting me stop there, but they closed the gift shop so I need to find another place to use the restroom. There's a couple of nice fruit stands just below us if we go down the back way but it might be a little tight." Tory said.

"I assure you I can drive it." Prime informed her.


"What happened back there?" Prime inquires.

"Huh back… oh you mean at Stonehenge. There are just a few places around the states that I stop and pay my respects." Tory told soberly him

"What about the Soldiers?"

"No sure about them but there are many in the armed forces that do the same." Tory replied.

"That was very beautiful… I wish…" Optimus starts to say but stopped.

"You wish what?" Tory asked

"Nothing." Optimus said as pulls into a free parking area.

"It's okay Optimus I can guess what you wish." Tory replied as she climbed out. "I'll be just a few minutes."

Tory quickly headed across the small country road and into the fruit stand to the area around the back. In the back area Tory makes quick use of the old facilities. As Tory is heading back through the Fruit stand she picks out a few apples then pays for them and leaves.

"We should meet up with Ratchet in about 12 more hours." Optimus informs her when she gets back in his cab.

"Oh joy. That sounds so great." Tory replied sarcastically.

"I am not have been around human very much but that believe there was some sarcastic in that." Prime says.

"Nah really." Tory teased back with a big grin on her face.

"I promise that there is nothing to worry about. Ratchet will not harm you." Prime tells her.

"Okay Prime. I get it." Tory says then she changes the subject. "Tell me more about your planet."

As the two new companions pass through Oregon they travel many old highways that look like something out of an old movie. Prime was inspired by the living trees that hung over the narrow old highway. He was amazed at the moving water that followed so cleanly under the countless weathered bridges they would cross.

"Your world has such unique and amazing landscaping." Prime stated.

"Yeah it does." Tory replies from Prime's passenger side as she rested her head on the window.

"I am not sure you know your eyes are closed." Prime teases her.

Tory opens her eyes to see the beautiful over hanging trees that line both side of old like a two lane highway from the 40th's with the old arching cement guard rail that was their only protecting from the 300 foot drop on the left side.

"Tory, I wish to ask you something but I am not sure how to?" Prime nervously remarks.

"Just ask away." She told him as she munches on another power bar and drinks what's left of her water.

"I would like to more about how you survive." Prime cautioniously replies.

"Survived?" Tory questions.

"Yes, survived all this time after you were first attacked?" Prime hesitantly asks.

It took several long tense minutes before Tory took a slow deep breathe then she begins her tale. "If anyone else asked I wouldn't but I know you are asking because of what happened and you won't have many others that will understand. So I will tell you….. It all started shortly after we moved Los Angles, my dad went M.I.A…. As the days went on my mom started drinking. One night an Officer James Corson brought her home. She had been drinking and driving….. That officer kept bringing her home after that for the same reason…. Shortly thereafter my father was declared dead. She really lost it. Officer James Corson took a special interest in her and me… He pretended that he cared. My father wasn't even dead 24 hours when Corson made his moves on my mother then 3 weeks after that he married my mother. Their wedding night he got her hook on illegal drugs…. When my mother got to deep into the drugs she couldn't give Corson what he wanted he turned to me." Tory explains as she stares off into the setting sun. "He wasn't like most of those sick bastards. There was no small subtle hints, no mistaken gentle touches, no misunderstanding. No... He just took want he wanted when he wanted. The first time I was only 12 years old. My mother was gone when he came home. He stormed into my room. He ripped my clothes off. I tried to fight back I did everything my father had taught me but nothing stopped him. It only pissed him off. There was no pleasure for me because the only wetness that made it easier for me was my virgin blood. I fought him every time but he still kept coming" Tory continues as she hugs herself and starts to rock her seat.

"Oh Tory, I don't quite understand but what you says must of hurt." Prime says while he fought the urge to find this Officer Corson and hurt him.

"When sex is done right there is pleasure for both parties and the female being wet helps easy any pain." Tory explains. "But Corson didn't care about how I felt. All he care about was his pleasure.

"Didn't?" Prime started to say but was interrupted by Tory.

