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"...And that's how we saved the world na no da!" Pudding finished enthusiastically.

She had been recounting in great detail how a group of girls called 'Tokyo Mew Mew' - the group they had apparently just kidnapped - had defeated the aliens - three of which had suffered the same fate as the Mews - and saved the world from some evil alien guy who wanted Earth for his own.

"Huh. Quite an adventure, eh?" Said Jack, perched atop a desk. It turned out that Pudding was the only one who could see all the guardians, except for Jack, who she soon believed in along with the others; so they simply had asked her come with them, which she immediately did, after making an excuse (something about a holiday with friends) to her mother-figure. A few minutes ago North had announced that the people they had knocked out would be awaking soon, so they were all hanging around the globe room while Pudding told them her story. They had also learned she usually spoke in exclamation marks, and always in third-person. She now had a vague outline of what the Guardians did, and that it was only two years ago that their newest member, Jack Frost, joined.

She nodded. "Uh-huh! And the aliens had just came back from their planet to see us when you kidnapped them na no da!" She seemed rather too cheerful with a sentence that contained the fact that they had captured her friends and stuffed them into sacks. Everyone had found the hyper girl impossible not to like, and constantly found themselves smiling whenever she was around.

A moan pulled them away from their conversation. They turned to find the red-haired girl (Ichigo, if they remembered correctly) sitting up looking around groggily. "Wh-What? Guys? Guys!" Her eyes widened as she saw her friends scattered around her and scrambled over to them. "Wake up! Guys!?" She glanced around helplessly. "P-Pudding!?" She gasped as she caught sight of said monkey-mew.

"Hi Ichigo-oneechan!"

"Pudding, what are you doing here? Where are we? What happened? What's wrong with the others? What's going on?!"

"Everything's fine oneechan na no da!" Pudding hopped forward. "You and the others were just kidnapped by Pudding's new friends; Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Jack Frost na no da!" She gestured to each as she spoke.

Ichigo frowned. "Pudding, there's no one there."

"What? But..." She glanced back at the guardians, confused.

"She has to believe in us to be able to see us." North quickly supplied.

"Oh...—" Pudding cut off and gasped, turning back to Ichigo. "...You don't believe in them na no da?" She whispered in growing horror.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "What, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?" She sighed with some regret. "I'm sorry Pudding, but no, I don't. They just don't exist." By now most of the others were sitting up, blinking as they took in their unfamiliar surroundings. Several moans and groans rose from the floor. "But we're getting off topic; do you know where we are?"

"Sure I do! We're in Santoff Clausen in the North Pole, aka, Santa's toy factory na no da!" Pudding happily supplied.

Ichigo's eyes widened. "We're in the North Pole?" She paused. "Wait, how did we get here?"

Kisshu jackknifed into a sitting position before Pudding could reply. "We're in the North Pole?" He gasped and squealed girlishly. "I've always wanted to go to the North Pole!"

Everyone stared at him. "Ok..." Ichigo said as she looked at him strangely, turning away to face Pudding again. "How did we get here?"

Pudding grinned. "Simple na no da! Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Jack Frost, together called 'the Guardians', kidnapped you guys from the Café and took you to the North Pole in Santa's Sleigh na no da!"

"Riiiiiight... Well, say it was them, then where are they?" Ichigo asked, trying to find a way to gently show Pudding they weren't real without hurting her.

Unfortunately, the girl wasn't at all discouraged. "Right there na na da!" She gestured behind her. "But you can't see them because you don't believe in them na no da!"

Lettuce frowned in concern. "Erm, Pudding, are you feeling alright?"

"Fine na no da! But how else do you think you got here na no da?"

"Well, I don't know, this could be some sort of prank and someone else brought us here?" Ichigo answered. "I mean, other than the fact that it's completely freezing, we have no evidence that we're even in the North Pole!" (Kisshu gaped at her, devastated)

But Ichigo had made one big mistake. She had mentioned the word 'evidence' around Pudding. The others braced themselves.

Pudding swiped a long coat and a cigar out of nowhere. "Well, Miss Ichigo, how do you suggest we prove your theory, hmm na no da?"

Ichigo blanched. "Well, Pudding—"

"—That it wasn't the Guardians, and that it was, in fact, someone else na no da?" Detective-Pudding continued. "My, my, you have a lot of work to do, because actually, you are wrong na no da."

"Pudding! I—"

"Why, if you do not believe it, then I must ask you to look outside for yourself na no da!"

