Chapter 7

Pure blue eyes open to a creamy beige ceiling.

Eyes that are filled with loneliness and regret.

America then scanned the room as he is blinded by the suns morning rays, with a sigh, he sits up straight and looks at his body. Looks like I haven't changed yet, he thought.

"Who are you?" A voice asked.

The blonde scratched his head, "I'm Alfre-"

"I know who you are, I just tend to say that sentence every now an then." The voice answered. "Your smell gave you away."

America's eyes widened, "Wai- Your Canada's bear! K-Kuma-what's-it?"

"Don't sweat it, my owner can't remember me, I expect you can't either, I don't remember it myself anyways." The bear answered as he plopped beside America.

"O-Okay," America replied, "wait, you told me you know who I am right? Please don't tell Canada!" The boy exclaimed as he pleaded to the bear.

"I didn't come here for that, I just wanna return your phone, it's annoying. It hasn't stopped ringing since yesterday." The polar bear sighed as he places the phone on the sheets right next to America.

"Who's calling?" America asked as he picked up his phone and looked at the scratched up screen. (What the f- What'd this bear do to my phone?!) The man hissed in irritation mentally.

"Beats me, all I know is its annoying," the bear mumbled as it began to cleanse itself with its paw.

"Say, why haven't you told Canada about me?" America leaned in and asked setting the phone aside.

"Well you're not telling him yourself, I pretty much assumed you don't want to tell anyone so I won't meddle with your affairs. I won't gain anything from it." The polar bear answered as it was about to leave the room yet halfway through the door, the bear looked back to America, "I do want to tell you this, I'd prefer if you return. I don't like you, but my master's been waiting for you, day and night. Oh and those tears yesterday falling out of his eyes while he was looking at the mirror? All those were shed for you. He's very worried."

America eyes widened at what the polar bear said. "W-Wait! Come back!" He pleaded but the bear ignored him.

Suddenly, the phone began to ring.

"It's-it's from Japan!" America exclaimed, but quickly clamps his mouth shut, since he hears Canada cooking from the kitchen.

"Hello America-san?" The Japanese man called.

"Japan! I'm so glad you called! Please! Help me get back to my real body!" America whispered frantically in panic.

"Calm down America-san, I just found the cure you need." Japan exclaimed as he tried to settle the boy down.

"Really?! Where is it?!" America excitedly asked.

"I-I have it right here America-san. Do you want it?"

"OF COURSE I WANT IT!" America screamed as Japan quickly covers the speaker of his phone as well as Savin his ear drums from being busted.

"Alfred, is everything alright there?" Canada calls from the kitchen.

"I-I'm okay!" The boy answered back nervously , returning his attention back to Japan, he whispered, "So where are you now?"

"Meet me at the front door, I can give it to you." The Japanese man replied.

America's eyes twitched, "What the- What the hell are you doing in the front door this early in the morning?!"

Japan sighed, "America-san it's already twelve o'clock in the afternoon."

"Alright, I'm coming there right now." The blonde ignored The Japanese mans statement as he scanned the room. Canada's in the kitchen. The front door is visible from where he's standing at. Going through the back door is bad news since its by the stove- why did I even think about that? The damn back door is in the kitchen! the blonde thought as depressed lines appeared on his head.

Then his eyes caught on something,

The window!

America then hopped off the bed and frantically reached for the windows handle, I-I can't reach it! The blonde thought in annoyance. Scanning the room for something to climb on was impossible. No chair can reach it and the books were in the other room. Not that he can reach this either.

Damn how hated being three feet tall.

I need to get out of here!

The boy then looked at his hands as he clenched his fist, "Canada," he mumbled and he gritted his teeth and ran for the window, breaking it to millions of pieces.

I love you,

I'm sorry,

Canada hummed a happy tune as he flipped a freshly made pancake.

"What's for breakfast?" A voice asked.

"Oh, Kumasiri," the blonde exclaimed as the polar bear grabbed his pant leg, "as usual it will be pancakes."

"Why are you making so many?" The polar bear asked as it left Canada alone and sat on the counter waiting for his breakfast to be served.

The blonde then turned the stone off and chuckled, "Alfred has a surprisingly huge appetite, a normal serving for him isn't actually enough." As Canada's chuckled died, he then sadly added, "like him."