"Someone stop him? Why didn't I tell someone?... I told some cops but they didn't believe me they believed him…. He would always make sure mom was gone. When I did tell her what he was doing she didn't believe me; mostly because she was drunk, high or both but usually both. For the next few years that's how it went. I knew I wouldn't survive if I stay and I knew at that point my mother was gone into the bottle and pills. I made secret plans to run-a-way. I set up most of my school classes to be online but still went to school or I would make it appear I left for school when I would actually head for the beach and prep for being a Marine. If I knew he was going to be home I would stay at the public libraries as late as I could get away with. During the summer the libraries, Public Parks and the Beach were where I spent most of my time because I knew he won't be stupid enough to try any shit with some many people around cop or not. I took great pains to make several different to-go bags filled with a couple of change of clothes and basic necessaries. Then I hid them in different places throughout the city. Where ever I hid my stuff I made sure he couldn't trace to me. I avoided the obvious places like Bus stations and Airports. I never hung with kids because he may have gone after them when I left. I join a few different cheap gyms under assumed names and hid my bags. Under overpasses that are rarely used are great placed to stash stuff just. You just have to make sure it's hidden well or the bums steal it." Tory says that wipes away a few stray tears.

"You were very brave." Prime tells her.

"Brave had nothing to do with it. I was scared shitless most of the time. But that doesn't stop a Marine and a Marine is what I am going to be! One way or another! The hardest thing to do was to save traveling money. He would go through all my stuff looking for money or any signs that I was planning on running. Plus I had no money of my own. I started to collect glass bottles and aluminum cans to recycle. I would walk through the drive-thru fast food places and pick up the drops coins. Coin machines are a pretty good place if you know the tricks on the older ones. I got a few odd jobs from people around the area. I even I would then hide small amounts of money in the obvious places but hid the larger amounts where he wouldn't look. When he found the small amounts of money he would beat me. All the time he would beat me he would tell me, I was never getting away and that I belonged to him." Tory tells him then continues. "Then one stormy night…, Funny how it's always a dark and stormy night when thing get the worst…., Mom came home somewhat sober and somewhat clean to find him raping me. Mom got pissed and she bashed his head in with a lamp. We knew we had to leave A.S.A.P so mom grabbed a few things as did I. We hadn't been driving for more than an hour all the while mom begging me to forgive her and cursing him out, when out of the darkness that Son-of-bitch came in one of the trick out, jack up pickup trucks. He rammed us into a deep revean. I only remember bits and pieces of the crash… I came to a few days later in the hospital. The doctors told me that my mother more than likely died on impact. I know she was alive when we were at the bottom when he started beating on her; she was cussing him out and fighting back. Carson at that point said my mother was "No better than a dirty slut". I tried to stop him but then he started in on me. He would most likely would have killed me too if a passerby had called the crash into 911.

"I do not understand how he could do such things and no one stopped him." Prime remarks as he tried to keep the anger at the human out of his voice.

"He fooled a lot of people…. I should have spent the next few weeks in the hospital healing from two of cracked ribs a broken wrist but I found out he was going to be in "Los Vegas" for those weeks at some supposed "police training". Tory said as did quote marks with her hands on Los Vegas and Police training."

"Why do you make those strange hand movements?" Prime remarks.

"It is how us humans sarcastically emphasis something. He was in Los Vegas and partying." Tory explained then moved on in her story. "I bolted after I got an air cast for my wrist. I didn't even stay to say Good-bye to my mother…. He had arranged for the funeral to take place after he got back. Before I left town I made sure to leave several false trails for him. Plane tickets I purchased with my mother's credit card to England with a connecting flight in Denver and New York City. Then on a different card of my mother's I purchased a bus Ticket to Mexico. I took one of his cards gave it to a street punk I knew and told him to get lost with it. I took the back way of L.A. and headed north. I figured I had at least a good three days on him then. I never stayed in any one town for more than a couple of days and never in the same area for more than few hours. While on the run I still did my online classes but made sure to leave town as soon as I finished one." Tory continues.

"What about the support groups you spoke about?" Prime asks.