Ichigo gave up with an exaggerated sigh. She moved to one of the various windows scattered around the room. What she saw made her freeze (no pun intended). Outside, a blizzard was whipping the snow into a raging flurry, and nothing but a carpet of white could be seen. Suddenly, the wind howled through the workshop, though no one could figure out how it got in (well, some of them), bringing wet but soft snow with it. Everyone and everything disappeared in a blurred sea of white. Ichigo gripped the windowsill behind her in shock, using an arm to shield her face from sharp stones and twigs.

Then, everything was silent. The wind vanished as quickly as it came, the snow slowly settling on every surface it made contact with. Everyone stared around at each other for a few moments.

"...What just happened?" Mint shakily asked as she got to her feet from where she had taken shelter by the wall. Ichigo was about to reply with something sarcastic, but stopped in her tracks as she was distracted. Tiny flakes of white were slowly floating down from the ceiling like little pale beads from a broken necklace. By now the others were staring up in silence at the small bits of cold, wet fluff. It floated down, melting almost as soon as it settled on them.

"…Snow?" Ichigo whispered, speaking the word they were all thinking. A single snowflake drifted down, landing right on the tip of her nose. As she watched, cross-eyed, it melted, leaving behind only a wet nose and an overwhelming desire to get down in the snow and have fun. She resisted, with difficulty.

"Where did this come from?" Ryou said in surprise.

"Jack Frost of course na no da!" Pudding replied happily, rolling on the balls of her feet.

"There's no such thing as Jack Frost!" Mint hissed between clenched teeth. "Or Santa, or the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy, or the Sandman."

With each name Pudding looked more and more crestfallen. "But..." She sent a desperate glance at the Guardians.

"Of course we're real, Pudding." Jack said, gently but firmly. The other guardians had learned that when kids were around, Jack generally did the talking, as he often seemed to be the best at speaking to them. "How could we be here if we weren't?" Pudding hesitated, but nodded once. She turned back to the others.

"Of course they're real na no da!" Pudding shouted, repeating Jack's words. "How can it be snowing indoors if they aren't?!"

"I don't know!" Mint retorted. "Maybe it came in through a window?"

The others looked at each other. That had been the theory they had all been relying on, but now it was spoken out loud, it sounded kind of silly. There were no open windows, aside from a rather large hole in the roof but that was on the other side of the room and not much was getting in anyway from what they could see. But it must be, as how else could it be snowing inside? Not Jack Frost, surely. But however much they denied it, they were all, even Mint, beginning to wonder...

"Ha!" Pudding's outburst snapped them out of it. "Pudding can tell from the look on your faces na no da! You're starting to believe again!" She bounced around the room a few times, humming a victory song.

There was sudden quiet as Lettuce gasped. She was as white as a sheet, staring at something most of the people in the room couldn't see. She slowly raised a shaking hand, pointing at five strange-looking people that hadn't been visible just a few seconds before. "Y-y-y-your r-real?"

Jack smirked and stepped forward. "Yep. I'm Jack Frost. Nice to meet you. But mind convincing your friends before we get into introductions?"

Lettuce nodded a few times more than necessary. "O-ok..." She turned back to the others, who were looking very puzzled, aside from Pudding who had a very smug grin plastered across her face. Lettuce took a moment to gather herself. "Um... Guys, they're real. Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and Jack Frost. Th-they're really there!"

"Really." Ryou said dryly. "Then—"


"Wow!" Apparently both Taruto and Kisshu had started believing at exactly the same time (And what does that say about Kisshu's mental age?). "Are you guys the people they keep going on about?" Kisshu continued, staring at them in wonder as Pudding cheered in the background.

Jack whooped and did a backflip onto a rail set into the wall. "Score three for Pudding!" He laughed.

"Four, actually." Pie said, seeming completely disinterested in the current ongoings.

Ichigo frowned. If Pie can see them... A few moments later, she jumped several feet in the air, her cat ears and tail popping out. "Nya! Where did they come from?"

Mint sighed, but seemed slightly uncertain. "Who, Ichigo?"

"Th-th-them!" Ichigo said, her ears going back.

"Oh!" Keiichiro said in surprise as they appeared.

Zakuro jumped slightly as she also saw them, her eyes narrowing.

Mint frowned. "Onee-sama..." A few seconds later, she leaped, almost seeming to glide back a few steps. "Who are you?" She hissed.

Jack held up a hand, indicating her to wait, grinning. They were waiting on one person now...

"Wha—" Ryou stumbled back a few steps in surprise.