"Who?" The bear asked. Asking the person Canada was talking about.

"I'm Canada." The Canadian answered irritably as he went back to the stove and took the fresh batch of pancakes he made and handed a huge stack of pancakes in front of the bear.

Then a loud crash reached Canada's ears.

A bone chilling crash.

Canada doesn't know why, but inside his heart, he feels like he just lost something really dear to him.

Something very precious to him.

"Alfred?!" Matthew called frantically as he quickly took his apron off and ran for the boys room and for the first time in his entire life, his voice was audible enough to be heard, "Alfred?! Are you okay?!"

Matthew cursed at how his house is huge as he continued to run for the boys room. But when he arrived, the room was empty.

The sheets were thrashed.

The chair that was beside the bed was by the window and was turned upside down.

The window was shattered to pieces.

Canada then fell to his knees, his shoulders shaking as tears came out of his eyes.

He knows what just happened here.

He knows he did the right thing.

He let Alfred go.

"Mon petite Canada, It's something all parents do," France sadly explained to his crying son from the other line.

"I-I know, but it hurts!" The man chocked a sob as he covered his mouth.

Suddenly there was a small fight over the other line as another voice entered and fought with France over the possession of the phone.

"HEY WAIT!" France screamed.

"Shut it shit-beard! Let me talk to him!" England bit back as Canada hears a sickening smack from the other line, "Hello? Canada? Lad? Are you listening to me?" The Englishman frantically asks as he finally got a hold of the phone.


"Y-Yes England, I hear you." The boy sniffled wiping a tear from his eye.

"Canada, lad, I just want to tell you one thing and please remember it." The Briton gently said as smacking sounds continued to be a background from his line.

Is he still smacking Papa? Canada asks himself as he wiped his eyes with his sleeve, "W-What is it?"

England inhaled as he prepared himself to say what might be the biggest advice he could give to his son, "Don't make the same mistake as I have done."

Then Canada's eyes widened. He knows what England is talking about.

"Don't suppress your child from being free Canada. That's one thing I have learned as a parent." England said in a soothing voice. "You have to believe they made the right choice and support them, because that is what being a parent really is. Yes I know your brother grew up to be a wanker, yet he's still a very reliable man."

Canada thought he had finally stopped crying, yet when he checked again, his tears have increased. This time, he cried. He isn't hiding it anymore. "Y-Yes Father, I-I *sob* understand. Th-Thank you," the blonde whispered gratefully as he finally let all his true feelings out.

"It's okay, you can do it." England whispered back, "I know you can."

"Th-Thank you," the Canadian thanked England again, this time with a smile.

" This is about the Alfred boy isn't it?"

Canada just chuckled as he says, "yes".

"B-but it still hurts," Canada exclaimed as he looked at the ground and cried.

He knows Alfred wanted to leave, and he knows he's the only one who's holding the boy back.

In the end, Alfred followed Canada's advice: to go home.

Why didn't he say goodbye?

But Canada also knows why the boy didn't leave a farewell.

Because if he did say goodbye, they wouldn't be able to let go of each others arms and end up bawling.

Maybe he called his family and asked them to pick him up, Canada concluded as his eyes were still glassy with tears.

He broke the window, just so I couldn't see him leave.

Sobs racked Canada body as he cried, hugging himself looking for some kind of comfort.

Then a strong pair of arms wrapped around Canada's body. Arms that seemed very familiar.

Those arms embraced him, a warm embrace he hasn't felt for so long.

"A-America, is-is that you?" Canada asked as he tried to look at the person embracing him.

"Canada, why are you crying?" The man whispered to his ear.

Canada wiped his eyes with his sleeve as he hiccuped and answered America's question, "Somebody I really cared for just left me," the man mumbled.

"Did you love whoever that someone was?" America asked his voice was concerned and doting.

"Y-Yes." The Canadian answered.

Suddenly, America grabbed his collar and kissed him.

Canada's eyes widened.

The kiss was not on the forehead where it usually is.

But in the lips.

"Then, how about I replace that person? Surely I can do that right?" America asked as he gently pushed his brother to the ground, holding his cheek as he ran his thumb across a tear that was left in Canada's eye.

The man asked as his face slowly turned red. "He was a boy! You can't be jealous over a kid!"

