Remember this chapter is written in the Corporal's POV.

Warning: yaoi (boy x boy), bondage, dirty talk, risk of nosebleeds, and other erotic play.

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PS: I made a mistake with the last chapter. The person who kissed Levi in the last chapter was Oluo not Erd.

"Eren...I love you." I thought it was finally time to tell him.


"I. Love. You." I repeated myself.

"I-I love you too."

"Is something wrong?" 'Damn it does he not feel the same way?'

"N-no. I just thought you would never say that." He blushed. I couldn't help but smile at him. He always looked so cute when he blushed and I was relieved he loved me as well.

We both got dressed. Unfortunately he didn't put that maid outfit back on, and I still had more paperwork to do.

"Man I fucking hate doing paperwork." I sighed as I tried to go through the mess of papers stacked on my desk. There was a knock at my door. 'Shit. It better not be Mikasa again. I really don't have time for this.'

"Come in!" I called. Oluo opened the door. 'Well at least it's not Mikasa; though, I don't think he's much better.'

"What do you want Oluo?" I asked hoping he would ask or do whatever he needed and then leave as soon as possible. I really just wanted to spend time with Eren right now.

"Corporal. I was sent to come get you because Commander Erwin has arrived for a surprise visit and requests to see you." 'Hmm. That's quite unlike him. Normally he sends a message in advance. I wonder what he's here for.'

"Alright fine. Lead me to him." I said nonchalantly as I tried to hide my annoyance. I rose from my desk and walked out into the hallway with Oluo behind me.

"By the Oluo what did the commander want-" My voice was cut off as Oluo pushed me against the wall and pressed his lips against mine. My mind processed what was going and then I acted immediately as I broke free from his grip and punched him in the face. He yelped and held the spot where I hit him as blood started to flow from his nose.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!" I yelled. If I didn't need him on my team, we would've been fucking dead by now. He wasn't responding as he still held his most likely broken nose. I grew impatient as I grabbed him by the hair and threw him against the wall.

"WELL?!" I asked. He finally started to stutter out some words.

"M-m-mika-kasa." Tch. I should've guessed.

"What about Mikasa?"

"Sh-she said that if I kissed you in front of Eren, you two would break up because I want you Corporal." 'Wait in front of- Oh shit!'

I quickly looked over and saw parts of 3D gear, which I presumed to be Eren's, on the ground. I ran and searched everywhere throughout the base to find him. The response was the same from everyone I encountered when I asked where he was. They said that he ran past them, but didn't say anything. He was nowhere to be found. I stopped for a moment in the hallway to catch my breath. The sound of the roaring storm outside caught my attention as I looked towards the window. I slowly approached it as I looked outside. 'He couldn't have? Could he?' Knowing Eren, that would be a possibility. I rushed to put on my 3D gear and told Hanji I would go out and look for Eren. She asked me what happened; however, I didn't have time for a story and told her I would tell her later. As I approached the door, I was stopped by Mikasa.

"Dammit what the fuck do want now! I'm in a bit of a rush." I said irritated by her presence.

"What's the rush? Why do you need to go out in that horrible storm?" She sounded cocky; no doubt she felt she had won this battle since her plan had succeeded.

"Well if you must know, I have to go save your brother. Because of your ridiculous plan, he ran out into the storm." Her face dropped. Her eyes stared at the ground.

"Now if you'll so kindly move out of the way." She moved and as I was almost out of the door she spoke.

"I have to come too. I have to save him. He's...all I have left." She said.

"No. I have to do this alone. Eren and I have to talk." And with that, I left.

Rain and cold wind pounded against my body as I flew through the trees. Images of trees and water were blurred as my eyes scanned the are for Eren.

'Damn it where is he?' He couldn't have possibly made it too far in this weather, and if he had encountered a titan and shifted into his titan form I would've noticed it by now. I started to grow worried as the minutes passed and there was still no sign of him. As my mind was filled with thoughts of Eren, I failed to notice the low tree branch to my side. While I tried to quickly maneuver away, I failed and part of my 3D gear rammed against the branch.

"Shit!" I was in free fall as part of my gear broke and sent me hurdling towards the forest floor. My arms flew out trying to grasp anything that would break my fall. Luckily, I managed to grab a tree branch and hoist myself onto it.

'Great now I have no way of finding Eren and no way of getting back, and much in terms of defenses.' I'm so going to kill Mikasa, but first I have to find some shelter to wait out this storm. I jumped off the branch and landed on the ground. I began to wander around as I searched for a suitable place to camp out. I had almost lost hope until I can across so form of cave within a hillside. It was narrow enough that no titan could get through; however, I managed to fit through the entrance. I proceeded deeper into the cave and noticed it started to get wider as I went further. Eventually, I noticed a light at the end of the tunnel.

