Hello, so this is basically just a drabble I wrote the other night. It's just Gohan talking to Goku about a day or so after the Cell Games. I hope you enjoy it. I know it's a bit ummm dark so I will try and go lighter next story.

You know I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I know I should have told you I was different.

Then again I thought you knew.

After all you're my dad, you know everything.

Well, I thought you did.

I mean I guess it's my fault.

I never told you otherwise.

Granted there was never much time to tell you


Maybe you still should have known.

I mean Piccolo knew.

OK so that may have been a low blow

But you had a four year head start to know me

Yet you didn't know

I wasn't like you.

Sure I have your talent,

Your pure heart,

I even have your appetite

But I don't have your strength

I may have the power

But I have no strength to bring it out on my own.

I was afraid of the power.

While you relished in it.

I am still afraid of the power.

I always needed something to draw it out.

While your power was effortless and welcomed.

I guess you just never thought I was different.

Then again we never had much time,

to just relax and get to know each other

With us there is never time.

Something more important always takes precedence.

The world needed you

It will always need you

But now I made a mistake

I didn't let you know my fault,

and that caused you to misplace your faith.

If I was like you there wouldn't have been a mistake.

You never made mistakes.

Well you did yesterday.

When you chose me.

Sure I did what you asked

But I didn't keep everyone safe.

Not like you could.

Instead I was afraid and then I let my power consume me.

It scared me.

I knew I needed it,

but it made me be something I'm not.

I'm not a fighter.

I'm sorry dad

I'm different.