This is a midget plot bunny that just appeared in my head. I have a few other, longer, fics that I've started writing, but I have yet to type them up. Plus, I figured I'd better start small. :)

This is an AU: Before the Arcobaleno are de-aged and a few years after the defeat of Voldemort.

Disclaimer: I don't own KHR or Harry Potter. All rights go to their respective owners; no infringement on those aforementioned rights is intended by this fic. No money has been made off of this either.

Warnings: Implied sex between two males (slash, yaoi, whatever you wanna call it), make-out session between two guys



Line breaks:

~IiI~ regular line break

~ILI~ lemon implied


In a bar, off an alley on the seedier side of Venice, a man knocks back another glass of liquor. He's too drunk to know exactly what he just swallowed, other than that it doesn't contain any extra poison. The bartender is a friend – if there are such things in the underworld of Italy. At the very least, the bartender knows that if any harm comes to this particular customer, Hell will look like Paradise.

Another person walks into the bar, swaying almost imperceptibly, to sit next to the man, alone at the bar. From the person's clothing and body type, it is impossible to determine their gender.

"I'll have what he's having," the newcomer tells the bartender in an equally androgynous voice, no slur evident in the statement.

With a nod, the bartender begins to mix the drink.


A few drinks later, the man takes actual notice of the person that has become his drinking companion – the bar is empty except for them and the bartender. Previously he had observed enough of the other person to know they were not a threat to him and returned to his glass. The other has raven hair, pulled back in a low ponytail off to the side of his/her head, and skin with the same color and potential consistency of cream. Jade eyes are partially covered by eyelids at half-mast as they stare at something unseen by anyone. The person is beyond attractive to the man's intoxicated brain, he/she borders on ethereal.

The man always gets what he desires. Needless to say, his companion is now on that list of desirables.


They leave at the same time, on an unspoken command. Before they are even three meters from the entrance of the bar, the man, with spikey hair adorned by a few curls free from its usual fedora, presses the other against a conveniently located wall. The other easily melts into the kiss, wrapping his/her arms around the other's neck as a warm tongue explores his/her mouth. The leg shoved by the man between the other's legs reveals the other to be male, not that this information deters either from their exploration of each other's bodies despite the clothes.

Some sense returns when they break from their kiss, as the spikey haired male growls, "Come."

The other has little choice but compliance as he is all but dragged down a few streets to an apartment, which is hastily unlocked once the correct door is reached.

Stumbling around, trying to maintain as much contact with the other as possible while removing the barriers between them, the two discard their clothing haphazardly on the trek to the bedroom.


The two collapse, spent from their exertions, cuddling close to each other (one would deny it if ever asked, the other would merely smirk). Together, they have the best sleep either has had in years.


Morning dawns bright, rousing both from their short but deep slumber. The spikey haired male grunts and mutters into the pillow, "'ake a 'hour 'hirst." Slightly surprised, the jade-eyed male takes moves to the bathroom across from the sparse bedroom.

Finishing the shower quickly, he moves to gather his clothes and prepare breakfast, starting with coffee. The scent of the caffeinated drink is enough to rouse the other male to take a shower, just to gain access to the ambrosia in the kitchen.

Breakfast, eggs, toast, and coffee, is a quiet affair, before the other finishes gathering his belongings to leave. With his hand on the door, the jade-eyed man says, "Harry Potter."

The other stares for a moment before replying, "Reborn."

Harry Potter smiles and leaves Reborn staring at the closed door for a minute after his departure.


The lives of the two continue. One burdened with powers trapping him in the form of a toddler, the other burdened with the betrayal of the friends he called family. In quiet moments, each takes solace from that night they shared.

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