'Wait is someone here?' I rushed towards the light and the narrow passageway opened into a wide cavern. Warmth emanated from the fire that was lit. And sitting around the fire was the boy I searched so long for.

"Eren." I said, though it came out as more of a whisper. He didn't utter a word and just stared at me, then he turned back to the fire. I understood he didn't want to talk so I walked towards the fire and sat across from him. We would have to talk at some point; however, I couldn't find the words.

"What are you doing here? If you haven't noticed, there's a terrible storm outside." He quipped.

"I could say the same thing to you. Blindly running out into a storm such as this is either bold or completely stupid." I fired back.

He huffed and turned away from me. I sighed.

"Listen Eren we have to talk."

"No there we don't. There's nothing to talk about. I now know exactly how you feel about me."

"No you don't. What happened back there wasn't what it looked like." He quickly turned around and stood up. His eyes were filled with ire...and pain.

"Don't take me for some innocent childish idiot! I know exactly what I saw! You and Oluo kissed didn't you?!"

"Eren I-"

"Didn't you?!" The expression on his face was one of pain and frustration and I grew quiet.

"Yes but-"

"That's all I need to hear." He said as he walked away from me and sat back down with his back towards me.

"Eren you have to listen to me. Oluo kissed me." He was silent.

"He kissed me because Mikasa told him to."

He scoffed. "Yeah right you expect me to believe that. Mikasa may hate you, but she would never do something so cruel. Do you really believe I'm that big of an idiot."

"Yes because I'm telling you the truth. Why won't you believe me?! What will it take to convince you?!"

"Nothing. Just g-go. You've done enough." His voice broke and I could tell his heart was breaking. He wanted to cry and yell at me, yet he remained strong and kept a brave face, and that's one thing I love about him. I had no clue what to what to do. Though I knew one thing: giving up on Eren was not an option because I love him. I just had to prove it to him.

I got up and walked toward him. When I finally reached him, I grabbed his arm and turned him toward me. He looked shocked.

"W-what are y-you-"

"You're wrong." I said as I stared into his eyes.

"What?" He looked confused.

"I said you're wrong. About knowing how I feel about you. You have no idea how I feel about you. Eren, I love you. Do you really think I would risk my life through this storm to tell you this if I didn't love you." He was silent as he looked away. My hand reached out to turn his face back toward mine.

"No I want you to look into my eyes. I want you to know that no matter what, I'll always love you."

"Please stop." He said.

"No. Not until you believe me! I love everything about you, from your braveness and determination to how childish and dorky you can be. But do you know what I love most?" He was silent as he stared into my eyes, tears starting to form.

"Eren!" I plead. I needed him still listen. I couldn't lose him. I just can't.

"N-no I don't know." He said. At that point the tears were starting to trail down his face. My hand reached up to gently wipe them away.

"I love you're wonderful smile and those cute expressions that you only make at me." I said as I smiled gently at him.

"L-Levi." I leaned forward and our lips met softly. He wrapped his arms around my neck as our kisses deepened. He moaned as I parted his lips with my tongue and sucked on his lower lip. We broke apart and looked into each others eyes.

"Eren...I.." I was hesitant to ask. My body longed to be with Eren's; though, I didn't want to pressure him into having sex. He leaned forward and softly pressed his lips against mine, and looked into my eyes.

"It's ok corporal I want you too." I smiled.

"Didn't I tell you to call me Levi?" He chuckled.

I lied him down on top of our coats so he'd at least have something soft to lie his back on. He immediately tugged on my shirt and pulled me down with him. Our lips met again as he gripped my shirt tighter, trying desperately to bring me closer to him. Moans rang out as I kissed and sucked on his neck leaving a trial of marks in my part. My hands reached down as I slipped his shirt off and licked up his chest. His back arched as gently sucked on his nipples. His skin was so soft and had a pleasant smell. My desire grew and my mouth watered as I bit down harder.

"Levi!" He moaned. My body grew hotter as I slipped my own shirt off and started to undo his pants. He sighed in relief as I slid his pants off and ran my lips down his navel.

"Ahh Levi!" He moaned and his body fell against the cloth as I mouthed his clothed erection. I felt the bitter taste of his precum seep through his underwear.

He whimpered. "Mmm. Levi don't tease me so much." I chucked and the vibrations caused him to moan. I looked up at him.

