I told you I wouldn't quit. It may take years to complete but I will never flat out abandon this piece. It means far too much to me to do that. Yes, this took forever and I'm sorry but finally it is here. Enjoy!

They exit from a tower and out onto purple stone. A couple other towers stand around what Dart can only describe as a ramp. As he walks toward the Ancestor he notices that in places the ground glows lime green. He frowns. So strange.

The Ancestor stands beside the ramp. "The Dragon Block Staff is sealed in the Forbidden Land over there." He nods toward the ramp.

Dart follows his gaze. "Forbidden Land?" He crosses his arms. From here all he can see is the Moon That Never Sets high above them. It gives him a great sense of unease, especially after what happened to Shana that night in Furni.

"It is the place where our hideous memories sleep. It used to be, until eleven thousand years ago, a palace for us Winglies and it was the place where eternal prosperity was promised. It was called the royal capital Kadessa. Now it is a mere ruin without a name."

Haschel shifts nervously. "Are you sure that it okay to go in?"

The Ancestor nods. "It is fine. Everything is in the past."

Rose narrows her eyes in the direction of the Forbidden Land. "I feel a monster over there." It's not that they can't handle it, but she gets a very bad vibe. It makes her hair stand on end even from this distance.

The Ancestor bows his head. "Ah, yes. There is still some magic power left and it attracts monsters. It won't be anything you can't handle though." He offers a smile.

Dart nods. "I see. Let's go then." He looks around at everyone. "We're ready."

They all nod, all but Rose. She looks hard at Dart. Of course she is ready, she is always ready. She just doesn't like this feeling, not one bit. They'll need to be on guard, even more than usual. She hopes he sees this in her eyes.

The Ancestor directs them to the top of the ramp. Once they reach the peak he turns an ancient machine and lays his hands over it. His hands glow with the power of the Winglies and the brow bands near the tops of each tower begins spinning, triggering the rise of a circle of spiraling rocks.

They all watch in awe, but it is Albert who speaks. "This is...the wisdom of the Winglies?" His eyes light up most of all.

The Ancestor smiles, but it is worn as he speaks the sad truth, "It's a ruin of their wisdom." He pours more of his power into the machine and encircles them in a green ball. It twitches for a moment then takes flight, soaring through the first circle of rocks and then the others as the rise, one after the other. "Our fate is in your hands…"

When they land they find themselves in a barren landscape. Everything is muddy red, or perhaps its rust. Even the magnificent statues and castles are coated in the color, as if over the thousands of years it was bleeding from the inside and that blood gradually spilled out and dried, forever encasing the structure in a state of disrepair.

"So, this is the Forbidden Land." Miranda muses aloud. What a dreary looking place. It is nothing compared to the shining Crystal Palace. "The ruins of past glory..."

Albert stares in wonder tempered by sorrow for what has been lost. What he wouldn't give to be able to walk through a piece of history in its fully restored state. "No remnant of the royal capital remains."

Meru grips her head and cowers, her whole body shaking as her ears are assaulted.

Kongol blinks and tilts his head in her direction. "What wrong, Meru? You shaking."

Meru breathes deeply in and out to try and calm herself. "C-Cuz I…I hear the outcries of the people who died here." Every few seconds another scream echoes in this hollow place.

Dart kneels next to her and lays a hand on her shoulder. "Do you need to wait in the forest? It's okay if you do." While they could definitely use her power he isn't going to force her to do anything, especially when it is hurting her like this.

Meru takes a final deep breath. "No. I'm okay." She smiles. She picks herself up off the ground and gives a firm nod. "If I can't get past such a small thing, how will I be able to fight against the Divine Dragon?"

Dart smiles and nods in return. "Say, do you know your way around here? A guide would sure be helpful right about now." He half laughs.

Meru drops her gaze to the ground and shakes her head. "Sorry. I'm a Wingly but…I've never been here before. Almost no one has, because no one wants to. It's just so…" She rubs her arms. "Horrible."

Rose taps Meru's shoulder. "Don't worry about it. It's fine. We'll find our way."

Meru manages a tiny smile. "Yeah, okay."

They take the winding path of rock, weaving to and fro within the rock formations that surround the paths. They take a right and a few minutes later and find themselves at a dead end. The next right path they are tempted to take simply from a statistics perspective, but after exchanging looks they pass it by.

