Azulaang Week

Day 1


"Hey! If I didn't know any better I'd think you were really trying to hurt me!" Aang quickly dodged sapphire flames.

"You aren't even trying." Azula answered calmly as she landed a kick, bringing the Avatar down.

With a thud Aang hit the training room floor. Azula was good, but Aang was faster. He turned her over and pinned her hands behind her head. Azula struggled but he was too heavy.

"Admit that I win and I'll let you go."

Azula tried one more time to push him off to no avail. "Fine, you win."

"One more thing. You owe me your fruit tart after dinner."

Azula rolled her eyes, "Fine."

Aang moved off her and helped her up.

Azula dusted her self off. "I may owe you a fruit tart but you owe me new sparring clothes." Azula turned for him to see the tear in her crimson sparring pants.

Aang blushed, "That's not the only place it tore." He pointed to the left side of her shirt. The gash revealed her breast binding.

Azula huffed, "I can't go through the palace grounds in ripped clothes."

"Here," Aang tossed her the cape he had taken off before sparring.

She wrapped the orange silk around her shoulders.

He walked her through the palace hallways. Luckily it was too early in the morning for anyone but a few servants to be walking around. All too quickly they reached her room door.

Azula held the orange cape for him, "Thank you, Avatar. It's been a while since anyone has had the courage to spar with me."

"It was a pleasure, Princess." He gently took the cape from her outstretched hand.

Before she could close the door he asked, "Would you like to do something with me some time?"

Azula raised an eyebrow in confusion, "Didn't we just spar?"

Aang blushed, "I meant something like"

Azula held back snorting at his embarrassment. "A date? That sounds...entertaining. All right, Avatar. I'll see you tomorrow for our date." She walked into her rooms, firmly closing the door.

Aang smiled at his luck. Now he just had to plan a date. As he walked to his own room, he held the cape up to his face. Her perfume of satsuma still lingered.

Author's Note: Hello my wonderful readers! It's Azulaang Week on tumblr and of course I have to participate! Can you believe our tiny ship as a whole week to itself? I'm on Cloud 9! Please check out the other stories on tumblr!