A/N: This is the beginning of my first chapter fic for this fandom. It was inspired by The Script's 'Hurricanes' which I feel definitely describes this pairing. Also, I'm making Beca's mum a total bitch in this, so Dr. Mitchell is going to come off as a nice guy who tied to do the best he could. This fic is about Jesse and Beca going through crap early on in their romantic relationship, and how it strengthens them.

Rating: T

Characters: Beca/Jesse, the rest of the Pitch Perfect cast (eventually), plus some other characters.

Warnings: Mature situations referenced.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pitch Perfect or the songs used in this fic in any way. I'm just playing with them.

Hurricanes – Chapter 1 – It All Starts with a Text

Neither one of us is getting out of here alive
Both of us are stranded and we won't make it back inside
The whole world is blowing away, we just watch it pass us by
We're swept up off our feet when we meet in the northern sky
The Script - Hurricanes

Life should be getting easier.

The Bellas won the ICCA's, she finally smoothed things out with Jesse (in the most spectacular and best of ways), and she's pretty sure that she's passed all of her courses this year.

Life should give her a break.

Beca, staring at the text message on her phone, realised that all her troubles aren't over at all. If anything, things had just gotten more complicated.

She moved like a zombie over the grounds of Barden University – slow, unaware that she was wearing fuzzy black boots with her jeans and top – shrouded in the long shadows of the evening. She could only think of one person that she could turn to over all others. He's the only person that she would trust to listen impartially.

There's no one wandering around his dorm building, a relief because she's afraid she'll break out of her frozen state too soon and he won't be there to pick up the pieces.

She knocked, and the door opened to the most wonderful sight.

"Jesse," Beca breathed.

His gentle smile dropped at her emotional distress, written plainly on her face, and asked, "What's wrong?"

Beca couldn't speak, pushed to the brink of her limits. Jesse sensed this and gently wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into the room with little effort. He's glad for the first time in a week that Benji left early to go back to Ohio. He's glad they're alone so he can find out what's got Beca so stony faced and trembling. "Beca?" he murmured, sitting next to her on his bed.

Beca blinked and turned to her boyfriend of a month, and felt the words rushing to her brain, filling her head, leaving her fuzzy and desolate. Now, to get them out would be the trick. "Jesse…I…my mum, s-she…"

Jesse drew her closer to his body, rubbing her arm in attempt to calm her down. "Whatever it is, you don't have to tell me. It's okay, Becs," he said comfortingly.

She shook her head, snorting derisively. "No, it's not, Jesse."

He frowned, peering into her eyes, dark blue with turmoil. A tingle of something unpleasant ran down his spine, like when he was watching gory thrillers that freaked the crap out of him. "Can I do anything?" he offered feebly.

"Maybe if we could go back in time and reverse my mother's personality so she'd be the Betty Crocker type, that'd help," Beca replied bitterly.

Jesse's frown deepened. "Beca, what's going on?"

Beca just decided it'd be better to show him than tell him. She fumbled for her phone inside her jeans pocket, yanking it out and tapping on it to reveal the text message she had gotten less than an hour ago, when everything she had gotten used to was threatened – to be pulled out from underneath her feet. Her frazzled nerves were calmed slightly when Jesse pressed a kiss to her temple as he took the phone from her hands. She felt him tense as he read, the hand on her arm suddenly tightening. A muttered curse escaped from Jesse's lips and a brief smirk flitted across Beca's face. Regardless of the situation, hearing inventive curses from Jesse was funny.

"Is this for real? She can't do this, you're doing amazing!" Jesse burst out, his emotions quickly building. He turned back to her, wide brown Bambi eyes filled with apprehension.

"She's going to try," Beca replied, sighing.

"That's not fair on you Beca. She can't pull you out of Barden and force you to go to Harvard Law School. That's the furthest thing from your dream," he said in shock.

Hearing that made Beca slump in her place against him, leeching off the warmth from his body. "I thought she was finally letting me free a little, but I guess I was wrong."

Jesse's eyes darkened with anger at what had happened to Beca, practically tasting the bitterness and heartbreak in each syllable. "I know you don't like to talk about your family. But, maybe, I could understand just why this is happening now," he suggested carefully, fully preparing to be rebuffed and pushed away like she had done before.

The petite woman was still for a few moments before abruptly pushing Jesse down and lying on top of him so they both faced the ceiling. He wrapped his arms around her immediately, smiling a little when Beca's hands rose to clasp his own. "Can't look me in the eye?" he asked.

"I'm hoping it'll be easier this way. Like I'm talking to myself."

"Sure. Talking to yourself while using your boyfriend as a mat," Jesse replied, getting a snicker from Beca.

"You're distracting me," she accused.

He nodded. That was his intention.

Beca focussed on the two tone colouring of the ceiling, the line where Benji had finished his black and left Jesse's side taupe. "My parents divorced when I was 12," she began haltingly. "At the time, I blamed my father because he seemed to just walk out of the picture, and never came back. In the meantime, life was hard for me. My mum was strict. Very strict. Like if I was more than ten minutes late home from school she'd go off at me."