The path takes them around twists and turns for another ten minutes, but eventually it does lead them out of the maze of rocks to stand before a plateau. "Great." Miranda crosses her arms. "How are we supposed to get up that?"

"There!" Meru points. Tucked away in the corner is a teleportation pad. It glows a soft green, just like all the ones before.

"Besides," Dart says, "We are Dragoons. We could have flown if we had to." He looks hard at Miranda. "Use your head." He shakes his head as he walks to the teleporter.

Miranda's expression sours. She narrows her eyes and sneers at him.

Albert pauses by Miranda's side, his voice low. "He doesn't mean it. Really. Just ignore it." He looks pleadingly at her.

Miranda grumbles beneath her breath. "Yeah. Fine." She stalks after the others and one by one they take the teleporter to the next level. From here the Wingly establishment seems to have suffered far less. The stone pillars and support beams aren't tainted by the same red color as the outside. They lean a bit, but it isn't anything to worry about.

They follow the cracked orange pathway, saying silent thanks that there is only one path to follow. Unfortunately that path is narrow and more often than not has them sidling along the wall in order to make it from one side to the other. The plus side is it focuses all their attention on not falling and it leaves little room for talking. Not even Meru utters a word as they hop from one teleporter to the next.

They lose their bearings each and every time they land and by the fifth jump they swear they are back in the first quadrant they started in. Still, the path remains clear and so no one says anything. They simply trek on the only way they can.

Then comes a moment when the walkway finally splits in two directions. Dart sighs. "Great. Now what?" Either way is viable and for once they do not have a guide to point the way. He sorely misses those days when Meru volunteered for that very job.

Miranda shrugs. "Why don't we split up?"

"No." Meru's voice is sharp.

All their eyes snap to Meru and their expressions range from utter shock to confusion.

Meru clears her throat. "I mean, I don't think that's such a good idea." She rolls her foot in circles on the floor. "This place…it's so big that we could split off into single person groups and still never cover everything. And…" She grimaces. "We might never find each other again. So…don't split up. Please."

Dart's eyes soften. "Don't worry. We won't." He looks around at each of them. "Which way do you guys think?"

"That one's closer." Haschel motions to the teleporter to their left.

Rose frowns. "Is that really sound navigating advice?" She raises a brow. "To go somewhere just because it's closer?"

Albert shrugs. "How else are we supposed to pick?"

Rose's face creases with thought. "I think we should follow the pipeline." She points to it. "Those control the flow of energy and tend to lead to important places." She looks to Meru.

Meru perks. "Oh, yeah!" Her expression brightens. "That's how it is in our forest too. I mean, you can't see lines there like here, we try and cover them within the walls, but here…" She lets the truth of the crumbling establishment hand in the air. "So yeah I think we should go the way Rose said."

Dart nods. "Good enough for me." He leads the way to the pipeline and they duck to pass beneath it. Dart keeps a hand on the pipe as they continue on. It leads them into a tunnel and on the other side there is a teleporter waiting for them. Whether it is the right one or not they can't be sure, but they take their chances.

From there it is more sidling and balancing on much too narrow walkways as they go from one teleporter to the next, from one platform to another, until they come upon the first area they could truly call wide open, even in its disarray. In its original state they dare say it could have been considered sprawling.

They walk closer to the edge of their raised platform and just stare for a moment. Far ahead of them floor after floor stack atop one another, reaching towards the sky. It might very well have succeeded in its glory days, but the upper floors have been decimated and as their eyes follow the curve of even the lower floors they see that there are sections that have been crushed into dust, breaking what must have once been a perfect circle around the monstrous space.

Meru's whole body slumps, the weight of the past crushing her as she is forced to face it.

"It's such a large space," Miranda breathes. But it is not awe she feels. This space makes her nerves stand on end and causes her to feel strangely claustrophobic.

"Indeed." Haschel nods. "I wonder what it was for?"

Kongol narrows his eyes. "Kongol feels…" He clenches his fists. "Smells like blood." His skin crawls at the images this conjures in his head.

Albert bows his head and curls a finger around his chin. "Blood, and a large space." He grimaces. "It sounds like a coliseum." There are plenty of books theorizing and painting vividly gruesome pictures of this as one of the Winglies' pastimes in the days before the Dragon Campaign. Still…to see the reality. It's something else.

