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Warning: Eventually characters might die also for cursing and other things latter on.

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Chapter 4 - Recruitment Drive

Story Arc: Team Soul

The figure cloaked in black snapped its fingers as a portal opened, and than a second time creating a explosion in the yard as he grinned walking through he portal.

"The game has begun..."

************************(Furinkan High)********************************************* ******************************************

"Hehehe!" A large shock wave hit the front of Furinkan High as a figure in a red cloak laughed in a hole he made. "Now which of you can fight?" Asked the 'man' in red.

"You're talking to the best fighter in town!" said Akane Tendo

"If this is the best you got this is not going to be any fun." stated the man in red, sure he wants to pant the ground red with blood but even he has a rep to up hold and he can't do that by fighting weaklings.

"You fiend dear insult the fair Akane! Have at thee!" said Kuno as he launched a air wave at his foe who leaped over the attack.

"Well this might be fun after all." he commented seeing the destruction the pressurized slash brought cutting through concrete.

"Kuno stay out of this." said Akane tired of people stealing her fights

"No Kuno-chan stay so I may paint the world red! Tehe~" as the duo looked disturbed by the man not by what he said but his giggle sounded like a killer from a slasher movie

"I cannot leave thin maiden alone with such vile of beasts." said Kuno disturbed by the man's presence that radiated insanity something he is used to but not to such a level.

"Fine just don't get in my way."

"Oh goodie~! More blood to paint the world~! I LOVE THIS JOB!" said the red cloaked man as he pulled out a M3 Trench Knife from his slave holding it in his right hand. "Oh and the name is Hong Se now please die." He said running towards the duo.

***************(Furinkan High different location)***************************************** ***************************************

"I gotta help them!" said Ukyo from inside grabbing her battle spatula

"But who ever will help you?" Ukyo turned around to see blue cloaked figure holding a Nagamki (think of a Japanese sword with really long handle) casually leaning on a wall.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Ukyo

"Oh they call me Lan Se. Now before we fight I have a offer for you little lady."

**************(Furinkan High, Hallways)***************************************** ******************************************

A being in a white cloak walked the halls as he looked for his mission objective. "Lets see where could you be."

"Hold it right there!" the being turned towards the noise to see a little girl in over sized cloths

"Excuse me little girl but what is you're name?"

"Hinako Ninomiya, now what are you doing here young man." asked the chibi sized teacher

"Oh just completing my mission objective given to me by Leader-sama." taking a step towards the teacher

"And that would be." she reached for a 10 yen piece

"You." the being suddenly vanished from sight surprising the teacher as she was grabbed by her neck dropping her coin. The beings eyes glowed white from under his hood and suddenly a white creature rose from the ground and wrapped around the teacher like a straight jacket. "And what Leader-sama want's Leader-sama gets." As a white chain appeared from his sleeve and wrapped around the teacher's month and lower face to keep her from screaming as the 'man' placed her on his shoulder and casually walked back to the meeting point as the child teacher tried to break free from the bonds.

***********(Furinkan High front yard)**********************************

Kendo stick and Tech knife collided as Kuno was pushed back by the red cloaked Hong.

Hong ducked under a punch from Akane and grabbed her arm saying, "Now that was weak." He throws Akane over his head at Kuno.

"Come make me feel alive!" shouted Hong as his knife lite on fire and he ran at them only to do a backflip sensing danger and avoiding a explosion.

"What the heck was that?" asked Akane untangling her self from Kuno

"Hey you don't mess with de big chief's student k." said a man with a pam tree hair cut and Hawaii shirt. "Now what you doing here bro?" asked Principle Kuno

"Oh you know same old same old." said Hong Se as he charged the Principle only to be cut off by a kendo strike to his left side

"You fiend shall not get away with attacking us. So says I Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High."

"Oh did you say Kuno? Funny you would mention that. Are you related to a Kodachi Kuno?" said Hong smirking

"Why are you talking about my sister, fiend?" asked Tatewaki having a feeling that he was going to not like the answer.