"I didn't start any counseling sessions until quite a while after I left. I was having my wrist check at a free clinic when a girl my age came in saying she had been raped by her uncle. I was about to leave but couldn't help but hear the cops believed her even though her uncle was a cop. One of the female cops stayed with her while she got checked out. The female cop noticed me for some reason as I was listening to her talk to the girl about some of the local support groups. She "accidently" left a card to one of the places on the seat next to me. It was at a church so I figured I could at least get a free meal or something. I've been going ever since."

"You talk about being Marine how were you going to do that?" Prime inquires.

"My dad started training me because he knew it was my dream and I would do it with or without him. He set me up with small things to increase my stamina then as I got better he would push me even farther. I continued his training even after his death. The Libraries, Parks, and Beaches weren't just for protection they were for training. The Libraries were for mental training. It was there I read everything I could on Military, spy, and regular basic training so that I would be mentally ready. The Parks I used the trees and the jungle gyms to prepare myself so that I wouldn't be afraid of heights during training once I joined. The Beaches I used to train myself in swimming but like a Marine would swim, hard fast and fully clothed. Then I would march with a weight for several miles. I did it like my dad taught me. As for getting in now I have a plan. You see my dad left a safety deposit box for me back in Jasper. I could only get into after I turned 21. Grandma Lindy, one of fathers many foster mothers said it has all his Marine contacts in it. Once I get into better shape I was going to use it to get a hold of them and see if they with the help of Staff Sergeant Theresa Seng a recruiter can get me in to the Corps. I hope that with them as a reference the Corps will allow me to join." Tory explains to him.

"I don't see why the Marines would not want a strong brave young woman like you." Optimus states. "I would want you… on my team."

"Thanks Optimus and who know after I become a Marine, I just might be assigned to your team." Tory thanked him but then continued. "You see that asshole Corson knew about my dream about becoming a Marine and enter a false shoplifting arrest that the value of it was five hundred and one dollars just over the limit the Marines allow for a mister meaner. But I'll find a way." Tory spats.

"I will speak with Agent Fowler about what happened and see if he too could put in a good word with the Corps." Prime says.

"Thanks Prime. But I really don't want him knowing about Corson." Tory says

"Tory Agent Fowler will listen and take the propped steps." Prime reassures her.

"Okay." She replies with a yawn.

"You sound tired why you don't get some more rest." Prime tells her.

"Sounds good but I could use a restroom and food break first." Tory answers.

"I believe there is another "Flying J" truck stop up ahead. Will that work?" Prime informs her.

"Sounds great…"

With the help of Agent Fowler again Tory was able to eat like a King at the McDonalds that was attached to the Flying J. Plus he arranged it so that she could pick a few more things like; traveling food, a half way descent MP3 player that Prime programmed for her with almost any song she wanted off the local radio stations. She snagged up couple of pairs of light weight but warm gloves, beanie hats, and a medium size travel bag of handy-wipes. She grabbed up a Leatherman multi-tool, lighter, compass, duck tape and a versatile flash light and the batteries. But what really made her day was the Coffee that she got and took in her new large thermos. Tory saw the pay phones there and thought about giving her Grandma Lindy call be decided against it because there were too many people and cameras that if that bastard got the slightest clue that she had been there he could track her with. Once she was done they were on the road again little did they know what was taking high in the sky.


Evil Sky - Con Ship.

From the depths of the spacecraft Nemesis, Starscream's screams of pain and pleasure could be heard all the way on the command deck. "AHHHHH that hurts. You piece of scrap... YESS! Do it again. YESSSSSSS! I am almost there! HARDER!""

After a few more intense hours of his screaming Starscream finally couldn't take anymore and passes out. When he finally awoke he found the con who worked on him earlier was just finishing plasma welding shut his cod piece.

"What in the name of Primus are you doing?" Starscream demands

"I have done all I can. There is no way I can replace your spike." A lowly con informs Starscream.

"WHAT!" Starscream bellows.

"I am sorry but I know of no way to replace it." The Con remarks.

Angered by the news Starscream shoots the con with his rocket and leaves the Medical bay to head up on the command deck. Once up on the command deck he decide to lighten his spark by playing the demise of Megatron over several times.

"Such a Shame. But I applaud you, Megatron. You certainly made a grand exit." Starscream sneers.

Sound wave enters the command deck as Starscream turns to him and says. "Ah, Soundwave cue the audio/visual. I wish to address the troops."

