All right. I know this is short, and believe me it kinda bugs me a little bit, too. However, I like where it ended and how it all came about so like me, you're just going to have to suck it up.

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Without further ado,


Driving Mister Dean.

Dean - 20
Sam/Becca - 15

1999; Mid-Late Summer

"We should sell you. 'Cause you should be in a zoo. A smelly, ugly monkey wouldn't be your bud-dy. Oh, you smell like skunk, too. What animal are you? I can't believe girls really think you are cute!" I sang loudly as I skipped ahead of Dean and Sam. I could hear Sam's laughter, and my grin grew twice its size. I turned to face my brothers once we'd reached the rusty old car Bobby had given us to use and stuck my tongue out at Dean as he glared in my direction.

"That's real cute," he huffed. "Keep it up."

Shooting him a merciless grin I opened my mouth and took a deep inhale, ready to start the second verse of my song when a hand came out and shoved against the side of my upper left arm. My leg gave out and I had to catch myself before I landed like a puddle on the rocky ground beside the car. Growling I turned to shoot Dean an evil look only to receive a smirk of his own in return.

"You'll pay for that," I threatened.

"I already have to teach you to drive, what more could happen?"

"I could crash."

"I'm counting on it."

"Into the Impala," I teased even further as my eyes danced and landed on the shiny black car that sat parked about a hundred yards away.

Dean's face fell and I could tell that I'd won whatever battle we were currently having. Feeling triumphant, I turned and swiped the keys out of his hand, heading for the driver's side door.

Before I could even bother putting the key into the lock, I was pinned up against the door, my cheek squished against the top of where the door met the body of the car. Dean's weight was pressing against me, holding me in place. "Say it."

"No," I struggled to say as his body continued to push me into the metal.

"Say it or I won't let you drive."

"You have to, Bobby said," I argued back in a breath as I did my best to push against him.

"Bobby isn't in charge."

"Yes he is."





"Guys," Sam broke in, sighing out a deep, annoyed breath as he waited on the other side of the car, looking at us over the roof of it.

"Shut up, Sam," we both barked as we continued our struggle against one another.

Dean continued to pin himself against me which meant that I was pinned against the car. I continued to try and back kick him and twist beneath his grip but ended up only situating myself into a more compromising and painful position.

I cried out as my arm caught against the area of the window, my tone and demeanor changing. "Ow, Dean, stop." When he didn't I tried once more, pushing against him as hard as I could. "Dean, seriously, it hurts, knock it off."

He wouldn't, only seeming to smirk as he caught the full upper hand, putting even more weight against me. "Say it."


"Say it."

"Fine!" I yelled out angrily. "Dean Winchester is God's gift to women, should be welcomed, honored, respected, ow—"

"Keep going."

"Respected, and loved like the amazing man he is. Dear God, oh man, someone help me, I cannot handle this much awesomeness in one city."

I could almost feel his smirk growing behind me. "And?"

I whimpered once more. "Come on," I tried as he twisted my arm harder behind my back. "Okay!" I yelled out in pain. "And I, Becca Winchester, am lucky to walk the same streets as The Great One. He is in fact, the definition of awesome. Even Batman wishes he was Dean Winchester."

With a final shove against me, Dean let go and swiped the keys from my hand as I went to massage each of my arms. He shot me his award-winning smirk and winked before throwing the keys in the air and then catching them. "You're a jerk," I whined with a glare.

He chuckled before winking again. "But I won."

"Against a girl," I mocked before stopping. "Wait…" I muttered as I thought about how I basically just made the insult about myself. "I mean—"

"Too late, Bec, you already said it. I told you boys were better."

"Better at being dumb and smelling like butt," I threw back at him.

Apparently he didn't like that comment because he shot me a look before ordering me to hop in the backseat so he could drive us to an empty lot or something so we could finally practice driving.

Of course, Sam was first up for driving. Dean sat in the passenger seat while Sam shifted the old car into reverse and worked on moving out of the spot Dean had previously parked the car in. He was taking forever.

"Come on, Humphrey Slowgart. Jiminy Cricket, you're moving as fast as winter—and that season never goes away," I teased as he looked over his shoulder like he was some kind of driving pro. His eyes caught mine and narrowed at the commentary. I of course shot him my own award-winning smile in return.

His mouth tightened as his eyes narrowed further and he just continued his reversing of the car into the empty aisle of the empty parking lot of the shut down strip mall we were at. In all honesty, he was acting like he was surrounded by cars when in fact there was literally no one. No. One.

