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Oh the this story and the boy with the blue hair are interlinked so if you read them together you get the whole story.

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The boy looked up at the rainy sky. Gray clouds drifted across it. He hurt in as blood stained his clothes several places. Those guys hadn't gone easy on him even though he was younger than them. Blood matted his rain soaked blue hair. He was hungry too, his stomach growled as if to agree. His body hurt with every pounding beat of the thing that beat against his chests. He wanted to cry out one last defiant shout before the blackness took him. But he didn't have the will to speak. Instead he reached his pale damaged hand up to the rainy sky. Rain pounced off his palm and fingers and fell on his face between them. Then without the strength or will to hold it up it fell out to the boys side.

He watched the rain come down splashing into puddles and riverettes around him soaking his thin cloths a torn once white shirt and black shorts. He stared up at the sky wishing the blackness would take him. He hated the pain he constantly felt, the hunger the weakness. If this was life than he didn't want it. He wanted to fade out this time for good no more pain or hurt or anything like that.

The darkness was closing in. The edges of the world of was getting fuzzy around the edges. Just then a shadow fell over him and then the he fell into the darkness maybe for the last time.

He came to a couple of times. He was in a card board shelter with another person there. Stroking his blue hair and telling him he was going to be okay.

The boy came to in a card board shelter the rain beat on the boards as if it wanted in. But the boy didn't care about that at the moment because he found himself staring up tiredly at a face that wasn't his. For the first time in the boy's memory he did wake up alone. The new boy over him was wearing a black thing around himself... a coat as the boy with blue hair had heard. The boy sitting aver him had dark caramel skin and chestnut hair and eyes. His eyes were rimmed with dark shadows and thick long hairs around them. When the dark skinned boy saw he was awake a look of relief crossed his face as he gave a large smile.

"OH, Thank goodness," the boy said in a soft voice. "Your awake." He was had tears in his eyes, but the blue haired boy could tell that he was happy. Happy to see him. That had never happened before in his life, but before he could enjoy it or thank the boy he slipped back into the dark cold waters.

He could still smell the other boys sent.

a sweet, soft smell that caressed his nose. He loved it.

And he could still feel the boys hand.

Gently caressing his face and hair.

Soft smooth hands that made him love being touched by them.

When he finally resurfaced the dark skinned boy was gone. His black coat was draped over the blue haired boy now awake form. Keeping him warm. He searched the shelter for the boy but he was nowhere to be seen. The blue haired boy sat up in the hovel and held the coat to his nose breathing in the boys soft sent. He had probably gone back home to his loving family. No one that soft could be a street kid.

Everything about the boy had been soft, his skin, his smell, everything.

Then a thought crossed the blue haired boys mind. And his eyes flew open he toppled the card board shelter over without even realizing he'd stood and then he headed off the black coat that looked like wings was flung onto himself.

Mordecai lay in the hospital bed dreaming of the past.

The blue haired boy that would one day become Mordecai found his way through the city looking for his angel in black.