Meru stares through glazed eyes out at the remains of the place that has haunted her dreams since she was a child. "Yes, it really was." She wanders to the very edge, just a hair's breadth between her and nothingness, and kicks at the ground. "I heard it from the Ancestor." She sighs and sinks to the floor. "Once upon a time, it was a coliseum. But it wasn't for regular fights that you won or lost." She shakes her head. "It was for matches to the death."

Albert shifts from one foot to the other. He is very aware that he should not pry. It is no place to be curious, not when Meru is so clearly in distress. Yet he can not stop the words from spilling forth, "So the 'winner'….were they also…?"

"Sentenced to death. Yes. Like I said, no one won." Meru shudders despite herself. "Winglies would just enjoy the view from above…" She sneers. "…of fighters picked from among the dominated humans, dragons, and some Gigantos." White hot shame shines clear in her eyes and her lip trembles along with her voice as the words leave her mouth, "I am the offspring of that kind of Wingly."

Dart frowns and contemplates her for a moment before taking action. He reaches out and takes her by the hand to help her to her feet and turn her so she must look at him. "Hey," his voice is surprisingly soft. "The Ancestor told us that this is a mere ruin, didn't he?"

Meru stares blankly into his eyes.

"What happened here happened in the past. No matter what sorrow there was, it is no longer our sorrow. Right?" Dart holds his breath as he stares deep into her eyes. He can't bear to see her normally vibrant face marred by such pain and shame.

Haschel steps forward. "Yeah. There is nothing to worry about, Meru. The sins of the past are there just to tell us not to repeat them anymore." He sees Claire and her smiling face clearly in his head. It is a lesson he learned the hard way.

Kongol nods. "Cheer up." He smiles for her. "Me no like when you're sad."

Meru puffs out a laugh and manages a smile. "Alright."

Rose nods to Meru, her silent display of affection. "Now let's focus on finding the staff." They have no time to waste. The dragon certainly won't wait.

They trail down fallen siding connecting the two sides of the colosseum in order to cross the gap. They try not to look at too much here, not wanting to think about the atrocities committed, but they can't help but glimpse a massive orblike structure. It almost appears to be like a seat, the spherical section for the spectator to sit safely within and the rest extravagance. Maybe it once even hovered above the colosseum, for the rich. Regardless, now it is nothing but rut crashed to earth.

They make it to the teleporter a moment later and are whisked away a level higher, to the opposite side. The next teleporter is on the far side of the colosseum row. Dart sighs. Of course this is how it would work. They do it over and over again with the same outcome, going up one more level.

After what feels like forever they reach a row with a teleporter set off at the center, a hub Meru called it, a way to leave the colosseum for whatever they needed. She also said it was a miracle one was still standing. They take it and the orb winds through more pipes than usual before coming out on a much smaller slab of footing than before.

Albert's eye catches on a bright, pulsating red teleporter. "Oh," he peers closely, "what about this teleporter pad? What does it do?" At least it looks like a teleporter, just a different color.

Meru grimaces. "Oh, that." More things from old times she would much rather forget. "Like I said about the teleporter we took, it's a hub, to leave or…whatever." She averts her eyes. "But primarily it is to access these." She motions to the red teleporter. "Cause they wipe away all sleepiness and could let people stay and watch even more fights." She shrugs. "At least that's what I was told."

Rose steps forward. "So we could use this if we are tired too?" She raises a brow.

Meru blinks. "Um, well, y-yeah. Sure." She smiles.

"Good. It could be useful." She smiles. "Think about the present, Meru. Remember that. No matter how loudly the ghosts howl."

Meru nods. "I know." She smiles bashfully.

Miranda sighs. "Where the heck do we go next?" She rests her cheek against her knuckle. "There are two paths again."

For the first time everyone really looks beyond the allure of the variant colored pad. She's right. There is a walkway so narrow only one of the could fit at a time. More worryingly it appears to be crumbling at the edges. Then there is a regular teleporter just ahead of them. "What do you think?" Dart asks them, Rose in particular. She did come up with following the pipes.

Rose gaze flits between the two paths. "We should stick with the pipes. So the teleporter." If it leads them to disaster then she is prepared to take full responsibility.

Dart nods. "You heard her." He motions everyone in that direction. It sweeps them down to a narrow path and they walk single file into a dome room. As the last of them takes a step inside, a door clangs shut behind them. Dart spins on his heel. "What?"

