Katerine Donlan was focusing and concentrating so hard on a problem she had been trying to solve for days that she didn't notice the figure that slipped into her workshop that night.

Kat was tired and sore, but she really wanted to solve this and she wasn't stopping until-

The raven haired girl felt slim arms wrapping around her neck from behind her. A kiss being placed on the crown of her head, and a feminine body pressing against her back and head.

"Katty, I brought you dinner." Paz, her girlfriend, said. The brunette was blushing a bit. Even though they had been going out for a while, they had yet to get over their shyness and gidiness for one another.

"Paz." Kat smiled and looked up to Paz's hazel nut eyes. "How did you know I was here?"

"Annie said you haven't come back to the dorms yet."

Kat smiled wistfully. It was true, she hadn't come back there all day. Annie still didn't know their true relationship. Kat was still having a hard time explaining her situation to her best friend.

The mechanic wondered why her friend hadn't come looking for her.

"Was Annie going out or something?"

"I think she was heading somewhere with that lobo blanco." Paz said.

Lobo blanco... White Wolf...Reynard. They must be heading to the woods. Kat thought.

"Soo... you mentioned food?"

Paz laughed. "Yes, mi amor. Dinner." She smiled and took a seat beside Kat and opened the package she had brought.

Kat stretched her arms over her head and yawned. She then proceeded to remove all of her work from the table so that she and Paz can have some room for dinner.

After Dinner, Paz leaned onto Kat. Just enjoying the feeling of being near the mechanic. Kat yawned loudly and Paz smiled,

"You should rest mi amor."

"I will..."

"Hmm..." Paz just purred and snuggled closer to her mechanic.



"C-can I... uhmm... Can I-hrmm..." Kat cleared her throat. She was turning a deathly shade of red. "Can I stay with you tonight?"

Paz's eyes widened.

"N-no! Not like that!" Kat immediately said as she saw the brunette's reaction. "I-I think Annie will spend the night in the woods... a-and I- I just didn't want to be alone tonight..."

The brunette's reaction softened and she smiled. "S-sure Kat."


Paz was waiting patiently for her girlfriend to come in. Kat said she was just going to get cleaned up before coming to her room. The brunette had cleaned up as well. She wore a plain white shirt and brown shorts that ended in mid thigh. She was sitting in bed and watching the door.

Finally, the door opened to reveal her raven haired girlfriend who was wearing a blue wife beater and knee length black shorts. She closed the door behind her and smiled at Paz.

"Hey." She said.

"Hey." Paz smiled and patted the bed, indicating that she wanted Kat to lie down and rest. Kat smiled and did as her girlfriend wanted. As she lied down, Paz leaned over to the night stand to flip a switch that turned the light off.

There was only a dim light in the room. Paz lied down and inched closer to Kat until she was cuddling the other's girl's side.

Kat smiled and wrapped her arms around Paz's waist and pulled her against her form, spooning her from behind. This made Paz yelp and blush at the same time. She giggled a bit as Kat nuzzled her hair.

"Goodnight Paz." Kat said in a sleepy voice.

"Goodnight Kat."