"Stimulate my economy, visit my Florida, 'Be one with me' like Russia says, I want you for myself," America said as his face becomes red.

"A-America what are sayi-"

"What I'm saying is I love you and please be mine. I know I'm a selfish, spoiled, fatassed brat, but I'm serious here. I've been harboring these feelings for you ever since I can remember. That's why I wanted you to join me in gaining independence, because I love you and I didn't want to leave you alone."

Canada pursed his lips, "I-I'm pretty sure you're just being delusional America, Wh-what interest could you possibly find in me?" the blonde asked bitterly as he looked at anything except America, trying to not fall for the nations stupid jokes again. But gods, it was hard. It was hard when this are the words you have always wanted to hear for so long.

"Because you're the nicest person that has been with-"

"That's because I'm your brother!"

"DAMMIT CANADA WILL YOU OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES AND LOOK AT ME?!" America screamed as he finally lost his patience and ordered Canada to look at him and listen to what he has been saying, which the blonde refused to do so, "I SAID LOOK AT ME! I. LOVE. YOU. CAN'T YOU SEE HOW SINCERE I AM RIGHT NOW?!" The American nation clearly lost all his patience.

"B-But you're going to leave me, like he did!" Canada exclaimed as he began to cry and covering his face once more.

America then gave a sad look to his brother as he planted another kiss to the mans mouth, "I love you, that's it."

"One thing first, America?"

"Yes?" America answered.

The Canadian then punched America square in the face.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" The blonde screamed as he holds his bleeding nose.

This time, Canada broke down as he hugged America tight and cried on the mans shoulders.

"I- I love you too," the northern nation sobbed happily.

"Hush now," America cooed as he embraced his beloved.

"That was for making me wait for a really long time."

Japan, who was behind the front door, continued to drool greedily as he quickly sketched the scene, his face bright red as he gets another idea for his manga.

These two are the best! I'm never gonna loose ideas if this goes on!

After a few hours of Canada's non stop crying, America then placed the man on his bed as he gave a sad,exhausted sigh. Oh, he's smiling.

"So you said it?" Kumajiro asked as he enters the room and climbed on Canada's bed, snuggling very close to the blonde.

"I-I can't say it to him, he's aching too much over it." America sadly said as he brushed a stray hair from Canada's face. "I don't want to add up to the pain."

Kumajiro gave America a look as it heaved a sigh, "The only reason he was sad was because he thought you had forgotten him like everyone else."

Forgotten him? Oh yeah! I was supposed to be here, not Alfred!

"He just transferred his attention to the little you." The polar bear finally said as he dozed off. "He was crying last night, because he missed you."

"I-I see." The American mumbled guiltily.

A few weeks later,

Canada sighed as he looked at the pile of documents that were stacked in front of him. "This looks very troublesome."

Suddenly America wrapped his arms around Canada giving him a tight hug.

Canada smiled, "Is something wrong America?"

"Canada, can I make a request?" America mumbled to Canada's neck.

"What is it?" The blonde nation asked as he ran a gentle hand through his lovers hair.

"Can you spoil me? Can you be mine?" The man asked as his embrace tightened, just enough to jolt the man.

"America, I'm already yours. All for yourself." The Canadian whispered as he snuggled his cheek to his brothers face.

"REALLY?!" America asked in disbelief as his eyes brightened up with happiness.

"Yes, really." The brother chuckled. "What would you like me to spoil you first?" Then Canada's eyes widened as he spun around his seat and saw America's clothes.

America was wearing one of those animal pajamas, a polar bear one specifically, while holding a huge fuzzy white teddy bear. His mouth was sucking on a lollipop.

He-He's so cute! Canada mentally screamed as he covered his mouth, his eyes slowly losing focus.

"Then can you start with a kiss?" America asked as he cutely pouted.

The Canadian nation's face turned completely red. Running his eyes up and down, Oh dear. diverting his eyes from his brother, he mumbled, "O-Okay,"

"YES!" America exclaimed as he tackled Canada to the table, devouring the northern nations lips. "I love you Canada, Matthew."

Canada squeaked as he was squished by his brothers unbelievable weight, "America, the documents!" Then realizing America's last words to him, "Wait, What did you just call me?!"


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