When the car finally stopped moving backwards and he faced the front again I let out a dramatic sigh.

"Knock it off, Becca," Sam growled from the front seat. "I want to do this right."

"You're not gonna do it at all if you don't actually move the car, Sam," I bit back in annoyance as he still hadn't managed to shift the car into drive.

My cocky smirk dropped off my face the minute Dean shot me a disapproving look over his shoulder. When I hung my head and muttered out an apology I then stuck my tongue out at the back of his head as he turned to face my twin. Dean adjusted his jacket and settled once more in his seat before relaxing. "All right, Sammy, shift into drive and let's see whatchya got."

Sam took a breath and then used the stick to shift the car into the instructed gear, and then must have looked into the rearview at least a thousand times before taking another breath and moving his foot off the brake. The car slowly began rolling forward at the pace of a snail. I don't think Sam's foot had even pressed on the gas yet and I dramatically threw myself down face first into my seat.

"Would you stop," Dean barked over his shoulder.

I didn't move my face as I continued to squish myself into the vinyl seat. "We're never gonna get to my turn," I whined against the material. I'm sure they both made a face because that's what giant boobs do and they're giant boobs.

Both of them ignored me and then as Dean coaxed Sam to continue, the car lurched forward before slamming into a halting movement, throwing me from the seat and against the back of theirs.

"That's why you buckle your seatbelt," Dean choked as he started laughing at my uncomfortable position between the two seats and the floor.

I grumbled out a mocking response while picking myself up and resettling myself into the seat before buckling. "Way to go, Sam, kill me why don't you."

The dirty look he shot me in the rearview was obviously unwarranted. I hadn't done a single thing to him. He let up from the brake once more and we slowly inched our way forward again. This time though he only put a little pressure on the gas and we crept a little bit faster than the speed of which snow melts. Dean urged him on and finally we made it up to a much more realistic speed. It didn't seem to take long before Sam felt more comfortable behind the wheel and started following all the directions Dean began to give him as tests. By the time he was circling the parking lot backwards, I huffed and threw up my hands.

"The sun is setting, guys, it's my turn."

"How about you let Sam finish the day and you just go tomorrow," Dean tried.

Oh no. I am not falling for that one. If I agreed to this, then there was no way we were coming back out here tomorrow and no possible way that Dean would even let me learn to drive at this rate. Shaking my head, I narrowed my eyes. "No way. I'll practice in the dark."

"You'll hit something," he argued.

"Only your giant ego."

Finally, I was able to settle myself into the front seat behind the wheel. I couldn't wipe the smile from my face if I tried as I wiggled myself more comfortably into the vinyl and bit my lip. Turning to face Dean, he huffed and looked at me as though he wasn't ready to totally enjoy this. "Buckle," he groaned watching as I quickly clicked my belt into place. Doing so I practically bounced in my seat as I waited for him to tell me to start the car and go. "All right. Blinker, wipers, shifter, brake—" he started as he pointed to each thing he rattled off.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I saw all that when you showed Sam. Say we can go."

He shot me a look. "We're not going until you're situated."

"I'm situated."


"I already adjusted them."

"Even the side mirrors?"

"Especially the side mirrors."

His eyes narrowed in question as I eagerly awaited his allowance to start the car. "Rearview?"

"Yes," I groaned, dragging out the "s". "I can reach the pedals, the mirrors are adjusted, the car is in park and off and I'm buckled. What more could you possibly want from me?"

"How about you take notice of the other nearby cars."

My mouth went slack and my lids dropped over my eyes. "There's literally no one else here."

"How do you know?"

"Because it's eight o'clock at night and this lot has been empty all day long. The only other vehicles that came in here at all was the van that came in to turn around four hours ago."

"Are your lights on," he quickly tried to recover.

Turning to face him, I remained stone faced before dramatically reaching over and clicking on the headlights. "Can I start the car now?"

"Just turn it on."

It was like a dream when I finally reached forward and turned the key to start the lovely old engine up. The loud roar cut through the quiet night and I think I even squealed a little bit out of glee. I could see Sam laughing at me in the backseat via the rear view, and I ignored the movement as Dean dragged his hand over his face.

"All right, you're gonna ease off the—"

I didn't wait for the rest as I moved my right foot off the brake and pressed it as hard as I could to the gas pedal. The car took off with a squeal as I screamed in delight, Dean and Sam yelling for me to slow down the entire time.