Everyone tenses and snaps their hands to their weapons.

From five blaringly red markers on the floor, monsters twist into existence. They sit on three legs as their spindly bodies spin like tops.

Miranda raises her bow and shoots the one in the center of the room before it can think to move.

It screeches before falling to the floor.

On cue the others spring forward, twenty feet high.

Everyone spreads out and prepares for the landing.

Only Miranda doesn't move. She takes aim again, and makes another dead center shot. She smirks. Another scream.

One of the creatures descends on Dart and he swings his sword in time to cut it in half.

Another comes at Kongol. He doesn't even bother with a weapon, just grabs it midair and squeezes the life out of it.

The last flies at Meru. She rears her hammer back and lets loose, slamming it across the room. She giggles. "Opps." A bit much maybe.

With that it is quiet once more. Miranda looks self-satisfied. "See that? I killed the most." She spins her bow and looks in particular at Dart.

Dart scoffs and rolls his eyes.

"Odd little creatures," Haschel comments as he walks up to the one at the center of the room. Almost spiderlike.

Albert frowns. "Were they supposed to be a guard?" They were the weakest monster they've ever crossed if so. He notices the electric wire past Haschel and the fallen creature. "If so killing them didn't affect that barrier."

Rose walks to the center of the room and shoves the creature aside with her foot. "No," she bends down and examines the red mark on the floor, "I think these marks are the seal."

Dart perks. "How do you mean?"

"Well…" Rose stabs her sword into the center of the mark. It turns a deep blue and one of the electric wires vanishes before their eyes. "It reacts like this."

"I got it." Dart nods and runs to another mark. "So we'll do it together."

Rose moves to the opposite corner, where another is, as her agreement. They jab their weapons into the mark and two more electric guards disappear. They move to the last two and with that the way is open.

The teleporter takes them to an area full of small moving platforms. Great. More tedious waiting. They go two by two and three by putting Meru on Kongol's shoulders. Luckily there are only a few. A short ride up, one across a gap, a few more down, and another across a much larger gap. Then that is over and they have reached another teleporter.

This one brings them to a smooth path winding upward. Only unlike the colosseum, it doesn't go far. It stops at the door of a tower with another teleporter within. They all pray to Soa this is the final one.

They are swept away to a room with ancient markings on the large, round floor. Albert kneels down and runs his hand over them. "what strange characters…" he muses aloud.

"They're Wingly characters," Meru chimes. "But I'm not sure they mean anything. Kinda a jumble."

Rose steps forward. "Some of them are meaningless, yes, but these in the center," she points, "they actually do."

Dart watches her expectantly. When she remains silent he sighs and asks, "Well, can you read it?"

Rose nods. "It says 'whoever dares to take this artifact will suffer a thousand deaths.'"

"Ominous," Haschel whispers. "Well, let's get the staff."

Meru pops her head up. Jutting from a hole in the center of an otherwise solid rock is the object they seek. "This is the Dragon Block Staff!" The light glitters off of the green rounded tip.

Miranda peers up at it and scoffs. "It doesn't look very impressive." She places a hand on her hip. "Can we really constrain the Divine Dragon with this?" She looks around at each of them in turn.

Rose shoots her a disapproving look. "You can never tell the size of the magical power from the size of the object. The power of this staff alone has been sealing off the Divine Dragon for more than ten thousand years."

Miranda makes a soft sound of acknowledgement. "I see." A glimmer of hope surfaces in her eyes. "Then when we take this back and deploy our defense of the royal capital, the Divine Dragon will be no match for us." She smirks.

Rose shakes her head. "It won't be as easy as you imagine." She walks to the edge of the floor and stares intently into the abyss. "The Divine Dragon is not the same as the other Dragons. Even with the staff and us Dragoons, we will have reason for thanks if we can seal him back in."

Dart clenches his fists. "Is Lloyd taming such a monster?"

Rose turns to face them again. "Talking about that," she shakes her head, "I don't think it is possible. The Divine Dragon would never give in." Not even possible to control by Dragoons, masters of dragons. "They couldn't kill him either. That's why he was sealed in. It's way beyond Lloyd's ability to deal with." At least she sure hopes so.

Dart's face brightens. "T-Then it means Lloyd has not taken any action yet?"

