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Note: Everything will be in Rapunzel's, Jack's Mulan's, Jasmine's, Aladdin's and Tarzan's POV unless it's on normal mode.

Chapter 3:

Rapunzel's POV:

It was lunch time and I was in the janitor's closet, sitting on something and looking down at my book that I had on my lap. I was holding an apple in one hand and a page of my book with my fingers of my other hand. "I'm Nobody. Who are you? Are you nobody too? Heh. Well, that would be a yes." I said then took a bit of my apple. I moved my foot a bit, causing the mop, the broom and some other things to tumble. I looked over and quickly grabbed them. I grunted as I tried keep them from making a sound but I failed as I slightly fell over, making a sound of my own with another grunt. I suspect that Principal Silver heard me because the door opened and there was Principal Silver, handing me a pink detention slip. I took it and he closed the door. I moved the mop and broom off of me.

Aladdin's POV:

I was too distracted by watching Jasmine talking to Tarzan that I didn't hear the whistle or the coach talking. I groaned as a soccer ball hit my shoulder. I went back to watching Jasmine again. As she walked away, I focused. I was about to kick a ball but I stumbled and fell. I got up as John laughed at me and the coach was slightly yelling at me. Drill number two was next and the other kids kicked the soccer balls. When it was my turn, I tried to kick but lost my footing. I didn't fall though.

"No, no, Delgado, you gotta kick the ball. Like this." I heard John say, kicking another ball from behind.

It hit my back and I winced. I picked up Demetri's lucky soccer ball. "That's it. You know what? I don't wanna play soccer, I don't want your abuse, and I certainly don't want my brother's ball." I said, throwing it at John but he moved out of the way and it hit the coach on his shoulder.

I groaned mentally as the coach signaled me over to him. I walked over to him.

Mulan's POV:

We were at the new gymnasium. Everyone clapped and cheered as the video ended. Well almost everyone. I was looking bored. I was still wearing my mom's jacket. I felt like I was gonna fall asleep as Principal Silver kept talking and talking until two cheerleaders walked up and stopped next to me. "Hi." The first one with the blonde hair said, smiling.

"Hi." I said, smiling back.

"Why don't you, uh, find another seat?" The blonde one said, serious now.

My smile fell. "Why don't you make me?" I slightly snapped. Me and the blonde one had a stare down until she sat next to the red-head one.

I looked back at Principal Silver as he continued talking. "You want empowered students?" I asked softly, smirking a bit. "Then you're gonna get them." I said, getting up and standing on my seat. I opened my mom's jacket, showing my shirt. "My shirt, my decision." I said, not caring if people were looking at me. I took the jacket off. "Okay? Don't let your school take away your rights. Okay? Be heard. Use your voice." I said. The crowd cheered. Well most of them. The jocks and the cheerleaders didn't. I didn't care though. My pep talk wasn't for them. It was for the rest of the school. "Come on. He can't tell you want to wear, who to be. You can wear what you want. We can wear whatever we want." I said as I threw the jacket down.

"Whoo!" I heard someone yell.

"Come on." I yelled.

"Sit down." I heard someone else say. I ignored him though.

"I can wear my own T-shirt. Wear whatever shirt you want. Today, tomorrow." I said. I grabbed the jacket. Everyone left the gym and I was on my way to leave when Principal Silver called me in. I put the jacket on and he handed me a pink detention slip. I left and went to the elevator. I pressed the button then looked at the slip then at a sign that read To Basement Only. I went into the elevator when the doors opened and pressed the button to go to the basement. I stepped out when it got to the basement. I looked at the slip then around.

"You lost?" A voice asked.

I looked at a boy with red hair. "Oh, no, I'm just looking-" I stammered and he interrupted me.

"Detention, huh? Follow me." He said.

I followed. "What is this place?" I asked.

