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Note: Everything will be in Rapunzel's, Jack's Mulan's, Jasmine's, Aladdin's and Scott's POV unless it's on normal mode.

Chapter 1:

Rapunzel's POV:

Rapunzel: Poets. Geniuses. Revolutionaries. Lemonade Mouth has been called all of these things. But the real story, the story of how our band came to be, is a mystery to them all. I wonder if they'd believe it if I told them it all started... right here.

"The rules in here are simple. No eating, no drinking, no sleeping, no talking, no tapping, no texting. You break a rule, I add another day of detention. Are we clear?" Miss Reznick asked. A girl with black hair in a loose braid nodded. I had a braid too but it was longer and tighter than the girl that was next to me. "Great." Miss Reznick said, turning around.

Rapunzel: Fa Mulan, lead guitar.

A girl was at a seat, sighing silently. Her hair was long but she had golden streaks in it.

Rapunzel: Jack Frost, keyboard.

A boy with white, slightly spiky hair was playing with something in his fingers.

Rapunzel: Jaz Banjaree, bass.

The girl with the loose braid started playing with her earring.

Rapunzel: Al Delgado, drum god.

Another boy was twirling a drum stick around his fingers.

Rapunzel: And me, Rapunzel Potts, future front man for Lemonade Mouth.

I was writing something in my notebook. Eudora counted us off as I looked at the girl next to me then looking down at my notebook.

Rapunzel: It was this ragtag group of five that started it all.

"All right. I have decided, rather than have you twiddle your little thumbs for the next hour, we are going to put those thumbs to use." Eudora said, handing each of us a rag and gave the last rag to the boy that had had something in his hands. She walked away. "We're gonna clean up around here. We're gonna unpack and we're gonna turn this storage room into a music room." She said, looking at us. We didn't move and she opened a guitar case that was close to her. "I mean, we might as well make the best of it, right? We've been banished to the basement." She said, holding a guitar and strummed it with a sigh.

We heard something from above. We watched her as she looked behind her then looked at us. "Did you hear that?" She asked us then looked up. "Ooh." She said, still looking up. She put the guitar down and slightly walked towards us. "You know what? If they spent a fraction of what that new gymnasium cost to keep this music program alive, I-" She was interrupted by the same sound coming from above. "Ooh. That is it. That is it." She said.

She froze at the middle of her lecture.

Rapunzel: But if I'm gonna tell you this right, I need to go back to the beginning. The morning it all began.

The clock went back to that morning.

Mulan's POV:

I was in the living room, playing my guitar. I had a red shirt that read Question Authority. My brothers were near me.

"Let's go, Mulan." My mom said. I continued playing my guitar. "You don't want to be late for you first day, do you?" She asked me. I faced her and kept playing my guitar as she walked away. I finished, grabbed my bag and followed her to the car. We got in and she drove to the school. Once we got there, she parked. She looked at me but I wasn't looking at her. "Look, I know this is hard." She said.

I looked at her. "Transferring to a new school a month into the year?" I asked.

"Yeah. Yeah." She said. I scoffed and got out of the car. I put my backpack on my back and closed the door. I walked a few inches as my mom opened her door then closed it once she was out.

"Why would that be hard?" I sarcastically asked, walking.

"Mulan." She called out to me. I kept walking. She walked after me. "Mulan." She said again.

"But who cares, right?" I asked, as we were still walking.

"I care." She said.

"Then you and Dad might have thought to ask me before you moved our family halfway across the country." I snapped as we stopped walking. Her phone rang.

She sighed, looked at me and pulled her phone out. "Hold that thought." She said and answered it. I walked away again. I stopped when I looked at a boy as he spoke. I walked past him a bit, stopped, took a deep breath and walked into the school.

Jack's POV:

I was in dad's car, looking straight while dad was saying bye to his girlfriend at her college. Mary. Ugh. I hate her. She's nothing like mom. She'll never replace mom.

"Have fun." Dad said.

"Hey, Dad, don't you think it's a little weird that your girlfriend's still in college?" I asked, looking at him.

He looked at me and chuckled. "She's 28, Jack. She's just taking a photography course." He said.

I sighed then shifted in my seat to face him. "Look, Dad, when guys go through mid-life crisis, they- The buy a sports car, right? What do you say? We turn in the truck, get a sports car? I would fully support that." I said.