Soundwave responds by beeping then Starscreams large head appears on every screen of the Nemesis as he addresses the troops.

"The loss of Megatron, Leader of the great Deceticon uprising, is certainly a blow to our cause. Yet we mustn't despair over his tragic demise, but instead embrace his ultimate sacrifice and build upon the foundation he laid with an even mightier hand." Starscream performs before for the troops.

A single con speaks up to the large screen before him for all to hear. "With all due respect, Commander Star—uh, Lord Starscream."

"Yes, yes. What is it?" Starscream demands.

"If we failed to conquer Earth under Lord Megatron's command, what hope do we have now while the Autobots still defend it?" The lone Con asks then mumbles "With a spikeless one leading us."

"Allow me to be crystal clear. I studied for millennia under our former Master. Thus, I am equipped to lead you. I, Megatron's true heir, Lord STARSCREAM, emperor of destruction!" Starscream announces.

"He is far from equipped anymore." Another of the Cons mutter while the others also mutter their disagreement about Starscream.

"WHAT?!" Starscream scoffs then marches off. "What use are troops who can't rise to the task of inflicting unspeakable destruction in my name. Ah, but wait. Legend tells of one capable warrior who has no idea what has happened, who exists here, upon this very planet, on who can be student to my master." Starscream says to Soundwave but more to himself.

Soundwave approaches' Starscream and shows some static on his visor.

"How long will it take to locate?" Starscream demands.

Strange images appear on Soundwaves visor with a sad face.

"IT WILL TAKE THAT LONG! WELL HURRY IT ALONG. I don't want to wait what the humans call a month for my student. I MUST HAVE MY STRONG NEW STUDENT QUICKLY!"

Soundwaves only response was more beeping as he turned his back to Starscream.

"Fine but I will need something to occupy my time…. Send for that one Con who called me spikeless... Have him meet my special room. He'll be a fitting example.." Starscream sneers as he turns away.

The only acknowledgement that Soundwave that had heard him was the intense screaming that came from Starscreams special room that Prime and Tory had been.


Late Night Meetings

120 miles from the Nevada boarder

Black Ridge Mining Camp

As Optimus pulled in to what was once a thriving community of Black Ridge Mine he use a low control pulse to try and detect any threats that they may encounter. As his pulse pass through the old building he found nothing that was new then about 70 years ago. Once he felt it was safe he started to wake up Tory, who had climbed into his sleeping compartment earlier to rest for a, but for a few brief moments he observed her. Optimus watched how her chest slow raised and fell with each breathe she took. Even though he did speak of the status protection to her it was on his mind because the feeling it brought to surface. He remembered how he could feel everything his otherself felt did to her. He remembered how her soft skin felt under his digits. He remembered how she tasted but felt ashamed that he was dwelling on it.

"Tory… Tory wake up…" Optimus announces while mentally shook off how his spark was starting to feel.

"Damn what the hell is wrong with me?…." Tory says she rises up from his sleeping compartment and starts to brush her hair.

"Are you physically ill?" Prime asks

"No, that's not it." Tory answers as she finishes brushing her hair and starts to pack everything together.

"Then why do you think something is wrong with you?" Prime asks.

"Sense meeting you, I have slept more hours one stretch then I have since I was 11." Tory explains as she finishes packing her stuff then climbs into his passenger seat all the while she puts her stuff next to her.

"Why would your sleeping habits concern you?" Prime asks.

"I didn't sleep much living under the same roof as that bastard. When I went on the run I would allow myself not more than about 3 to 4 hours of sleep together. But I guess in a way I should be thankful for learning to train myself to sleep those short hours because to be Marine you have to have endurance." Tory explains as she looks around the darkness outside.

"Do you think what happened between us physically changed your sleep patterns?" Prime asks with a pit of worry.

"I don't think so." Tory says with a shake of her head.

"When was the last time you slept that well?"

Tory took her time and thought about it then answered. "Back when my dad was alive and home."

"Then back when you felt safe?" Prime inquires.

"Or maybe my body was pushed harder than most humans and hit its breaking point?" Tory reasons then realizes she must get into better shape both physically and mental. "But yes, I do feel safe around you."

