Author's Note: Inspired by Volbeat because they're a kick ass band in my opinion. ;D Title is taken from a Volbeat song by the same name.

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A Warrior's Call

Dante walked through the hallway, footsteps muffled by the thick carpeting placed on the stonework. His cool blue eyes took in the crumbling architecture and warped oil paintings lining the walls. A crackle of energy ran across Alastor, eliciting the hair on the back of Dante's neck to stand. He slowly slid the blade from the holster on his back, slowing his pace to a stop.

A loud screech sounded from above as marionettes dropped from the ceiling like a group of gangly spiders. Dante whirled around, blocking a scythe attack as his red coat fluttered with the motion. He gave a grimace as he felt a slice on his left arm. Pulling Ebony from her holster, he emptied a clip into the marionette beside him before slashing at the one in front.

They both collapsed to the ground; their bodies dispelling blood in the shape of orbs before dissipating. Dante grinned to himself as he felt Ebony automatically reload as he spun to face three more shuffling toward him. He let out a whoop before dashing forward and performing an upward slice, arcing the blade to toss two up in the air. He backed up, using Ebony and Ivory to juggle the two puppets in the air before he double jumped and hacked at their bullet riddled bodies.

Once dropping back down onto the floor, he faced off with last one, the Bloody Marionette. It let out a high pitched screech as it began to twirl after Dante. He gripped Alastor tightly and felt the charge of electricity alight across his arms. Charging forward, Dante met the marionette blade to blade. Giving it a cocky grin, he swung Alastor around before quickly slashing off both its arms. It tried backing away from Dante's onslaught.

He gave out a cruel chuckle as he held Alastor's handle and let the energy build until the blade could no longer be seen under the blue electric light. Dante let go of the blade and watched as it missed its target. The marionette feeling emboldened rushed at the red clad devil hunter. Dante gave it a slow smirk as a low hum permeated the air. The Bloody Marionette turned its head only for Alastor to slice through its pencil thin neck, blood spurting the floor as the body sank into nothing.

Dante grabbed the boomeranging blade and slid the devil arm back into its scabbard. He walked around, gathering the fallen orbs. As he finished and began to make his way back down the hallway, an insane cackle floated through the air. Turning his head, he cocked it to the side as he could make out a wraith like figure wearing a mask hovering in the air. It's scissors glinted in the low light as Dante readied his shotgun.

"Still counting all the assholes in the room when I'm definitely not alone," he murmured under his breath, a grin spreading across his features.


Dante's one line comes from the Volbeat song Still Counting. lol

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