"I can't help it. You're just too cute." He blushed and looked away. I grew impatient as my fingers gripped the hem of his boxers and pulled them down, freeing his erection. I raised two fingers toward his mouth. My lust filled eyes watched as he sucked on each digit carefully trying to coat them as much as he could so I could prep him. I grew uncomfortable as my erection felt confined in my pants as his erotic moans made me harder.

"That's enough Eren." I said wanting to prep him as soon as possible. He pouted and huffed from being told to stop. I leaned forward as pressed my lips against his pouted ones as rubbed his entrance with my fingers. We broke apart.

"Don't worry. I'll give you a better treat to enjoy." I said.

"I know you will." He said with a smirk on his face. Though it didn't stay that way. As I gently pushed my fingers inside of him, his face turned into one filled with pleasure.

"Oh Levi!" He said as he threw his head back. I thrusted my fingers in and out as I stretched his cute, little asshole. With my other hand, I unzipped my pants to free my erection from its confines.

"Eren I need you." I said as my patience grew thin. He leaned back and got situated on the cloth as I took off my pants. I leaned down and kissed him as I positioned myself at his entrance. He broke the kiss and held my face in his hands.

"I need you too Levi." He threw his head back and let out a loud moan as I thrusted in. His face was filled with pleasure as I began to move. I kissed and sucked on his neck as his moans grew louder. My body felt like it was on fire. All I wanted to keep this feeling alive. This feeling of lust, want, and love. All I wanted was Eren. Everything that was Eren. To devour and consume him whole as my greed took over. I placed my hands on his chest and pinched his nipples as he let out another cry of pleasure. His face was flushed, covered in sweat, and his eyes were filled with the same want. He never looked so beautiful, so tempting. I placed his legs on my shoulders in order to go deeper. I held his hands above his head and used my other hand to hold his leg in place.

"Ahh! Levi I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" I felt his asshole grip me tight as he came on our chests. I continued to move, not yet reaching my limit as I leaned down to kiss him, his arms pinned at his sides.

"Ah! Ah! Love you! Levi I love you! Ah!~" At that moment I grabbed him in my arms and embraced him. He gasped.

"Eren..." I held him close to me, not wanting to let him go for fear he might disappear altogether. I loved him so much. He turned his head and gently kissed me on the cheek. I thrusted a few more times and came inside him, but after, I did not let him go. I was still inside him as he sat on my lap in my embrace. We stayed like that for what felt like an eternity. Eventually, I finally decided to pull out as we both laid on the sheets.

"So what're we going to do now?" He asked as his breathing calmed.

"About what?"

"About Mikasa and everyone else."

"I think your sister is cool with it by now. As I left, she looked like she felt guilty that you ran away because of her. And as for everyone else I'm sure they already are aware of it by now." I said.

He leaned over and pecked me on the lips. "Then I guess we better head back soon. The titans aren't going to kill themselves." He smiled as he got up.

"Do we have to?" I sighed. He was already sliding his clothes back on and I was losing my good view.

"Yes now start putting your clothes back on." He said as he zipped up his pants. I sighed as I moved to get my clothes on as well. A few minutes later we were dressed and ready to go. We decided now was the best time to go since the storm had calmed significantly and there would be no titan attacks since it was nighttime. We walked though the forest since my 3D gear was broken and Eren's gear couldn't carry both of us. We walked in silence as we tried not to attract any unwanted attention. Once we made it out of the forest the camp was only a few meters away. As we walked toward it, I could feel Eren reach to hold my hand. It felt sweaty and warm.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah just a little nervous." He said quietly. My grip on his hand tightened a little. "Don't worry it'll be fine." I assured him. He smiled.

I opened the door and we both walked in. As we entered, we were greeted by worried faces and sighs of relief.

"You're both back!" Hanji yelled as she hugged both of us.

"Thank goodness. Are you both alright?" Petra said as she came close and inspected us both for injuries.

"No we're fine." I said.

"So what exactly happened? Why did you run off Jaeger?" Erd asked. 'Shit! I forgot. We needed to come up with a believable story as to why Eren just suddenly took off.' I couldn't come up with anything believable until Eren spoke up.

"I-I'm sorry. I went to go get more firewood and the storm just came out of nowhere. I couldn't shift into my titan form because it was dark so I was stuck." He said. I had to admit, I was a bit impressed by his ability to quickly come up with that very believable story.

"Really? Firewood? Sheesh be a little more careful next time Jaeger. We were all pretty worried about you two." Erd said.

"I'm sorry. I'll be more careful next time." Eren said. With that all cleared up, we all decided to retire for the night and I would take Eren down to his cell.