"What have you done to my daughter!" shouted the Head of Kuno house throwing a pineapple boom at him.

Hong slashed the air in front of him with his knife and a slash of fire hit the boom making it explode prematurely.

"Oh I did nothing, but my teammate might have. Don't worry she lives, however I will lead you to her if you can defeat me if not she is lost." stated the insane red cloaked figure smiling as he ducked a slash form Kuno's Kendo stick.

"Release my sister fiend!" shouted Kuno striking at the red cloaked figure.

********************(Inside Furinkan)*************************************

"What kind of deal are you talking about?" asked Ukyo

"Oh that's simple do you want to see Ranma again?" asked Lan Se

"What have you done to Ranma! You jackass!" said Ukyo bashing her spatula.

"Me? Oh no why would I harm my Leader-sama." stated Lan

"Wait Leader?" she asks looking out side to see the red one ducking one of Kuno's swings. "You mean Ranma is in charge of what happened her?" she asked

"Not all of it. I must admit the planning was done by Nabiki. But than again every army needs a strategist."

"...Who do I know you're telling the truth?" asked Ukyo

"Nothing. But than again you're on the list of done attack unless attacked first." stated Lan, "He does wish for you to join."

"If he wants me to join him than he can meet me himself. Face to face." said Ukyo who has seen Akane kidnapped enough to know that not everyone in the world is trust worthy.

"Very well, do you want me to tell him a time and place to meet at?" asked Lan

"Ucchan's, 10pm." said Ukyo

"As you wish mistress." said Lan in his monotone before he vanished from sight. He than appeared behind on of Nabiki's informants in the school and knocked her out with a pressure point not wishing to come back empty handed.

***************(School Roof)********************************************* *****

The being cloaked in yellow called Hung Se was bored. "Damnit! Why can't I just cause a little misfortune?"

"Simple because I ordered you to stay here." the yellow cloak turned around and saw a white cloak carrying a little girl in bindings.

"Umm Bai-sama? Why are you carrying a little girl?"

"This is no little girl. This is a teacher also she looks younger than she really is."

"Wow never pictured Leader-sama as a lolly." said Hung Se

"She's older than Leader-sama." stated Bai

"Eh!? What the fuck! This is a fake lolly!" asked Hung Se

"Indeed brother." stated a voice as the blue cloak Lan Se appeared in front of them carrying a teen girl over his shoulder.

"Eh who's that?" asked Hung

"Sakura, one of Mistress Nabiki's informants in this school. I also set up a meeting between Ukyo and Leader-sama."

"Very good Lan."

"Thank you Bai-sama."

Than Bai snapped his fingers and a small team of around 4 white creatures appeared. "Whites, restrain the fighters down there and have Hong Se comeback here are mission is completed."

***************(The front yard)********************************************* **

All the fighters had some form of injury to them. Akane was taken out of the fight by her broken leg. The Principle had burn marks on his arms and legs but only first degree burns luckily. Tatewaki had a large cut going from his hip to collar bone that was not bleeding thanks to being burned by the hot knife preventing bleeding while Hong only had a bruise from where Kuno hit him.

Than these white creatures covered every fighter but Hong while one floated up to Hong. "Mission Complete." stated the creature.

"Fine holding back was a pain in the ass any way. These fighters suck if I was haft serous than they'd be blood stains on the ground." Hong spat in their direction, "Weak."

Hong jumped into the air and landed on the roof once there the team opened a portal as Hung held out his hand to the backyard and yellow energy raised from it creating a small earthquake.

"Hurry it up Hung, I don't wish to keep Leader-sama waiting."

"Yes Bai-sama just leaving a message."

As they step through the portal it closed and the energy stopped leaving a carving message in the ground.

'Team Soul, was here bitches!'

**************************(Author Note)*********************************

Yes Ranma is there leader. I'm pretty sure you can guess what Team Soul is. Is there more members of Team Soul on the way? What will become of the kidnapped? Will anything be able to stop Team Soul or will all fall?