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"Kisshu! Pie! Taruto!" Ichigo stared in shock at the three aliens before them.

It was just after closing time at the café, and they were all changed and ready to go home. But then these three turn up. Of course. It was almost two years since they defeated Deep Blue. They hadn't seen the cyniclons since.

"Taru-Taru nanoda!" Pudding said happily. The monkey mew raced over to Taruto and glomped him. He promptly shoved her off, but hid a smile as he did so.

"What are you doing here?" Ichigo demanded.

Kisshu teleported and she heard him appear behind her. "Aw!" He said as he petted her hair. "Do I need a reason to see my Koneko-chan?" She crossed her arms and turned away from him and stuck her nose in the air. "Taruto was quick to agree, probably to see the Hyper Yellow Blur (Pudding looked very proud at that nickname), and we both dragged Pie along because we've seen how he acts around the Fish Girl."

"Girls? Why aren't y- ?" Ryou abruptly halted as he came up the stairs. He paused, then continued up the rest of the way. "Why are you here? Didn't the Mew Aqua work?"

Pie answered. "Oh it worked alright. Everyone on our planet is happy, except those who still follow Deep Blue, and say we murdered him. They cause riots now and again, but they are generally small, and don't reach far. They aren't a problem as of now."

"No, we just wanted to come see you guys." Taruto said with a grin.

The Mews blinked.

Santoff Clausen was a place of many wonders. It was, for the most part, a toy factory. But it also served as a canvas, a base for war council meetings, a get-together room, and, for a lucky few, a Bed 'n Breakfast. But as of now, it was simply the former. A toy factory.

Nicholas St. North hummed to himself as he walked. It had been a very successful day, considering that it wasn't long until Christmas; a week to be exact. 5784 toys, 349 sacks (what? You can't expect all the presents to fit in one sack!) and a new red coat. Busy, but successful. He had just finished an ice prototype and was delivering to the yetis so it can start being made as an official toy.

Or at least, that had been the plan up till all the lights went out and everything was plunged into darkness.

For a full minute he stood there, blinking. Trying to reassure himself that no, he had not been somehow knocked unconscious, as he could still feel the pressure of the prototype toy in his hand, and that instead there simply been a blackout of electricity in Santoff Clausen, nothing more.

At least, that was the theory until huge Russian realised something. Everything was completely black. No light pierced the darkness. Now, that wouldn't be so unusual if it were night. Which it wasn't. It was somewhere around noon, last time he checked. And he had been walking down a hall, which had been covered in windows.

Feeling a bit unnerved, he gingerly moved towards the wall, and reached out in front of him. He eventually found the light switch, and pushed it. Nothing happened. He tried it a few more times to make sure, but as he thought, the electricity was out. He sighed and was about to move towards where he thought the door had been when he was interrupted.

"Hello North." A female voice echoed around him. He froze. He knew that voice. "Long time no see."

"Midnight?" He wondered aloud in his thick, Russian accent. "Where are you?" He groaned. "Did you do this?" He gestured around him. Even if he couldn't see it, he knew she could.

The voice giggled. "Maybe." He could just about make a feminine outline, and two glowing, bright silver eyes.

He looked around quickly and realised that everything was becoming lighter, which meant Midnight had probably... left? He glanced back at the spirit. She was gone.

Very confused by now, he turned to door. He thanked his lucky stars that the toy in his hand hadn't broken at all through the incident. Or smashed. Or crushed. Or thrown. Or dropped. Or– The list could go on forever. He made his way to the workroom and handed the toy to the yetis. He sighed and decided to forget about the strange meeting with the Spirit of the Night.

On his way back to his workshop, he noticed a moonbeam shining through the circular gap in the roof reserved only for their leader, The Man in the Moon. Knowing this could not be natural, he followed the beam with his eyes, arriving at where it rested on the handle set into his desk.

Jack was currently in Burgess (it was the beginning of winter after all), having fun with Jamie and his friends. It was a snow day. At least, it had started out a snow day, but it now was nearing a week, and all the kids, teens, even some adults, were out enjoying the snow. He was so engrossed in the snowball fights, keeping kids safe while iceskating, and building snowmen that he only noticed the Northern around fifteen minutes after they started.

"Do you have to go?" Jamie whined.

Jack chuckled and ruffled the ten-year-old's hair. "Yes, but I'll be back soon. It's probably just another false alarm. Like the last billion times..." He muttered.

"Promise you'll be back by Christmas?" Jamie asked hopefully.

Jack laughed. "Of course!" He stood and turned to face the others. "Everyone, I have to go, but I'll be back!" They simultaneously groaned. He grinned and jumped into the air. "Bye everyone! See ya kiddo!"

"Bye, Jack!" They chorused. He turned and sped off towards the North Pole. He wondered how the others would react to him being late. Again. They'd probably be annoyed with him. As usual. He grinned at the thought. He and the rest of the Guardians were close, and part of him wondered if the frequent meetings were made simply to keep an eye on him. But he couldn't find it in himself to care.

Before long, he arrived at the Pole. As expected, he was treated to half-hearted glares as soon as he walked, well flew in the door. Apparently, Tooth had had a panic attack when he didn't turn up at the expected time, let alone twenty minutes later. He had rolled his eyes and apologised, and to his surprise they let it go, even Bunnymund.

