Author's Note: Inspired by my depressing mood and Mudvayne.

Disclaimer- Ivory Tear's doesn't own Devil May Cry nor does she profit from this work of fiction, so back off breh.

Title taken from the Mudvayne song by the same name.



He held onto the familiar anger pulsing in his veins. It made more sense than the dull ache trying to settle in his chest. Push it out, push it down. Lock it away. His pale blue eyes took in the female trying to stand her ground. She never seemed to learn.

"You can't just leave again," she spat out the blood pooling in her mouth from the busted lip he gave her.

"I do what I wish," he intoned, voice bereft of emotions.

She struggled to her feet, cocking her gun and aiming it directly at his head.

"I should waste you where you stand," she bit out, eyes dark with rage.

A shadow of a smirk danced across his features before disappearing as if never there.

"What could a lowly mortal like you possibly do to one such as myself, hm? I'm telling you to stand aside. I will not state it a second time," his hand gripped the scabbard in which Yamato lay waiting.

"Does it make you happy to leave him like this?" her heterochromatic eyes never left his, daring him to move, "you do a piss poor job of coming back from the dead by the way."

He shrugged, the action irritating her beyond words, "Your kind is always one for melodrama. I did not ask to be deposited in the middle of this vile place."

His lips curled at the mere thought of being in the same shop as his weak and detestable brother.

"No one ever wanted you to show up here either, demon," she growled out.

He took in her stance, noting the blood speckled across her white blouse and the cuts and bruises littering her legs.

"You are wasting my time, woman."

"The name's Lady," she wiped the blood off of her mouth with her free hand, "might want to write it down."

He quirked a silver brow at her, "Whatever for?"

She smirked, "For when they ask who sent your ass back to hell."

A loud gunshot rang out in the shop as a whisper of steel slipped from it's casing to block the bullet. Lady twirled out of the way as she let out a volley of bullets on the blue blur zig-zagging its way toward her. She rolled over the desk, ducked down, and quickly reloaded. A cold chuckled echoed in her ear and before she could retaliate, Lady felt the cold kiss of metal piercing her left side.

"Fuck," she grit out, coughing up blood.

"I knew you would not stand a chance," his cold voice piercing her even as the blade slid from her body.

"Such a waste," he stood, sheathing his blade, "maybe this will teach my brother and his insufferable followers a lesson."

Lady coughed out more blood, spitting it at his boots, "You know what, Vergil?"

He turned his uncaring eyes down upon her just as another gunshot rang out. He fell back on the floorboards with a dull thud, a bullet hole between his eyes.

"You shouldn't talk shit unless you're going to do it," she slouched further, back propped against the desk, breath rasping out as she held the wound on her side as tight as she could.

She knew he would regenerate and be pissed as fucked. She smiled, blood coating her teeth. Let him wake up, got another bullet with his name written all over it.


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