"We should inform Ratchet of your concerns. When I spoke with him just before we arrive he informed me he should be here with-in two earth hours, so if you don't mind would you please get out so I can transform." Prime explains.


""I would like to stretch my legs" as you humans say." Prime informs her.

"Is it safe?" Tory asks

"I do not detect any threats with-in in the surrounding area." Prime answers.

"Cool I could stretch my legs too." Tory says pulling her things as she climbs out.

Tory watches in awe as the once very battered Peter-built truck transforms into the impressive robot she had seen earlier.

"Wow.. Damn I could live to be a thousand years old and that would never get old." Tory remarks. "Hey Prime I am going to find an outhouse."

"What is an outhouse?" Prime asks.

"It's another type of restrooms for us humans." Tory answers.

"Interesting." Prime remarks as he watches Tory go towards a small build on the side of the others.

When Tory comes out of the outhouse she had known of from her last trip there with her parents, she stood marveling at the sight of Optimus Prime illuminated by the full moon that had just broke from the clouds. Tory's heart rate went through the roof as she notice the massive robot's

It was a few short hours later when a set of head light hurriedly came up the old mountain trails that they had come.

"Is that him?" Tory asks.

"Yes, that is him." Prime responds

"It is very good to see you." Ratchet says after he transforms.

"Yes, it is good to see you to my friend." Prime says. "This is Tory Baker. She was captured with me.

"More humans.. Yess… Hhhhmmm I see some major physical damage but what is this personal issues you kept referring to." Ratchet says.

"Starscream used a dual neural stimulator and disrupter on me to active my Spark for interface." Prime explains

"Oh no, I have heard rumors form victims who were questioned by him that he would for an interface with them to gave intel. Did he interface with you?" Ratchet says disgust.

"No I did not interface with a con." Prime remarks.

"Thank the All-Spark….Oh wait that means that you need to interface I should radio RC.."

"NO! I don't need to because ... I ….. my…. Spark raped…Tory…" Prime states.

"Could you please repeat yourself because I thought I heard you say." Ratchet starts to say but is irrupted by Prime.

"No I will not repeat myself and you heard correctly." Prime firmly tells him.

"But it's not possible.." Ratchet denies.

"To my shame it is." Optimus shamefully answers as he turns away from him and look down towards Tory who gave him a gentle look back than explains to Ratchet. "He activated interface program with a dual neural stimulator and disrupter; capable of either halting neuron semantics, or manipulating their function.

"I am not surprised about what he did to you. Prime you are not the first he forced himself on." Ratchet explains. "I had to tend to countless autobots who he sparkrape. Many of them felt so bad that they took their own sparks. What I don't understand is how he could sparkrape a human? Wait if he Sparkraped you Prime he would access to.."

"He didn't rape either one of us."

"I don't understand you said that there was a you said he forced activated your interface program than you had to interface. " Ratchet mumbles.

"I did interface but not with Starscream." Prime says as he glances down towards Tory.

"That's a relief but whom with? Soundwave?" Ratchet asked not getting the hint.

"Dude are you fucking dense or what? Starscream force us to screw each other." Tory tells him

"I don't understand." Ratchet looks at her with confusion.

"Shit. His Spark," Tory says pointing at Prime "had a hell of a wild ride." Tory informs him

"I do understand what she's saying." Ratchet says as he is scanning Prime.

"My spark interface with her." Prime explains as he point to Tory.

Ratchet will be stunned into silence then sputters out... "That is not possible they don't have the equipment for a proper interface."

"He's spark didn't seem to think so." Tory snickers at Ratchet's reaction.

"To my shame it is true that my Spark forced interface on Tory." Prime tells him with his head bent.

"Damn, Prime I told you before you didn't do it, that spikeless shit face Starscream did. He used you as a tool. I don't hold you responsible stop doing this to yourself." Tory tosses some pebbles up at Prime.

"The human is right Prime there was nothing you could have done once he activated your interface program with a dual neural stimulator and disrupter. Actually this is a relief in a way if you would have be sparkraped by him or any of the other cons your spark would evenly want to interface with them again."