He glanced around at the serious faces. "So... what'd I miss?"

North sighed and stepped forward. "Jack, earlier today there was a blackout in Santoff Clausen, and Midnight Shade revealed herself to me, and then disappeared. Th-"

Jack cut him off. "Wait- Midnight Shade as in... the Spirit of the Night?"

"Yes." North answered, uncharacteristically impatient. "Then, as I passed the Globe room, I noticed Manny trying to tell me to call a meeting, and I did so."

"Okay, so then, why are we here?" Jack said, raising an eyebrow.

"That's what we are trying to figure out." He replied grimly. "We don't know why Midnight decided to temporarily plunge Santoff Clausen into darkness and then disappear again right after, or if this has anything to do with why we're here, but if Man in-"

He cut off when they all noticed a single moonbeam streaming into the room. They excitedly crowded around it.

"What is going on Manny?" North asked immediately. There was no reply. Instead, the pale beam of light suddenly broadened and they all took hurried steps back. The light slowly morphed before their eyes, changing. Humanoid figurines began to appear in the light, ten, to be exact. The five in front looked vaguely feminine, the one right in middle seemed to have cat ears and tail, the four surrounding her being similar but with different animal features. The group of three on the right appeared to have big, pointed ears and were floating mid-moonbeam, and the two males on the left looked pretty normal.

"Uh... What is this?" Jack asked, thoroughly confused.

"I suppose we need to find these people and get their help?" Tooth suggested, frowning. "Why?"

"Manny must think we need help-" North started but was cut off by Bunny.

He scoffed. "Wha- mate, it's been two years since the Battle of Belief! Pitch couldn't have gotten his powers back so quickly and who else would want to try and attack us?"

"Hmmm... Who else, yes..." North was obviously deep in thought.

They were interrupted by the moonlight changing again. The small figures disappeared, and a miniature sleigh appeared instead. North laughed. "Well, that decides it! Everybody to the sleigh!"

No one noticed poor Sandy, desperately trying to get their attention.

Mint was the one who found them. The little cakes. There were nine, four of which were the Mews' respective colours, minus yellow since it was Pudding's day off, one vanilla, one chocolate, the last three being dark green, dark red, and dark purple.

"...Guys?! She called over her shoulder. Ichigo burst in a few seconds later brandishing a frying pan.

"What is it? Is- KAWAII!" She squealed when she saw the cupcakes. "GUYS GUYS GUYS COME QUICK!" She then proceeded to stuff the pink one in her mouth.

"Ew." Mint deadpanned, but shrugged and took the blue one.

Then Lettuce walked in. "What's wrong? I heard you shouting."

"Nothing's wrong!" Ichigo said trough a mouthful of cake. "Its just- Just..." She swallowed. "It's just that these are SOOOO KAWAII!"

"Oh!" Lettuce said, noticing them for the first time. She took the green one. "Are they nice?" Ichigo nodded enthusiastically, as did Mint, albeit reluctantly. Lettuce took a bite. "You're right!"

Then Zakuro came in and immediately snatched the purple one and bit into it. "It's good." She said simply.

Then Ryou and Keiichiro came in. "What's all the fuss about? I could hear you from-" Ryou was cut off when Zakuro promptly chucked the vanilla cake at him, ending up right in his mouth. He choked it out, not without escaping a bite, and glanced at it. "Where did theses come from?" He slowly blinked. "...They're good..."

"We don't know!" Ichigo said cheerily. "But they're super nice so I don't care!"

Ryou shrugged and took a bite. Keiichiro took the chocolate one and did the same. He looked surprised. "They're good!"

The three aliens appeared. "You sure know how to make a racket Koneko-chan." Kisshu commented as he swiped the dark green one as he flew passed and began eating it. Ichigo humphed and turned away from him.

"Who made these?" Taruto wondered aloud, holding up the dark red one and taking a bite.

"…None of us…" Mint said, eyebrows furred.

They all looked at each other, and then simultaneously keeled over.

Except for Pie, who, having not had a cake, didn't have any of the sedative in him. At least, that was until he felt a sharp poke in his arm, and before he could even glance down at it, everything went black.

Jack breathed a sigh of relief as the purple-haired male collapsed. "Well that was easier than I expected."

"I told you it would work!" North boomed happily. The five of them stuffed the girls, their two leaders, and the aliens in a few sacks, and went back to the sleigh and off to the North Pole.

Hehe. This was fun to write. ;D

This it set a year and a bit after the events of Tokyo Mew Mew, and a year or two after RotG - I couldn't decide what age I thought Jamie was in RotG (around eight or nine - any older and he wouldn't believe in the guardians at all). As said in the summary, this has my usual ships: Kishigo, Pudito, Piettace, and some FairyFrost. Will hopefully be updated soon!

Also - I'm going to completly ignore the language barrier and just pretend that the Mews can speak English. I'm sorry! I couldn't find an explanation that I liked! But they'll still have their ~chans and ~sans etc. and Pudding will speak like she usually does. :P

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EDIT: Humph. I only realised that I should have used dreamsand instead of sedative, after I'd finished the whole chapter, and I really don't feel like re-writing it - I'd probably fail at it and at least it might be mildly amusing as it is. Oh well.