Chapter 3

Edward gathered flowers as he walked to his mother and father's grave.

As he walked, he tried to go over what he learned about alchemy in the west. But after a short time, he found it impossible to think about anything else other than worrying about Al. Sure, Al was with their friend, May, as his guide, but Ed still worried about him. They hadn't been able to talk to each other since the two of them were moving around to be able to keep any permanent address for a letter or call. Maybe he should leave a letter with Pinako and Winry to give to Al when Al was sure to visit. Speaking of, did Al visit already? Winry hadn't said, and Ed was too busy getting hit with a wrench to ask. He would ask when he got back later.

By then, Ed had reached his mother and father's grave. He frowned at the one with his dad's name on it, but laid a couple flowers down at it nonetheless. Then he knelt in front of his mother's grave and placed the rest of the bouquet of flowers on top.

"Hey, mom…"

Winry was cleaning off her work table. She had a few appointments today and the first one was scheduled for in a few minutes. Before she showed up, however, Winry had to get her workshop ready. She had forgotten to do it yesterday before she went to bed and then she had been too tired to do it. Now she was quickly running around the place, picking up tools and putting them where they belonged, picking up stray wires and setting in their boxes without damaging them. She had barely finished when she heard knocking on the front door.

"Coming!" Winry yelled as she put the last screwdriver away. She walked as quickly as possible to the front door and opened it.

"Hi, Tammy!" Winry smiled at the ten-year old girl standing in front of her on a crutch.

"Hi." Tammy smiled shyly.

"Come in and we'll get started on your check-up, ok?" Winry stepped to the side of the door, allowing entry for the young girl.

"Ok." Tammy went inside the house and Winry closed the door behind her.

"This way," Winry led the way to her workshop.

In a few minutes, Winry was fiddling with the gears in Tammy's right leg.

"So how are you doing today, Tammy?" Winry glanced up from her work to flash a smile at Tammy.

"I'm doing good."

"The automail giving you any trouble?"

"No. I'm not using it all the way yet like you told me too."

"Good." Winry was smiling the whole time and Tammy noticed.

"You look like you're in a really good mood today. I mean, in an even better mood than usual." Tammy commented.

"Yeah. I am." Winry's smiled widened.

"Why? Is it your birthday or something?" Tammy's eyes glistened with curiosity.

"No, but one of my best friends finally came home."

"Where's he been?"

"Traveling." Winry's eyes squinted as she delicately poked a wire in Tammy's automail.

"Oh, so it is a guy?" Tammy grinned mischievously.

Winry looked up. "Yeah, yeah, so?"

"Just making sure…" Tammy trailed off. "Is he handsome?" She looked at Winry with bit, innocent eyes.

Winry was startled by this question. "You're ten years old. You shouldn't be asking questions like that." Winry quickly ducked her head, pretending to be looking at something that only she could see in the automail, to hide her blush.

"Maybe. But you're eighteen years old so you should be thinking things like that." Tammy's grin widened as she noticed the mechanic's blush.

"There! Your automail is in peak condition. You should be able to walk fully on it in a few more weeks." Winry stood up.

"Thanks." Tammy sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the table. Winry handed her her crutch and Tammy placed it under her right arm. Winry helped the girl stand up and walk to the front door.

"See ya later, Tammy." But before Winry could close the door, Tammy placed her left hand firmly on the door, stopping Winry from closing it.

"You still didn't answer my question, Winry." Winry never thought a ten year old could look as mischievous as Tammy did at that moment.

Winry couldn't help the blush that tainted her cheeks. "I'm really busy, ok? I have to get ready for my next appointment." Her next appointment wasn't for several hours, but she just wanted to get out of this conversation.

Tammy sighed, annoyed. She had a look on her face that made Winry wonder if Tammy knew she was lying. "Fine. At least tell me his name?" She ventured. Her meaning was obvious. Tammy would forget about her question about if he was handsome, and in return Winry was to tell her his name.

Winry smiled. "Edward." And with that, she waved goodbye and closed the door.

Jeesh. She's only ten and already thinking like that. Winry shook her head.

Since her next appointment wasn't for a while, after Winry finished cleaning her workshop, she sat down on the couch with another automail book.

After about an hour, Winry heard the front door open. She looked up and Pinako was standing in the doorway.

"Granny!" Winry stood up, being careful about setting her book down, without damaging it, on the couch. "How was your friend doing?"

"Oh, she was fine. Her grandson moved away a little while ago and she has to manage on her own now." Pinako took a second to light her pipe.

Winry smiled at her granny. "Granny, guess what?"

Pinako looked Winry up and down, thinking. "Do you mean guess who?" The old lady took pleasure in the look of surprise on Winry's face.

"H-how did you know?" Winry quickly got over her surprise. Pinako seemed to know everything.

"You seem especially happy today, even happier then when you get to work on automail. So I just assume that one, or both, of the boys came home." Pinako said casually as if she didn't just read Winry's mind. Winry wouldn't be surprised if she did.

"Yeah! Ed came home last night!"

"Without calling or writing ahead. I would expect nothing else from the pipsqueak." Pinako chuckled.

"WHO YOU CALLING A PIPSQUEAK, YOU OLD HAG?!" Both Pinako and Winry were surprised by Ed running into the room from seemingly nowhere and screaming at the top of his lungs.




Ed balled his fists. Winry could practically see the steam pumping out of his ears.

Before Ed could reply, Pinako left the room and went into the kitchen.

"Where'd you go?" Winry asked even though she was pretty sure she knew.

Ed calmed down. "I went to my mom's grave."

"And your dads." Winry added.

"…Yeah. His too, I guess." Ed coughed. "Hey um… I've been wanting to ask you something for a while now, Winry…."

Winry felt a small spark of hope course through her body. Could he…

"Has Al contacted you saying how he's doing?"

And it's gone. "Yeah. He's written us at least once a week unlike his shorter brother…"



Ed growled in his throat. "Just tell me, is he ok?"

"Yeah. He's says he's find a lot more about alkahestry. He probably would have went into details but it's me and Granny he's writing to so we would have no idea what he means. He and May are getting along well without trying to kill each other and he's enjoying Xing." Winry glared at Ed, trying to make her point with her next sentence. "He called once and asked about you, trying to see if you're ok, but since you never write we couldn't tell him and he's worrying sick over you."

Ed gulped and looked at the floor. Winry had done her duty well about making him feel guilty.

"So he didn't visit yet?" Ed doesn't look up.



"…what?" Ed looked up at Winry, puzzled. "You seem to be thinking about something."

"Of course I'm thinking about something!" Ed huffed.

"Yes, but what are you thinking about now?" Winry put her hands on her hips.

"Eh… nothing."

"Yeah, right." Winry rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm going to go set up for my next automail appointment."

"Need any help?"

"No. You'd probably wreck my workroom…" Winry smirked. "Go ask Granny if she has any chores for you."

Ed rolled his eyes with a dramatic sigh. "Yeah, yeah. She's going to work me like a slave."

"Get over it." Winry turned on her heel and walked to her workshop, leaving Ed grumbling in the living room.

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