"WHAT THE FUCK! YOU MEAN HIS SPARK WILL WANT TO FUCK ME AGAIN! HELL NO!" Tory bellows as she backs away from them.

"I swear, I would never let that happen again." Prime tells her as he bends down as she backs away from him to which his face reveals his sadness.

Seeing his sadness Tory steps up to him and places her small hand on to his leg as if to say. "It going to be okay."

"You are an organic so unless the same things happen again. I highly don't it will want to interface with you again." Ratchet bluntly tells her human. "So just calm yourself."

"Okay." Tory says feels like he just insulted her.

"Ratchet could you please scan Tory to make sure my spark has not done any lasting damage to her."

"I need for you to hold still so please calm down." Ratchet calmly states,

"NO PROBING!" Tory informs in no uncertain terms him.

""As if." Ratchet scoffs as he does a quick laser scan over Tory's body. "My scan of you doesn't show any signs of trauma. Are you sure that it actually happened?"

"Damn straight it did. His sparks left burn marks all over me." Tory angrily snaps.

"I do not scan any trauma at all. No broken bones, no strange marks… Nothing. In fact I would say that physically you have never been assaulted."

"That's impossible. I have the burns to prove it." Tory says as lifts up her jacket and shirt to show him her bare back.

"There is no damage." Ratchet says.

"Get your eyes check!" Tory snaps.

"Tory, Ratchet is correct I see no damage to your skin either from past or the marks made by my spark." Optimus tells her as he too observes her back.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Tory demands.

"Ratchet, you say that there are no signs of any injuries to her?" Prime inquires.

"That is correct."

"Scan her again she had a broken wrist and 2 cracked ribs when she was younger." Prime tells him.

"Now hold on. I said no probing!" Tory says as she starts to back away.

"I assure you I do not need to probe to do a deeper scan." Ratchet tells her as he adjusts his laser scanner. "No just hold still like earlier."


"Have you suffered any side effects like vomiting, dizziness?" Ratchets as he slowly lowers his laser scanner over Tory.

"No. Just like Prime said I've been tired more… Hay wait a minute I am eating more too." Tory explains as she remembers, she ate 2 loaded quarter pounders 2 Large fries and 2 apple pies and still felt the need to get a 2 more those each for the road and that she had eaten them too within an hour of getting back on the road.

"She also doesn't seem to need her glasses." Prime tells him.

"This is very peculiar. I scan shows no signs of her having any damaged to her bone structure at all. In fact it seems denser."

"Hmmm interesting. That is strange but… That is truly different… I didn't know humans could do that." Ratchet mumbles.

"What's happening?" Tory nervously asks.

"It seems that while Prime's spark was interfacing with you, it realize you were different and damaged so it sent new commands to your Neo passages how to repair you."


"In your human terms his spark fixed you." Ratchet informs them as he finishes the scan.

"IT FUCKING DID WHAT? New Commands? I am not going to turn into some half bake robot toy am I?" Tory bellows.

"Not that I am aware of as if that is even possible but I do suggest that you remain with us for more observation." Ratchet explains as he moves on to scanning Prime.

"No wait a minute.. I thought we go just go our separate ways." Tory says.

"You said you were heading to Jasper we can give you a lift." Prime tells her as he feels a slight ache in his spark at the thought of not seeing her again.

"Though I know little of humans it would be a wise idea if checked up on you to make sure I didn't miss anything." Ratchet tells her

"Plus now more than ever Starscream may want to hurt you. So it would not be safe for you to travel alone." Prime informs her.

"Fine.. But just to Jasper. I am not living at your base or joining your war. I am going to finish
school and join the Marines." Tory tells them Ratchet will do some minor repairs to Prime so he can travel with less pain but he'll need to more work back at the base.

To which the two Autobots knod their heads in agreement, then Ratchet turns to Prime and starts to scan him.

"Bye Alspark it looks as though you ripped open your own chest." Ratchet remarks.

"I did." Prime answers.

"Oh this is going to take awhile." Ratchet says.

At his remark Tory grabs up her stuff and finds an old weather but sturdity bench so that she can get some more rest. She lulled to sleep by Ratchet cursing at lack of proper tools and spare parts.


Evil on the Trail

"Dude, where the hell are you?" Officer Ryan Rains of from Los Angles demands over an office phone.

