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"Oh, Canada," the American dreamily sighed as he continued to stare at his brother who was seating across him.

America wanted his attention.

America wanted his affection.

America wanted to be the only one for him.

America wanted to be the only one who sees him.

America wanted all of him for himself.

That soft silky blonde hair.

Those beautiful lavender eyes that were framed with those round, elegant, rimless glasses.

That snow-white,porcelain skin that was protected all those years from the harsh sun.

Those beautiful smooth lips.

That adorable curl that completely stands out from his face.

That cheerful smile..

America doesn't know what's going on.

He does knows this was wrong.

He knows he's being selfish and sick.

But do you think he can help it?


He's head over heels!

His mind is completely filled with thoughts of him.


He was in love.

He was so madly in love.

"Bloody Wanker!" England screamed at his former child.

"Dude, You so are everything but a gentleman!" America exclaimed as he took a bite out of his burger.

"What did you say to me git?!" The Briton fumed.

The American stopped eating and looked at England with a completely bored look in his eyes, "I called you an ass!" the blonde exclaimed with a lazy drawl.

"Why you ungrateful brat!" England screamed as he lunged at the man. America then prepared to tackle the Briton.

That's when America noticed that Canada wasn't anywhere, not on his seat smiling like he used to, not on the corner where he would be eating pancakes, nor by the window where he would sigh and wish the meeting would be over quickly, he's nowhere to be found. Panicked, he quickly turned his heel and ran to the door to find his brother leaving the falling man.

"AMERICA WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU-GAH!" the Briton yelped as his face landed on the floor. "YOU'LL REGRET THIS! ILL MAKE YOU PAY!" England screamed as he flailed his arms and blood dripped from his nose.

America didn't even bother to look back, England was just being silly again like usual, instead he returned his attention to looking for Canada.

France who was watching the whole show unfold from behind just chuckled at how his lover was acting so childishly. "Now now, why don't we go get that treated mon cherie?" The man kindly offered as he handed him a white handkerchief.

England just nodded as he took the handkerchief and wiped his nose with a grumble and a blush.

"Canada? Matthew? Bro?" America called as he searched for every nook and cranny of the building for his brother. He wasn't in the waiting room, nor was he in the bathroom, lobby is out of the question since I didn't see him there.

That's when America stopped at his footsteps. His breathing was ragged from all the running he has done, but nonetheless he was happy, his smile was completely incomparable, for he has found his happiness.

He spotted Canada outside the window. His arms spread as snow slowly fell from the sky, his never-ceasing smile spread across his face. The wind blows gently, making his silky hair dance with the wind. His cheeks red for staying out too long.

Canada looked beautiful.

America sighed dreamily again, oh how he loves Canada so much, but he can't risk Canada's invisibility, what if he gets too close and they saw Canada more often? What if he gets more attention?

America doesn't want that! He wants Canada all to himself! He wants to be the only one for Canada!

America groaned at how incredibly selfish he has been with his thoughts and placed his head to his right palm, "This is bad, I sound so possessive," the blonde groaned even more, "but I want Canada to see only me! And only be with me!" The man cried as he longingly looked out the window where Canada sat down on the ground and began to cuddle his polar bear.

Oh how he wanted to join the other blonde nation to play, like how they used to be kids.

"I'm such a selfish person," the man muttered then sighed helplessly.

France, who was waiting for England to come out of the bathroom and was standing behind America sighed sadly as well, So America, is having feelings for my little Matthew is he? The man felt sorry for the blonde, but sensing the atmosphere, he doesn't want to embarrass the man by appearing behind him which states he has seen everything. He knows he's a person who likes to tease others, but he can be mature for at least once right?

With a small smile France silently walked away drawing zero percent attention from the American.

"Wait, are you telling me America has fallen in love with Canada?" England exclaimed as he looked up from the book he was reading.

"Oui, and he's really depressed mon cherie. I feel so sorry for him." France exclaimed as he resumed cooking their dinner.

England gave a sorry look. "I wish we could do something."

"You aren't against it?" France exclaimed with surprise.

"Of course not you git! One, were doing it, it's not like we're good examples to them from the start. Two, if you're thinking about that brother complex, I could care less," England blushed as he looked down avoiding the Frenchman's look, "A-After all, you were like a brother to me before."

France blushed as he realized what England has said. His feelings inside bubbled with complete joy, "ENGLAND!" The man exclaimed as he tackled the British man to a rib crushing hug.

"You bloody- GET OFF ME!"

1 week later,

America stood in front of Canada's door. His knees were shaking, his lips were quivering, his face was sweating, even though it's snowing massively in Canada's place right now, his face was hot, while his body was as cold as ice.

Gods! He was so darn nervous!

C-Canada invited me over t-to play that new game, a-and he said I-I could stay over for the n-night! W-wow, I must really be nervous. I-I'm even stuttering at my th-thought's! America sighed, "I'm such a pansy."

France looked over England's shoulder, "What are you doing?"

"I'm looking for a love charm to help those two. Knowing America, he is not gonna say it to Canada, and this required love could last for another thousand years." England exclaimed as he continued scanning a worn out book without looking at the blonde man.

France smiled with relief.

"Aha! I found it!" England said happily, summoning his wand in thin air. He then chanted a few foreign words and in the end screamed, "HOATA!"

A puff of pink smoke bursted from the tip of the wand and England huffed proudly. "That should do it."

"Wait, how did you know it worked?" France asked.

"Well, it did say that a puff of pink smoke should come out of the wand, and it did just that." England said bluntly.

France wrapped his arms around England's torso, "You, my love, are the most amazing wizard." He said lovingly.

France then carried England over his shoulder, which the Briton loudly refused to be done.

As the two left, the page that England was looking turned out to be ripped. What really left was on that page was the title of the spell and its effects. The AC blew, and flipped the ripped page to the next one.

America fidgeted by the door step, he had been standing there for more than an hour, and he still hasn't rang Canada's door bell.

Bro! You can do this! You've been here for more than a thousand times! Wait, how did I manage to get in here with out losing my cool? Wait! STOP! Come on Dude! Just push the damn door- America was about to push the door bell with his shaking hand, but his mind was demanding him to not do it and to wait a little longer, which resulted to his other hand to grabbing the hand that was supposed to push the doorbell.

His inner mind struggled in craziness, saying if he should just go or stay.

That's when his heart beated like crazy, and his face became even more hot, but this time, it wasn't because he was blushing.

"What th- what's going-"

Then his body was enveloped by a large puff of pink smoke. Muffling all his protests.

The title was written in old writings, but the effects written were clear.

"Results to shrinking."


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