"That hardly seems fair," Jesse remarked.

"She's a lawyer. She gets very stressed in her job," Beca replied softly. "And she justified it because she thought I'd go off doing things like taking drugs or meeting up with boys. That never happened – I was too much of a recluse after my parents' divorce." Caught up in the pain of those years, striving so hard to be a good daughter to make up for whatever gap her dad had made in their lives, Beca's voice trembled slightly. "I eventually realised how much my dad shielded me from her. She was always controlling, but I had never been the focus of her attention until then. She ordered me around, never let me see my dad although we talked on the phone. Then I grew to blame him for leaving me with my mother, unable to cope with the constant disapproval."

Jesse could see where this was going and stayed dutifully silent.

"I got to 16, to the point where I went, 'Screw it, she thinks I'm up to no good anyway.' That day I got my first tattoo – the three teardrops on my shoulder," Beca went on. She smirked. "Man, she went postal."

"Did she hurt you?" Jesse asked concernedly.

"Not physically. She called me names I'd rather not repeat," she replied, relishing in the squeeze of comfort Jesse gave her.

"What next?"

"The dark make-up and nails. I ended up really liking that, so it stuck. After that, my piercings. Only on my ears though, I haven't really wanted them anywhere else."

Jesse's fingers smoothed out over her stomach and he broke the tension by murmuring, "Donald owes me five bucks. I told him you wouldn't have a belly button piercing."

Beca scowled, "You guys bet on me?"

"No. I said that to distract you again," he replied calmly, nuzzling into her hair.

Beca swore her heart melted at that action. "Anyway," she cleared her throat, "I've got four other tattoos since. She doesn't know about two, but when I got the roses, my mum got the program she was going to give me for my birthday and returned it to the store in punishment for me being 'so rebellious.'" She paused and remembered what Jesse had said that day she had tried to apologise to him. "It's around that time that I started pushing everyone away even more than I had before."

The silence stretched on after that, Jesse absorbing the information while Beca internally cringed at how 'American Idol sob story' she sounded. And there was more to say. But she figured it could wait until she felt up to speaking about her mother again.

Jesse, attuned to Beca as he was, didn't press for more. He was surprised she even said that much. "What's your mother's name?" he asked, that one last thing he wanted to know.

"Vicki Parting – she dropped Mitchell after…" Beca trailed off, shifting uncomfortably. She was done.

Jesse wisely switched the topic. He sat them both up, his fingers playing along the hem of Beca's shirt. "So, out of curiosity, where are these other two tattoos? I know the teardrops, the roses, the infinity sign before your elbow. What else are you hiding underneath the punk clothes?"

Beca flushed. To show her boyfriend the other two she would have to remove her shirt. Peering over her shoulder at him, she found honesty in those eyes. Damn, they made her melt all the time. Deciding not to speak, Beca reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head in response to Jesse's question.

He sucked in a breath, marveling at Beca's pale, smooth skin – seeing it for the first time. The tattoos were easily visible and he murmured, "Wow. You mind if I touch them?"

"Go ahead," Beca replied, leaning forward so Jesse could have easier access to her back.

Jesse reached out, admiring the contrast of his tanned skin against her more pallid shade. His eyes were drawn immediately to the bright red phoenix on the left side of her back just above her hip. As his fingertips made contact, he felt Beca shiver and knew he felt the same tingle she had at the intimate touch. Gently, Jesse slid his fingers over the palm sized depiction of the mythical creature rising from the flames. "Cool," he approved, his eyes searching out the other tattoo. It was down Beca's right side, her arm half covering it. He pressed his lips to the nape of her neck while he shifted her arm to get a better look. "I think I like this one better," Jesse remarked with a grin.

It was an artistically conjoined treble and bass clef with slanted writing surrounding it. "Music makes sense," Jesse read aloud.

Beca shrugged, "Well, it does."

Teasingly, Jesse said, "I only like it because you've got the mark of a Treblemaker on you."

Beca smirked. "Oh dear, what would Aubrey say?" she asked sarcastically.

"Hmm…that you've been treble boned?"

Beca huffed out a small laugh as she slipped her shirt back on, momentarily disappointing Jesse by hiding her beautiful skin from him. "Where did you hear that term, because I'm pretty sure that she only used that around us."

"Bumper. He loved to annoy her about it and told us at initiation what kind of things we should expect," Jesse answered.

"The oath's been lifted. And even if it hasn't, I haven't been 'treble boned,'" Beca snorted, fingers making the quotation marks in the air.

Jesse couldn't resist and drew her slight form to him again, muttering cheekily, "Well, not yet."

"You're terrible!" Beca gasped mockingly.

"Aw, you like me anyway."

Beca leaned into his secure arms and confirmed, "Not only do I like you…I trust you."

"I know."

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