"Washington State. Why should you care? I don't have to be back to work until Monday." Officer James Corson from Los Angles snaps over his blue tooth head set for his cell phone.

"Because there are rumors floating around." Rains tells him.

"Why should I care about rumors?" Corson asks.

"Because they are about you." Rains tell him.

"Fine, I just got a couple more leads to check out. I'll be heading back on Sunday night so I'll be there for my shift on Monday."

"Dude, you should get back sooner."

"Why?" James Corson demands as he eyes a young girl taking a smoke break, grabs his males as he watches her walk back into the Main Lodge of the Thousand Trails.

"Jackson in Internal Affairs is looking for you, too." He says as Detective Carter Jacksons approaches his desk.

"What? Why?" James Corson demands

"I don't know. You should get your ass sooner or it's both our asses.." Ryan Rains remarks.

"Relax, just tell Jackson that I am looking for my kid. Got to go." Officer James Corson says as hangs up and gets out of the rental car than heads in to the Thousand Trails

"Was that him?" Carter Jackson asks.

"Yes." Officer Ryan Rains nervously answers

"Where is he?" Carter Jackson asks

"He's in Washington State looking for his kid."

"Don't you mean his dead wife's kid? Whom he never adopted." Carter Jackson remarks.

"Hey man just because the kid isn't blood doesn't mean he doesn't care." He says as he gets up and heads off.

"Cares… about what?" Carter quietly remarks with a suspicious glint in his eye as he takes a sip off his coffee.

Meanwhile back at Thousand Trails Officer James Corson from Los Angles was about to enters the Main Lodge of the Thousand Trails camp resort but stops when he notices the security cameras that overlapped the parking area and entrance.

"Damn who ever set this system up knew what they were doing. I am going have to be careful." Corson thinks as he places a ball cap on his head and some sun glasses on. Once inside he notices that the place has even better security inside.

He glances around the Lodge and notices a few things the security

But what he doesn't notice was a Mrs. Mason who was observing him from the security room.

"HAROLD!" Mrs. Mason bellowed

"What's you bellowing about?"

"There is a guy out in the main lodge chatting up Jenna."

"So there's always some guy chatting her up."

"Something is off about him."

"Hmm let me take a look."

After awhile of watching him Harold notices some of the things probably setting Mrs. Mason off. He notices how the stranger was keeping his face covered and avoiding the cameras better than most.

"I see what you mean. Mitch and I'll go out and keep a closer eye on him." Harold tells her then heads out the back door to the garage.

"Mitch?!" Harold yells.

"Yeah, H." A large balled man says as he climbs out from under an old World War II jeep.

"It's time for a working break with me in the Main Lodge." Harold remarks as signal to the tall well built bald black man who was covered in strange tattoos that there was possible trouble up front.

"What are we looking at?" Mitch inquires as he knows that there was something or someone making Mrs. M. nervous enough to send both Harold and himself to the main lodge.

"You're the Ex-Army Ranger, judge for yourself and tell me." Harold remarks as he wants a pair of fresh eyes.

"You got it." Mitch says as he holsters nine millimeter on to his belt behind his back and covers it over with a loose fitting button down shirt that covered over his behind.

While Mitch was getting ready Harold grabs one of his old specialty canes that were designed with either a high voltage taser or had a long blade hidden in it. He grabs few other items may give him an advantage if something goes wrong.

When they enter the Main Lodge Mitch does a quick visual swipe as he heads for the coffee machine.

"Well it's not the two snot nose kids at the knife case; they would piss themselves if I just looked at them wrong way." Mitch quietly remarks. `

"Those two would piss themselves if Mrs. Mason farted." Harold snorts.

"Defiantly not Jake and John half asleep at their chess came. That leaves the guy in the ball cap and sun glasses." Mitch says over his coffee.

"Yup that's the one." Harold answers as sips he makes his tea.

"Usually play." Mitch asks.

"Yup you intimate and if that don't work he gets a shocking experience." Harold answers as he grips his cane.

"Are you sure that's the taser and not your blade? We don't want Mrs. M. to have to bail you out of jail again for stabbing someone." Mitch snitchers as his remarks get him a dirty look from Harold. "Just be careful his backing."