Rose shrugs. "Maybe he cannot act." If the dragon is a part of his plan at least.

Albert nods. "There is no sign he is going after the next Divine Moon Object yet." With Lloyd in the wind, it is the little victories such as this that matter, that can keep them going.

Miranda gasps and jolts forward. "Did you say the moon objects?"

"Yes." Dart steps forward to match her. "You must have it in Mille Sesea – a Divine Object with a name starting with Moon?"

Miranda turns hard on her heel and walks to the edge. She crosses her arms "I don't want to talk about it." She spoke too hastily. It caught her off guard. As a Sister of Mille Sesea she is forbidden of speaking of such things, especially to commoners.

"What? Why?" Dart makes a face.

Miranda refuses to look his way. "It's not your business. Just focus on how you can bring the staff back now."

Dart narrows his eyes. "No!"

Miranda turns slowly, her gaze piercing. "Excuse me?"

"If it concerns the Moon Objects, then it concerns us. You can't expect us to run around helping you when you give nothing in return." He stares her down.

Miranda's clenches her fists. "This isn't history," she snaps. "These are royal secrets. And you aren't royalty. I won't talk about it."

Everyone waits with baited breath for a long moment as they anticipate his reaction.

Dart gnashes his teeth. "Fine." For now. Eventually something is going to have to give. She's going to have to come to terms with that.

Everyone lets out a breath. "I'm getting it!" Meru throws a hand in the air. She activates her wings and flies to the stem of the staff. She circles it, looking for the best vantage point, before grabbing on. She yanks and pulls, she even clamps her feet around it for better traction. But. It. Won't- The ceiling rumbles and shifts, sending her flying to the floor with a sharp cry.

Haschel bends down next to Meru. "What the heck is this? A guardian?"

Meru shakes her head, trying to fling the daze away.

The rock holding the Dragon Block Staff shakes free from the ceiling and flips itself over, the staff gleaming atop its head. But more piercing is the deep golden orb set between two jagged rock formations. The orb buzzes and its shine intensifies as it draws in energy.

Rose snaps to attention. "Scatter!"

It unleashes a blast from its eye that rips across the floor.

Everyone leaps out of the way.

It charges up again.

Miranda takes aim and shoots.

The shot hits dead center of the orb, making a hairline crack.

Rose moves in zigzags as she approaches the jewel, ready to jump out of range at a moment's notice.

It shoots another beam, this one aimed at Rose.

Rose veers hard left and still feels the heat from the blast on her skin. She rights her course and leaps, slicing her rapier across the eye before it can charge again.

It pitches backward and rockets into the air. The buzzing noise becomes louder and a beam of light shoots down from the hole in the ceiling, bathing the monster in yellow light. The crack in its orb becomes shallower before their very eyes until it is perfectly unharmed.

"No way," Haschel gasps. "It can heal?"

Dart tightens his grip on his sword. "Then better hit hard and hit fast." He charges.

Its orb surges red and the room rattles.

Everyone stumbles on their feet and struggles to regain balance.

Shards shake loose from the ceiling and it flings them out at the people below.

"Woah." Meru activates her wings and shoots into the air. She weaves in and out of the shards, throwing up a barrier when they are too tight to dodge. Finally she is free to use her Wingly powers to the fullest. She zips toward the orb, rears her hammer back, and smashes it.

Cracks spread throughout its power source and its orb flashes blue.

Meru readies for another slam, but is stopped by the flickering of her wings. "Huh?" She peers over her shoulder to see them slowly dissipating. "W-Wait a minute!" Her gaze snaps to the cracked eye. It must be taking her energy. She zooms upward and latches on to the craggy top of the creature.

It continues to drain, stitching the cracks as best it can.

Meru crawls to the top, where the staff rests. "Well," she huffs. "If you can't kill it, then we'll just take this. It's all we need." She seizes it with all her might and wrenches.

It pitches backward and forward, trying to throw her off.

Meru digs her knees in harder.

Its orb surges a deep red once more. This time a fierce wind kicks up, twisting all around its body and Meru.

Meru's body flips into the air. The wind tosses her around mercilessly as she struggles to hold on to the staff. She clenches her eyes against the gale and the rocks that pelt her every so often.

"Meru!" Kongol stares with wide eyes. He tries to think of some way he can reach her, but he is no Dragoon and the jewel has risen quite high.

