She sings

And the world stops spinning

Just to listen to her melody.

He listens

Her voice like spun gold

Right from the forbidden fairy tales.

She croons

And the birds pause to return her tune

To harmonize in song.

He hums

Her words threading into his ears

Tempting him

To sing along.

She trills

Sharp and clear

And he wishes he could listen to her forever.

She lilts

Her melodious voice

Drifting through the forest

Sifting through the leaves

Clueless as to

Her adoring audience.

He sighs

Her song lilting to an end.

And as he turns back to

The Village of Victors

A light smile spreads across his face.

For the first time

Since that first sight

He could call her his.

A/N: I'm not the biggest Katniss/Peeta fan, but when I got this idea, I though it was absolutely perfect for the two Victors.

Personally, I prefer Annie/Finnick, but that's just me.

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