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Anata yakusoku shita

"I will protect you, even if it costs me my life."

You stood there. Emotionless.

Staring at his lifeless body.

His face was peaceful as if he was in deep slumber..

But he wasn't.

He was dead.

He was gone.

Tears rolled down your cheek as you stood there motionless.

The wind blew as your (h/c) locks swayed against your back.

You looked at the sky.

Grey and gloomy.

Just like your empty heart.

"..If it meant for you to die.. if it meant for you to disappear from my side.. if it meant for you to leave me.. then I never wanted you to protect me.."

"You said it, didn't you, Tsuna..? You said we're fighting for everyone's happiness.. For our happiness. You said you'll come back safely.. You promised Tsuna.. you promised.."

You looked back down to his peaceful expression.

"Why do you think we're fighting..? So we can smile, laugh, and hang out together.. to be happy together.. That's why we're fighting.. That's why we're getting stronger..! I still want to laugh with everyone, with you, but.. with you gone.. it's meaningless.."

"I love you.. [name]"

'You promised..'

"..I love you Tsuna.."


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