"This is the underground. Robotics club." He told me then looked inside. "Hey Melody. You working hard?" He asked her and we walked away. "Shakespeare society. Chess club. He hasn't found a partner in months. Ballet. Mathletes. Art club. Even the school newspaper." He told me and looked through the window. "Belle, you doing good?" He asked her and she waved at us when she looked up. "Anything that doesn't fit Principal Silver's mold, you'll find it here. Oh. This is my stop. AV club." He said, facing me as we stopped walking.

"You're telling me Silver just stuck you clubs into the basement?" I asked.

"Pretty much. Unless you're wearing a varsity jacket or a cheer skirt, around here you're basically-" He was about to finish when I interrupted him.

"Invisible." I finished for him.

"See? You're catching on already. Detention's at the end of the hall. Good luck." He told me then turned around. "No, guys. You keep doing this wrong." He told them as I walked towards the end of the hall. I came across a lemonade machine that read Naveen's Organic Lemonade

Normal mode:

Rapunzel: There is a moment where the stars allign

Jack came across the lemonade machine, put a quarter in and tapped a button.

Jasmine picked up her can of lemonade up and opened it.

Rapunzel: and fates collide,

Aladdin put a quarter in and tapped a button.

Rapunzel picked up her can and opened it.

Rapunzel: creating that perfect union.

Jack took a sip of his and made a face.

Jasmine took a sip of hers and made a face with a groan.

Aladdin drank some of his. "Mm. Hmm." He said to himself.

Rapunzel drank some of hers.

Mulan took a sip and made a face then went into the detention room.

Rapunzel: This was that moment.

Rapunzel's POV:

Eudora unfroze. "I am going to give Silver a piece of my mind, and while I do, I want you guys to just start cleaning up or something around here." She said and went out the door.

The new girl scoffed. "She can't make us clean. It's cruel and unusual punishment." She said, getting up and walking away at almost the same time as me.

"Welcome to high school." The boy, that was sitting behind the girl was sitting next to me, said.

"This school stinks." The new girl said, looking at us. The three of us; me, the boy with the white hair and the girl with the loose braid were up and cleaning.

"Can you guys do what Miss Reznick asked and be quiet? Okay? I'm not getting another detention because of you people." She politely snapped.

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I thought as I picked up a box and moving it to the other side of the small stage.

The water dripped which caused the boy that was at his desk to start drumming his finger then he started snapping and that caused the boy with the white hair to throw the keys from hand-to-hand, making them jingle. The first boy pulled drumsticks out and started tapping them everywhere. The new girl started clapping to the beat as the other girl was using the spray bottle in tune with the beat. I was sitting down with a song sheet in my hands and I looked up with a confused smile on my face as I watched them then they each grabbed an instrument. The girl with the loose braid was on the cello, the boy with the drumsticks was on the drums, the boy with the white hair was on the piano and the new girl was on the guitar. I had a few more song sheets in my hands.

Me: Na na na na na, na na

Take a look around
Who would have thought we'd all be here?
So let's mess around
Cause the future is unclear
We got nothing better to do
We're just trying to get through
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

Let the music groove you
Let the melody move you
Feel the beat and just let go
Get the rhythm into your soul
Let the music take you
Anywhere it wants to
When we're stuck and can't get free
No matter what, we'll still be singing
Come on, come on
Turn up the music
It's all we got
We're gonna use it
Come on, come on
Turn up the music

All we have is now

Me and Jasmine: Let's make the most of this

Me: Come on break it out

Me and Mulan: So everyone can hear it
They don't have to understand
But we'll make them if we can
Do you hear me?
Are you with me?

All of us: Let the music groove you

Let the melody move you
Feel the beat and just let go
Get the rhythm into your soul
Let the music take you
Anywhere it wants to
When we're stuck and can't get free
No matter what, we'll still be singing

Come on, come on
Turn up the music
It's all we got
We're gonna use it
Feel the beat and just let go
Get the rhythm into your soul

Let the music take you
Anywhere it wants to
Come on, come on
Turn up the music

We finished and we didn't notice.

