I'm sorry to all the fans out there who got interested in the story I didn't know how to check my reviews so I lost hope in the story and gave up But I'll fix it. It won't be the same as the first time I wrote it but I'll try my best to recapture the magic.

Please Enjoy.

Rigby looked out the window of the hospital still in bed after the incident at the park one of many. He was thinking of the past.

Five year old Rigby stood at the window looking out at another view entirely. The dirty streets were darkening with the dusk that was quickly approaching. There were a few people going about their last bit of business or heading home. He couldn't remember the name he'd had back then something with an R maybe. What he did remember was it was the day everything would change.

"*Azah* get away from the window." Said a woman's voice from behind him. The place were his name would be was just sound like white noise. The boy who would one day be called Rigby turned. The woman who had addressed him was tall and thin with skin the same caramel color as Rigby's, with hair and eyes the same chestnut brown as his. The same black ring around her eyes as Rigby and the same thick lashes. She was holding a bundle with a baby's arm reaches up from it with the same caramel colored skin as Rigby's and the woman's. Rigby turned away from the window closing the curtains.

"Why can't I go outside like everyone else?" Rigby asked.

"You- well- its- you just can't." The woman says desperately.

"Why?" Rigby asks again. This time the woman begins to sob. Large tears leak over the brim of her eyes soaking her thick long lashes. She wept holding the baby. Rigby in surprise he went to the woman's side. "Don't cry," he begged. "I don't need to go outside," he said softly. "There's lots I can do here." The boy looked around the room. It was spartan at best. There was a bed on one side of the room pressed tightly against the wall. There was a dresser between the window and the bed and on the other side of the room was a basket filled with blankets set up like a makeshift crib. "I can -um- um- Tell my brother a story." the boy said desperately. He didn't like to see the woman cry it made him feel so... Helpless. "Don't cry," he begged. When the woman continued to cry he did the only thing he could do. He began to cry too. Sometime while Rigby was crying the woman had stopped.

"Oh, *Azah*," the woman said her voice still sounded sad. Her eyes were still sad when Rigby looked up to meet her gaze. "I don't know why? They just seem to come to you and it isn't safe for you out there." the woman said her voice sounded sadder than anything. "Someday... someday someone will come to keep the monsters away. But until then it is safer if you don't go outside." The woman said softly. "So please stay inside.

"Okay," Rigby answered.

"Now off to bed with you." the woman said. She tucked the two boys in. Then she left the room leaving the two kids to sleep.

Rigby wasn't sure what had woken him, a loud noise or the sound of scuffling. He sat up in bed listening to the deafening silence. He didn't know why but he couldn't stay in bed he got up, dressed himself in his day cloths, picked the baby that would one day be Don out of his makeshift crib and left the room. He didn't know why he'd dressed himself or why he took Don along. But it was be a decision that would save his life.

Rigby made his way down the hall to the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs the woman from was laying on the ground some of her still on the stair above. She was laying in a growing pull or rad liquid, it was staining her dress in several places around ragged holes. Rigby would only learn that it was blood later. Rigby ran down the steps to the woman's side still holding baby Don.

The woman made a choking sound, her eyes had trouble focusing on Rigby at first when she saw him she gave a weak smile. Her skin was deathly pale and the red liquid spilled out of her mouth. Her hand reached up to touch Rigby's face they were wet and sticky from the red liquid. And it would spark a life time for Rigby of hating to be touched. There was something cold in the warm liquid in the palm of her hand.

"Take it..." she choked. Rigby somehow managed to hold his baby brother with one hand while the woman took the other and pressed another cold object into his hand. "Take it..." she choked desperately. "Run..." She gasped and then the hand on Rigby's face fell away as the other grew heavier. She breathed out one last time and her eyes became cold and empty. Rigby thought that the woman had turned into a doll. He would later realize she'd died. Her hand fell out away from her, in her palm was a gold colored locket. Rigby took it. After all it didn't belong to the doll before him it belonged to a woman given to extreme emotions. He put the two objects in his pocket and just looked down at the woman not understanding what had happened.

There was a sound behind Rigby and he turned. There was a man behind him a tall thin man, with graying skin. He was covered in the red stuff that had seeped out of the woman. Rigby didn't know why but he ran instantly, with out hesitation. It was yet another decision that would save his life... one of many.