Devil Within, Ranma Fanfic

Chapter 1- Awaken

Disclaimer- I own nothing just the idea and plot of this Fanfic which is worth...nothing as it is a Fanfic.

It was just a normal day at Furinkan High, Ranma had just went out side and had to carry bucks as he had fallen asleep in Ms. Ninomiya's class.

"Damn teachers and their stupid rules." Sighed Ranma Saotome

"Aaahhh Get back here!"

"Get back here pervert!"

"Hahaha what a haul! What a haul."

Ranma turned his head to see a tiny old man who is known as Grandmaster of Anything Goes Martial Arts, Happosai the ancient pervert. Sticking his leg out he trips the old man with a large amount lingerie in a stuffed bag, he tripped the leech and tossed the bag of bras and panties back to the group of women before the old man got beaten up.

After a while the gang left and Happosai was seen battered and bruised.

"R-Ranma this-s time you h-have gone too far! Prepare yourself for punishment!" Happosai said as he hoped out a window away from the school.

"Hhmmm wonder what that was all 'bout?" said Ranma wondering what the leech would pull this time.

*****************************(Happosai's room)*****************************

The old master of Anything Goes was looking through his old stuff in his room.

"Where is it? Where is it?" said Happosai to himself, "Holy Chains, no... blood of dragon, no... oh where is it, oh here it is!" Happosai said to himself as he read a old scroll labeled 'The Heart and Soul Barrier Point,' "With this Ranma will become my slave and think of all the beauties we can collect! Hohohoho!" What he missed was that there was a word faded out from between 'The', 'Heart'. It was 'True', along with on between 'Barrier' and 'Point' called 'Removal'.

*********(Later after school in the back yard of the Tendo Household)*********

Ranma was training with the Tendo's watching...while the older sisters were the head of house was playing a game of 'Go' with his training buddy. Oh and Akane was fuming over something again.

When all of a sudden Happosai appeared out of nowhere trying to attack Ranma which he dodged.

"Hey you old leech what's the big idea!" Shouted a annoyed Ranma as his day had not been going well, after Happosai left Kuno came to defeat the evil wizard Saotome or at least that was what Ranma heard him say before batting him out the window. He got drained by Hinako for 'disturbing the peace'. His three fianc├ęs where fighting over him again and he got a trip from Air Akane for being a 'pervert" when Shampoo glopped him, sure the hug would have been nice without being hit by a pissed Tendo sister's mallet. All and all it has been a normal crappy day which would more than likely happen tomorrow as well.

"I said I would get my revenge boy and now is the time." the ancient pervert, he pulled out a homemade fire cracker throwing it at Ranma shouting, "Happo-Flare!"

"Ha that all you got leech." said Ranma bating way the fire creeker only to feel himself get hit in the middle of his spinal column and back of the neck where spine meets head. Than he felt something that he never did before...freedom.

"Haha now with the Heart and Soul Barrier Point in place Ranma will be my minion. Picture it boy all the panties! Now Ranma you are now and forever my slave!"

"No master! At least make it so he can marry Akane!" said Soun weeping

"My poor son forced into such as hell!" said Genma

"Oh my." Kasumi said

*****(Play New Divide by Linkin Park (which I do not own (sorry I had to edit out the lyrics or I might get caned)******

Than a burst of aura exploded from around Ranma. It's colors were muddied red, clear red, and bright pink with a underlying gold.

"No way! This is impossible!" said Happosai in shock as Ranma's aura started to disappear.

Where Ranma stood now was a taller man, his eyes turned red with black where white one was. His smirk showing them a pair of fanged teeth.

"...Looks like your slave plan failed Happosai," he flexed his arm, "I've never felt such freedom before but for being a pain in the ass then there is only one way to pay you back..."

A chain of black Ki emerged from Ranma's shadow wrapping around Happosai's neck lifting him inches away as his eyes sparkled in hate. "Instead of killing you I'll let you live...for now anyway."

His smirk turning into a insane grin as the chains started to chock the air out of Happosai until he was knocked out and dropped to the ground uncaring walking towards the stunted people taking as step away from the clearly off balanced Martial Artist.

"Ranma! Look what you've done boy I demand that yo-" Genma was hit by new black chains raising from Ranma's shadow.

"Ranma how dare you hurt your own fath-" Chains appearing from Soun Tendo's own shadow wrapped around his neck as he was forced to look into the glaring eyes of the twisted warrior

"You do not have the right to complain about what I do. And you have no right to say that word for you are not one. I mean look what has become of your family while you greave over the lose of your wife, your youngest has become a mascot for anger management programs of what not to become. Your oldest is lost in a illusion of happiness losing her self in the process and your middle one is doing a fathers job of providing for the family, even selling her humanity...You are not a father but a weak willed child."

To wash this memory clean"Ranma no ba-aghu!" Akane who was trying to be a hero with a mallet was smacked away into dreamland as Ranma released there father as they were both out cold."

Ranma turned to look at the two oldest children as they backed away only for Ranma to disappear and reappear behind them hitting the pressure point at the back of there necks knocking them out.

Grabbing them before they hit the ground he smiles putting them over his shoulders as his chains carve into the ground a message.

"Hahahaha!" Ranma disappeared with the two older tendo sisters into a portal of darkness.

In side the realm of darkness, shadows moved, looking like animals of all kinds, on there own as Ranma layed down the sisters face down on a bed made of shadows

Pressing the two points on the sisters backs that Happosai did to his own the sister's hearts and minds where opened as two auras appeared around them.

Nabiki's aura was orange-yellow, bright pink, with a under coating of silver.

Kasumi's aura was soft blue, bright pink, and a under coating of clear red.

The two sisters woke up showing new eyes, nabiki's eyes turned bright pink with the whites turning silver, while kasumi's eyes turned soft blue with the whites turning clear red.

"Oh my this feels" Kasumi said as a dark smile made way on her face.

"Freedom..." Nabiki said with a dark smirk on her face.

"Yes it is time for freedom isn't it my queen of ice..." said Ranma as he kissed Nabiki on the lips and the kiss was returned passionately. Both smiling softly as they separated from one another.

"Indeed my king of shadows..."

Chapter End

Author Notes:

I'm sorry but I had to edit out the lyrics as one of my reviewers said it get canned if I didn't remove them and I like this story and do not wish to see it gone.