"Hey before I go to bed I need to speak with Mikasa first." Eren said.

"Yeah sure." I said. "Did you want me to go with you?" I noticed Mikasa didn't say anything to us since we arrived and her and Oluo have been completely dodging us.

"No I'll be fine. I need to handle this alone." I understood.

"Ok I'll wait downstairs for you then." He smiled and kissed me on the cheek before going to find his sister. As our distance grew and he was finally far enough away, I let my guard down and blushed.

"Stupid cute idiot." I whispered as I descended down the steps. I waited for Eren for what seemed like forever and then I heard footsteps approaching. I looked over to see Eren coming down the steps.

"So how was it?" I asked as I unlocked the door. We walked in and closed the door behind us.

"It wasn't bad actually. I think what you said and did earlier really had an impact on her. I think she finally understands that we truly care about each other. She apologized for what she did and said from now on she'll stay out of our business."

"Well that's boring. Knowing her, I thought she'd at least put up a little more of a fight. It seems I overestimated her." I said sarcastically. Eren playfully punched my shoulder.

"Ow." I said pretending to be hurt. "Watch it Jaeger. I'm still your commanding officer." I said in a serious tone.

"Ha! So you thought following me into a storm was easy. Don't let your guard down yet. She wanted me to tell you that if you do anything to hurt me, she won't hesitate to kill you. Apparently now I'm "your responsibility". She made it sound like I'm a handful."

"You are. Actually I thought she would have already tried to fight me to death at the beginning once she found out."

"I'm no handful." He retorted. His face grew red and his cheeks puffed as he pouted. He looked too cute. Like a child.

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face forward into a kiss. He lips moved gently against mind before I pulled him away and looked into his eyes.

"Don't make that face. You're making it hard for me to hold back." He blushed and looked away.

"O-ok. I guess I should be getting ready for bed then." He said.

"Yeah go put your pajamas on so we can go."

"What go where?"

"To my room. Come on we can take the tunnel." I said as I waited for him to change.

His eyes grew a little and had a little sparkle to them. "No basement!" He said as he smiled. He sounded like a child being told he could leave timeout.

I sighed. One day his cuteness would be the death of me. "No basement."


"Yeah. Yeah. You don't have to sleep in the cold, dark, and damp room tonight now come on." He hurried to change his clothes and we went through the tunnel towards my room. The pathway was dark despite the little lantern we had. We finally reached the end and I lifted the latch to open the door. We entered my room and I turned to close the door behind us. I turned around and saw Eren already lying comfortably on my bed. I place the lantern on the dresser as I pulled my pajamas out of the drawer to get dressed for bed. My hands reached for the lantern to turn it off and I crawled into bed next to Eren.

"Goodnight." I said.

"Goodnight. I love you." He said.

"I love you too." I was tried from the long day and my body was ready for a goodnight's sleep.

"Hey Levi."


"I never got to thank you for coming for coming to get me. So thank you." I rolled over towards him.

"Don't mention it. After all you're my responsibility now." He huffed.

"Yeah whatever." He said.

I opened my eyes to look up into his. He started to blush.

"Wh-why are you looking at me so strongly?"

I leaned up to kiss him goodnight. And closed my eyes to go to sleep. "No reason."

"DD-don't do things that are s-so unpredictable." He stuttered.

"Shhh...go to sleep." I said contently.

"Fine." It was quiet for a little while until...

"Hey Levi..."

"Hmm...what?" I said a little irritated.

"Um...I-I was wondering..." My tired eyelids opened to see a flustered Eren looking away as he tried to talk.

" know feel free to say no to this."

"What is it? Just asks me already so I can go to sleep."

"U-uhh I w-was wondering if I could...m-maybe t-top next time."

"What?" I was confused about what he was asking for.

"You know t-top?" It took me a minute before I realized what he was talking about. 'Really? He thought about this now of all times?'

I stared at him blankly before I rolled over my so back was facing him.

"Wait so is that a yes or a no?!" I was silent.

"Levi." He whispered. No response.

"Levi." He whispered a bit louder. Still no response.

"Levi!" He silently screamed.

"Hmph. Pervert." I said with a slight smirk on my face.

We were silent for a moment until I felt his arms wrap around my body as he pulled me closer to him. My skin tickled a bit as I felt his warm breath against the back of my neck before he kissed it.

"I really love you." He said.

"I love you too even if you are a pervert."

"You're one to talk...master." He whispered the last part into my ear.

I chuckled at that last part and I couldn't help but smile as we both drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

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