He chuckled. "Give Mary a chance, for me." Dad said.

"Why is everything about Mary? Mary wants Chinese food. Let's watch Mary's favorite show. Can't pick you up from piano practice, Mary called." I said.

"Hey, I apologized for that." He said.

"Yeah, I know." I said softly. "You know, whatever. Let's just go. I'm gonna be late for my history presentation." I said as I looked away from him. He started driving.

Aladdin's POV:

I was drumming away in the car with the drumsticks until dad cleared his throat.

"Sorry." I said as I stopped, putting the drumsticks away.

"Are you excited, Aladdin?" Mom asked. I looked at her as I slung my backpack onto my back. "Soccer tryouts are today." She said.

I closed my eyes then opened them. "Oh. Right. Yeah. I'm-I'm thrilled." I said.

"Oh, your mother-" He started.

"We." Mom corrected him.

"-thought you might like to have this with you today, for luck." Dad said, handing me the soccer ball. I took it though I made a face at it.

"It was your brother's. Demetri scored the winning goal at state finals with that ball." She said, starting to sob.

"Mom, what are you crying for? Demetri's just away at college." I said. Mom was gonna say something but she turned around and I got out of the car, holding the ball and the drumsticks. I was walking when I saw Jasmine in the car with her dad. She was beautiful. I was so distracted that I fell, knocking the ball out of my hands.

Jasmine's POV:

I was looking out the window, not noticing Aladdin. I was lost in thought until my dad parked. I looked at him. "Remember, Jasmine, you need to speak to your teachers about extra credit. Get your GPA up for the college applications." He said.

"But that's a couple of years away yet." I said.

"It's never too soon to think about your future, Jazzy. Understand?" He asked.

I looked at him. "Yes, Baba." I said, starting to get out of the car.

"Mm." He said then looked at me again. "Is that...? Is that lipstick you're wearing?" He asked, causing me to look at him again. I looked away.

"No, Baba." I said, looking away and slightly wiping it off.

"Because you're too young for that sort of thing." He said.

I looked at him again. "Yes, Baba. I'm late." I said, getting out of the car. "Bye, Baba." I said, closing the door.

"Jaz- Don't forget, extra credit." He said. I walked away when I saw Tarzan. I walked fast. "Please don't see me. Please don't see me." I muttered, still walking fast.

Jack's POV:

We got to my school and he stopped the car. I got out of the car. I heard my dad but I was too busy running to respond.

Rapunzel's POV:

I put my helmet down on my bike then bent down to get my bag. I got it then it dropped. "Uh. Way to go, Rapunzel." I muttered to myself and sighed as I was getting some of my stuff back into my bag.

Jasmine's POV:

I was in the bathroom stall getting out of the clothes I had to wear over the dress I sneaked on. Once I was finished, I left the stall and over to my bag. I put the clothes in the bag then looked at myself in the mirror. I had the lip gloss in my hand and applied some on then put it away and grabbed my bag. I grabbed my violin case and left the bathroom.

I was looking for Tarzan when I heard a voice. "Hey. There you are." The voice said.

I looked over, saw it was Tarzan and smiled. "Hey, Tarzan. You scared me." I said.

"Well, I've been looking all over for you." He said, gently grabbing my hand and held it. "So the band and I, we're gonna ditch this morning, head on over to John's and practice for the Halloween Bash. Wanna come?" He asked as we walked.

"Sure, I'd love-" I said then closed my eyes. I opened them and looked at Tarzan. "I can't." I told him.

"What? Come on, Jaz. We barely see each other as it is." He said.

"Well, maybe this Saturday. I'll tell my dad that I've got extra credit, or-" I was about to finish my sentence when he interrupted me. We had stopped walking and were in front of the principal's office.

"No, you know I got Mudslide Crush rehearsals all weekend, plus soccer practice." He said. I looked away and was moving a piece of my hair and I looked at him as he touched my hair as well. "Come on. Just this once? For me?" He asked. I looked at the office then back at him. "Don't worry about Silver, all right? He's with the new girl." He said.


Rapunzel as Olivia White

Jack Frost as Wen Gifford

Jasmine as Mo Banjaree

Aladdin as Charlie Delgado

John Smith as Ray

Tarzan as Scott