The Dragon Heart Of Dunbroch

Merida's POV

It was a bright and beautiful day in our home of Dunbroch. The sun touched the far mountains kissing there peaks and blessing us with shadows of all shapes.

I sighed looking far out into the ocean; I had just taken Angus on a lengthy journey since I hadn't had him out in a while. My bow; which was now currently tied to my back hadn't been used in a while either since I had been attending these extra "princess" lessons. I didn't understand what all the commotion was all of a sudden; sure years had passed, snow had come and gone but I had learnt the basics of a princess's behaviour, and did I like it? No. Was I going to follow the princess's way? No. Did it please my mum? Absolutely.

"Aww Angus I dinnae know what to do" I leaned over stroking the Clydesdale's mane. He happily chortled and snorted in return.

"Why is she being soo insistent? I mean its no' like I wannea disappoint her, I just wannea be ma self, there's no 'than better than being out here right now, no responsibilities, no singan no curtseys, no..."

"MERIDA!" my mother yelled her tone harsh and growling.

"God Angus how can she be soo loud!" This was the seventh time today! I huffed and went to saddle the animal I loved dearly.

"I guess this adventures being' cut short boy, half ter put it off till tomorrow."

The ride back to the castle was too quick for my liking, I quickly went to stable angus before heading round to the front of the castle, to my surprise my mother was already there waiting.

"Ah there you are! Where have yer been dear! Yer have a lesson in cookery at 2 with maudie! Then we've got some dress fitt'ans and a singan lesson later on"

"Aww mum! Please just fer a change can we no' do this" I pleaded. I'm not sure why I did it, it was no hope.

She'd never listen.

"Come along Merida, Itl be over before yer know it" I huffed and stomped unhappily behind her, this was going to take forever…

"Chin up straight! A princess does no' slouch Merida!"

"But MUM I Dinnae wannea learn ta sing!" I stomped my foot acting like a child, my large over grown mane of red hair bouncing with me.

If anyone could see me now, they wouldn't of guessed I was turning 18 in 2 months.

"Every Princess can sing Merida! Including you, yer have a lovely voice sweetea, just proportion yer self better"

"oy" I breathed out stretching…

Later on at dinner that night, my dad thought we should all here his daring fight with Mor'du again, my three younger brothers just sat there rolling their eyes and playing with their food.

I watched my dad contently finding his determination to keep the story fresh humouring; it was just hilarious to see his reactions to every word.

"And then WHOSH me leg was CLEAN OFF!" my dad's voice belted through the halls making my mother jump, she was busy sorting through papers, which were all now all over the floor as the result of her fright.

"Och Fergus! Yer big fool yer made me jump ten mile!" My mother scolded, a look of love hovering in her eyes before she turned to sort out the spilled papers on the floor.

"It would nea be the firs' time me sweet" he winked at her, I just gagged. Suddenly my mother gasped out of the blue.

"Oh Fergus! They've accepted!"

"What's that now?" I asked curiosity getting the better of me.

It didn't help to notice my dad shifting uncomfortably in his seat.