"...And that's all of them!" The now-visible white-haired boy shouted, pumping the air in victory. He leaped down from the rail and high-fived Pudding. The other Guardians rolled their eyes and turned back to their audience.

The Mews and cyniclons watched as the, somewhat intimidating, huge man stepped forward. He took a breath before starting. "We are Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. We are the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and Jack Frost. We are the Guardians. It is our job to watch over the children of the world and keep them safe. To bring hope, dreams, fun, happy memories, and wonder." He gestured to each of the four behind him, and lastly to himself as he spoke. "I have gathered us all here because Man in Moon told us to. We still do not know the reason."

There was silence for a few moments after his speech. "You're Father Christmas?" Zakuro finally volunteered with a raised eyebrow.

"The moon can speak?" Ichigo said incredulously.

"Why did you have to kidnap us!?" Mint demanded, now fixing her hair.

"What do we tell our parents?!" Lettuce suddenly asked.

Ichigo frowned. "And what about Aoyama-kun?!" The two had been going strong since the last battle with Deep Blue, but he had left for England a few months after and they mutually decided to split, as they thought they wouldn't be able to maintain such a long-distance relationship. They were still close friends though, and kept in contact.

"Oh." Kisshu's voice was completely blank. Gone was the playful, jokey (dèjá vû much?) boy that had nicknames for everyone. His eyes went cold and were half hidden in shadow. It almost seemed the temperature dropped several degrees, although not literally, as that would be Jack Frost's doing and in this case, it wasn't. "You're still with him?"

"N-n-n-no..!" Ichigo was so shocked by the change she answered truthfully. "W-we're just friends..."

Kisshu's head lowered and his lips curled into the smallest of smirks. "I guess there's still some hope left." He whispered, half to himself.

There was silence for several moments more. Jack coughed awkwardly. "Um... Right, well in reply to your questions, one: yes, he is Father Christmas, but everyone calls him North; two: no, the Man in the Moon can't speak, he communicates by using moonlight, actions, and occasionally feelings; three: you couldn't see us so we had no choice; four: you can tell you parents whatever you want, maybe the trip-with-friends story that Pudding used - you have phones, right?; and five..." He trailed off, not wanting to provoke green-haired boy (Kisshu, was it?) by saying the wrong thing. "Anyway, Pudding told us about your rather interesting past - for a human. Now we—"

"Wait," Taruto interrupted, "you're not human? But, what are you then? You're obviously not cyniclon, or any other race we've come across."

Jack only laughed. "Duh! I'm Jack Frost, I'm an immortal spirit. I'm not human anymore, none of us are. Only me and North were ever actually human. But as I was saying, we need to tell you about our situation before we do anything. North?"

North nodded and proceeded to tell their visitors everything they knew. Many questions were asked, and the Guardians took turns answering. By the end of the conversation, the Mews and aliens knew a fair amount about the Guardians in general as well as their situation. When the subject was unknowingly steered towards the Guardians' life before they became immortal, they seemed to grow nervous, and when the spotlight automatically turned to Jack he only gave a very simple explanation of: "I had a sister. She meant the world to me." and then falling silent. Tooth then immediately launched into a huge explanation of her life as a hummingbird, about her brother, her mother, and the connection she made with a certain human child a long time ago by the name of 'Mari' which subsequently ended up with her being made into an immortal, and, fairly soon after that, a Guardian.

While still confused about Jack's reaction, they allowed themselves to be distracted. They learned that the Sandman, now known as Sandy, didn't talk, but still managed to convey his story of the galaxy; of shooting stars, and of battles between far away solar systems. The found out that the Easter Bunny was really Australian, and was nothing like the fluffy bunny they thought he was, and finally North, Father Christmas, and about his tales of being a bandit in Russia.

He was halfway through a story about a bear that attacked their hideout in search of food, when a little hummingbird flew in through the window. At least, it looked like a hummingbird to the Mews and cyniclons at first glance, but when it hovered in one place for a few moments (it almost seemed be looking for someone) they realised the differences. This 'hummingbird' had an almost-human face, arms, legs, and an overall humanoid figure, as well as a blue feather atop its head. It zoomed over to Tooth, twittering away anxiously with gestures to fast for them to follow. Tooth listened, nodding at times and then gasping in horror at something the tiny hummingbird-like-thing said. Finally, it seemed to have finished, and Tooth turned back to the others with a strangely grim expression. It didn't look right on her usually cheerfully face.

"There's trouble in Burgess."

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