Miranda screams. "Enough." She seizes her Dragoon Spirit and focuses on how much she needs this for Queen Theresa.

Rose jerks her head toward Miranda in time to see her transform. "No! Don't transform!" she cries out despite the futility of it.

Miranda's body is bathed in a blinding white light and when she bursts out she dons the almighty White Silver Dragoon Armor. "I'm ending this." She draws her bow back.

A deep green glow comes from within the twister and then the energy pulses outward in a wave.

Miranda is bowled over by it. The breath is knocked out of her as she crumples to the floor. "What's…happening?" she strains to speak. Her body trembles as every muscle stands on edge.

Rose rushes to her side and taps the jewel on her armor.

Miranda draws in a deep breath.

"Idiot," Rose chastises. "It subdues dragons, and we rule over dragons, of course its going to be able to sap us dry."

Meru finally loses her grip and is flung across the room, slamming into the wall. Her body goes limp on the floor.

Miranda presses a hand to her temple. "But…Theresa…"

A resounding roar rips through the air and the ground quakes violently, knocking everyone off their feet. Dart's heart beats double time. "It can't be…is that the Divine Dragon?" But he needs no answer. He can feel it – every nerve standing on end. And anger. It's rising. Boiling.

Miranda scrambles to her feet despite her body's protests. "Don't be ridiculous! It's too early!"

In time with her words, a shadow flies overhead. A shadow that never seems to end.

Miranda's heart skips a beat and terror flashes in her eyes. "No…Deningrad."

The rage boils over for Miranda and the thought of her losing her home. "We're out of time!" Dart snatches his Dragoon Spirit.

Rose barrels toward Dart. "No. It'll consume you." But as always, she's ever too late.

Dart transforms in a swirl of flames more intense than ever before. He erupts from the fire and charges at the monster, his teeth bared and eyes ablaze. He plows through the twister and digs his blade deep into the orb, shattering it at its core. It explodes into a thousand shards and the lump of rock drops to the floor. The magic it conjured slowly fades away afterwards.

Rose rushes towards him, careful to pull up a good few feet away. "Dart!" she calls to him and holds her breath. Dart turns to her and what she sees sends a shiver down her spine. His normally calm blue eyes are a savage red. His lips are twisted into a snarl and his whole face is contorted like that of a man out for blood. And that dark red energy pulsing from him, it is an ominous sign. No Dragoon should have a visible energy output, especially not one this vicious. It is the reason the staff did not dampen his power. "Dart, do you understand me?"

"I want the Black Monster," Dart responds. The red energy surrounding him grows more pronounced.

"Dart, no. What you need it to reverse your transformation, okay?" She tentatively steps forward. "Let me-"

Dart shoots a stream of fire from his hand to surround him. He stares bewildered at his hand a moment. "No. I'm done helping people. Helping you. It's time to help myself." With that he shoots into the air and flies away.

Albert peers from the ring of fire to Rose. "What happened to him?" Fear is clear in his eyes. Of all the things they have fought, nothing was more terrifying than Dart in that moment.

Rose clenches her quaking hands. "He was consumed, that's what," she spits out. "Idiot, transforming with the dragon right overhead." She grabs the spirit around her neck and transforms. "Everyone else, go back to Deningrad."

Kongol tilts his head. "What about you?" He picks Meru off the ground to carry.

"I have to follow him. In that state…" she shudders at the thought of what he might do. "Who knows what he might do or where he might go. Someone needs to be there."

They all nod to her and she flies away.

Miranda rushes toward the corpse and easily pulls the staff from its place. "Come on you laggards!" she snaps. "We don't have time for this! We have the staff so we have to run!" If the dragon gets there before them, destroys the palace, Theresa. She could never live with that.

So, um, yeah, this went off script as you can tell. I planned for something like this to happen somewhere but wasn't entirely sure when the best moment was and ultimately decided this was it. When they face the Divine Dragon Dart can't have this happen, they all need to be working together perfectly to win, so this was the perfect fight to have the dragon pass over to trigger it (since he passes over after the fight in the actual game anyway) and not be the dragon fight. Cause my Dart Divine Dragon insanity influence plot needed to be tied up.

Obviously the next chapter will be a bit off script too. I'll try to get it back on track, but this just really needed to happen. I hope you all like it.