"That was so cool." Mulan said.

"That was so awesome." Aladdin said. That was when we noticed Eudora.

"Oh. I'm really sorry. We just started to..." Jasmine trailed off as she took the boa off and ran to her seat.

Jack and Aladdin tried to explain but Eudora kept interrupting them. "Shh! Let me think. I need to think." She said then looked at me. "You." She started, pointing at me.

"Yeah, I'm just gonna sit down." I said, rushing to my seat and sat down.

I didn't notice her following me until she was in front of my desk, still pointing at me. "Rapunzel. Rapunzel, you have a beautiful voice. Aah! Ha, ha!" She exclaimed as she went from serious to excitement in a few seconds. Mulan, Aladdin and Jack were still on the stage while me and Jasmine were back at our seats. "Your band, it's a gift." She said with more excitement.

Mulan put the guitar down. "We're not a band." She said.

"We don't even know each other." Aladdin said, walking back to his seat with Jack. Mulan was alone on the small stage, putting the guitar away.

"You were meant to play together. It's- It's destiny. Oh, come on. You don't have a moment like that and just ignore it. People, they- They need to hear you. Shoot. That'll show Silver." Eudora said, laughing. The five of us were at our seats again. "That will show Silver." She said to herself. She shrieked, causing us to flinch. "That's it. Rising Star. Rising Star." She said.

"Rising what?" Mulan asked, looking at me.

"Rising star." I said, looking at her then away.

"It's a talent competition. Winner gets a record deal." Jasmine said, looking at her.

"And some serious air time." Aladdin told her. Jack started singing and Aladdin joined him a few seconds later then Jack made some beat box noises and Aladdin went along with him.

"Just think, you guys. You can show everyone around here that sports isn't the only thing that matters. So. Hee-hee. What do you think? You in?" She asked, standing in front of Mulan's desk.

"Pass." Mulan said.

"What?" Eudora asked.

"It's ridiculous." Mulan said. Typical answer.

"Okay." Eudora said, going over to Jasmine's desk.

"I really can't. Between my AP classes and violin lessons..." Jasmine trailed off. Reasonable answer.

Eudora went over to Aladdin's desk. "Yeah, I've- I've got stuff." He said. What stuff? I thought.

"Stuff." Eudora repeated with a scoff then she went over to my desk. "Okay, well then, what about you, Rapunzel?" She asked, standing in front of my desk.

I looked up. "I don't sing." I said.

"Uh, we just heard you sing." She said, crossing her arms.

"Well, yeah, but that wasn't real, like- Like on a stage. I can't do that." I said.

"Oh, come on. Sure you can." She said, crossing her arms with a smile.

"No, no, trust me, it wouldn't be pretty. The last time I performed on stage was my first-grade recital. Five minutes into Baa, Baa, Black Sheep I threw up down Jim Hawkins' back." I said.

"Ha, ha. Yeah, I remember that. That was hilarious." Jack said.

"No, it was humiliating." I said. Eudora made a face of disapproval at Jack as I looked at him then back at Eudora. "I'm sorry, I can't." I apologized and looked down again.

"Well, I- I guess that counts me out, right? Can't really enter a competition with one man in a band. You know, unless you're thinking of a solo career. Which I'd be happy to consider." Jack said.

"Guys, Mudslide Crush are entering. We wouldn't have a shot." Aladdin said.

"He's right. They're amazing." Jasmine said.

"They're not that amazing." Aladdin snapped softly.

"Well, if we don't stand a chance against these Mudslide guys, then why bother, right?" Mulan asked.

"Because, you said it yourself, you deserve to be heard." Eudora said. We all thought about it and left the detention room to the elevator. We got to the first floor and got out of the elevator. We looked at each other then went our separate ways. Jack followed me a bit to get outside. Me and Jack looked at each other then went our own separate ways. I went to my bike, got on and rode home.