Oh hey look its another story from me! I know, I still have to update my other stories like Hetavengers, Okay wait! What happened and, I scream out your name. But this story has been in my head for awhile and after reading a lot of Philippines fanfics this came out.

Note this is before World War 2. And there is no historical accuracy but will include bits of information.

EDIT: I wanted to re-upload this so it will he posted on Philippines independence day.

Mabuhay Pilipinas!

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Japan gazed at the ocean pondering quietly to himself. He was on his away to meet his friend and fellow Asian island nation. Like the ocean he was a calm and quiet but, he wasn't clear and see through as it. He didn't show it but he was anxious to see her and at the same time he wasn't. He could sense that a war was quickly approaching that involved him so this trip wasn't only to see her again but, to ask her to become an ally. In his eyes she was head strong, kind of stubborn plus violent when angry and, can't exactly read the atmosphere. But she was also cheerful,friendly but kind of shy at the same time. Japan gave a small smile at the thought of her. It's been a long time since they've seen each other.

"Sir!" A voice called out, interrupting his thoughts. He turned to the soldier that called to him "We are nearing land, please preapare your things." He nodded and dismissed the man. He glanced at the back at the ocean and left the deck of the boat.

He entered his private sleeping chambers and went to his desk. The Japanese man sat there reviewing some paperwork assigned by his boss. He sighed and looked at the clock. 10:30, he read, remembering the soldiers words he took his paperwork in his suit case and some extra clothes. Then went to his desk again and pulled something out a white box. It was small so he put it in his pocket and walked out of the room.

He came up on the deck again and could see the port. In less then ten minutes the boat docked the port. He got of the boat relieved that he was on land again and waited for an escorted to take her to his friend's house.

A car pulled up to him and he went inside. As th vehicle rode down the road to his destination he looked outside observing the city life. It was busy and loud seeing it as they were driving in the city. But he couldn't help but notice that it was very westernized. The last time he saw her it her home didn't look so western inspired. He just shook his head and laid back on his seat.

Finally they arrived at her house. It was a simple medium sized house enough for her and her visitors. It was located about a mile away from a beach but near the city. When the car stopped he went out and waved his escorters goodbye. Then brushed off his white military uniform and knocked on the door.


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