"How many weapons do you notice?" Harold asks.

"At least two guns. He has one on his hip covered by that lame ass Los Angeles Dodgers wind breaker. The other is on his Left ankle. Not sure if he has any knives." Mitch states.

"Damn two. What could that mean?"

"Most of the time Law enforcement are the only ones who carry that way. Judging from the jacket and the rental car outside, I would hazard a guess he's from L.A."

"Why L.A. police officer be here and doing his best to avoid the cameras?" Harold questions.

"Usually it means they are up to no good." Mitch remarks.

"Fine let's do the reverse. I talk and you can be back up. If he's a cop and doesn't want to be seen then he should leave without a problem." Harold reasons.

The two war vets makes their way around to their preplan staging area. Harold merrily but casually makes his way towards the front desk, and the stranger, who was chatting up Jenna. While Mitch stocks over to Knife to display case and growls at the two boys, causing them to high tail it out of the Lodge.

Carson was too busy checking out Jenna's breast to realize what was happening around him. But the two good old boys at the window seats, who had seemed half asleep saw the movements of the owner and the Ranger and decided it was best to use the gaming room down the stair. Meanwhile in the security room Mrs. Mason sees the movements of her husband and Mitch and call the local police.

"Sheriff's office how may I help you?"

"Yeah Carol its Brea Mason."

"Hey, girl what happening?"

"Nothing other than thereis a stranger here that may or may not cause some trouble. I have Harold and Mitch dealing with him but if there is a car close could you send him. I got fresh coffee on the house for them." Mrs. Brea Mason says.

"Sure thing hun. Mike isn't that far away I'll send him." Carol informs her.

"Thanks sweetie." Mrs. Mason replies.

While inside Harold had made his way to the stranger and waited for Mitch to get into place. Once Mitch had was statically set up the best advantaged of surprise Harold engaged the stranger in to conversation.

"GOOD AFTERNOON. Sir Welcome. I am the owner of this fine establishment. How may I be of assistance to you?" Harold merrily asks.

"Good afternoon to you to. I was just about to ask this beautiful young thing if she had seen this girl." Carson says as he shows them a photo of a young Tory.

"She looks fimilar but can't say I've seen her here lately." Harold remarks as he recognizes the picture as Tory Baker. "Is she in some sort of trouble?

"Her name is Tory Baker. No she not in trouble she's my step daughter and I am just worried about her." He says.

"She was here earlier but left with some trucker heading east I think." Jenna says.

"Thanks. I'll be leaving now." Corson says as he winks at Jenna then leaves.

Harold watched him leave and Mitch follow the man outside to make sure he left.

"What's wrong Mr. H?" Jenna asks

"Not sure.. Just don't trust him." Harold answers.

"He doesn't see that bad if he's looking for his step daughter." Jenna remarks.

"Did he leave?" Harold asks Mitch as he came back in a few minutes later with the local police.

"Yeah he did." Mitch remarks

"I saw who you were talking about I'll hang around for little bit to make sure he doesn't come back." The officer told Harold.

"Sure thing Coffee is hot and black. Help yourself." Harold tells the officer

Mr. H & Mitch over reacted to cute guy looking for his kid. I am hooking up with him later.Jenna texts her BFF while she ignored the guys who started talking about old war stories.


Far Far Away but Still Not Far Enough

On the Road Again

"Tory… Tory… Wake up." Prime says.

"Huh.. What? Is it time to go already?" Tory groggily responds and covers her eyes from the bright sun.

"Yes it is, but it's going to be a few more day before we reach Jasper." Prime explains.

"What? Why?" Tory asks as she starts to put together her stuff.

"I need to do some more repairs on Prime but I just don't have what I need here." Ratchet explains.

"We contacted Agent Fowler and he has arranged for us a place to stay at a Military Base just over the Nevada Boarder." Prime tells her.

"Okay sounds good." Tory says as she waits for them to transform. Once the two transform Tory climbs back into Prime's cab.

"I still think she should ride with me." Ratchet tells Prime over the com.

"We agreed that she would make the choice." Prime says as he pulls away.

"I still don't like it." Ratchet mumbles.


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