Happily Ever After

Chapter 1

AN: Here is the sequel to Kindred Spirits. If you are new to my stories please read Kindred Spirits first. This will not be a totally happy story but if you read Kindred Spirits you know that I will have humor as well as Drama in this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own the wonderful characters of NCIS. I do own Samantha Gibbs and Kelly Williams Gibbs. I will also add new characters to this story. If any of these new characters that bear any resemblance to any real persons living or dead is not on purpose.


The flight from Washington to Texas took several hours including a layover in Dallas, Texas. Gibbs could only smile when Samantha made a long established West Texas joke about if you die in Lubbock or the surrounding area you go to heaven with a layover in Dallas.

The plane descended toward Dallas Love Field. Samantha looked out the window and noticed the lights of the Dallas-Fort Worth shinning below the plane. "Jethro, we aren't going to catch the last plane to Lubbock"

"Wasn't planning on catching the last flight. We are booked on the noon flight tomorrow."

Samantha looked over at him. "So what do you propose we do tonight?" she grinned at him.

"Got it all planned out. Trust me."

"To the ends of the earth and back again."


After they left the plane the couple grabbed a cab outside of the airport. Gibbs helped Samantha into the backseat and then handed an address to the driver before joining her. She scooted close to him. "Never really felt comfortable in cabs," she signed. "Kind of scary I guess."

Gibbs pulled her closer and then spelled in her hand. "Don't worry I'm here to protect you." Samantha laid her head on Gibbs' shoulder and enjoyed the ride to a very high rise hotel near downtown Dallas. The driver pulled up out front. The driver got out and opened the door them and then moved to the trunk to get their bags. Samantha looked up at the beautiful glass building in front of her. "Jethro" she whispered. "Are you sure he brought us to the right place. This place has to be expensive."

"Nope, right place." Gibbs reassured her. "We both scrimp and live very simply so why not use it for our honeymoon." They walked into the lobby. Samantha had never seen such a lovely place. They were greeted by a bell hop that put the bags on a cart and followed them to the front desk. "Reservations for Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs."

The desk clerk quickly handed them Gibbs the room key as he signed the register. "Thank you Mr. Gibbs. Your room is ready as you ordered. Room Service will begin your order immediately." Samantha looked at her husband with a suspicious eye. "So this was all planned," she signed.

They walked toward the elevator hand in hand. "More to come" he whispered.

Upon entering the large suite there was huge glass bay doors leading out to a huge balcony with a beautiful view of the lights of downtown Dallas shining brightly in the night sky. On the balcony was a table with two chairs it was decorated with fine china and crystal. Samantha was speechless. To her it looked like something out of the show Dallas. There were candles in the middle of the table. The bellman placed the bags in the bedroom and then opened the door. He moved to the table and lit the candles. "The wine is chilled and ready to serve Mr. Gibbs. Just like you ordered. Your meal will be brought up as soon as it is prepared." Gibbs nodded and handed him a tip as he left the room closing the door quietly leaving the couple alone.

Gibbs then turned to his bride. "What do you think?"

"It is so beautiful. Jethro you planned all this."

"Steak dinner with dessert's on its way up. Now let's look around. McGee assured me this was a fantastic suite when he booked it." Gibbs told her. The two began to look around and found a huge king sized bed in bedroom. In the bath area was a large walk in shower and on the other side was a large Jacuzzi bathtub. Samantha was just staring at the room. It was so beautiful. Gibbs could see that she was a bit overwhelmed with the whole place. He can up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist. He began kissing her neck. Samantha melted into his touch. "Let's have a romantic meal then we can try out that tub. Looks like fun."

Samantha turned around in his arms and pulled him into a passionate kiss. They continued to kiss when the knock on the door from room service disturbed them. "Sounds good Marine." Samantha smiled.


Jackson and Kelly arrived in Stillwater a little after six o'clock. Jack pulled up his truck up in front of his store and with Kelly's help they quickly got it unloaded. Jack had decided to let her stay in the same room as her sister did when she used to come visit him when she was a little girl.

Inside the room was a double bed with lacy bedspread and matching lamps on both bed side tables. "Grandpa this is such a beautiful room. Did my sister like this room?"

Jack smiled. "She did baby." Kelly quickly unpacked her suitcase and put a couple of stuffed animals on the bed. She then ran downstairs to find her grandfather drinking a cup of coffee in the kitchen. "You hungry."

Kelly nodded. "Starving. What are we fixing for supper?"

"How about we head over to the diner? The special tonight is meatloaf and it is pretty good."

Kelly looked at him with grin. "I was wondering Grandpa. Could we get some ice cream for dessert?"

"What would your mother and father say about that young lady?" Jackson replied in a gruff voice.

"Well …" She frowned.

"Don't matter what they would say. I'm your grandfather and I say of course. We might even add a little chocolate syrup to it and maybe some nuts." Jackson Gibbs smiled. "My son said they were having a special supper tonight. Why can't we?" Kelly giggled.

Kelly walked with her grandfather down the street toward the local diner. "Mama said you wanted to show me off."

"That I do, sweetheart."

The two walked into the diner and sat down at a table near the door. A beautiful older lady came up with her order pad. "Welcome back Jack. You and your date want the special." Kelly giggled at the comment.

"I'm not his date I'm his granddaughter."

"So you must be Kelly. I'm Shirley. Jack has talked of nothing but you for weeks." Kelly nodded.

"Hey Shirley. We'll have two of the specials." Jack told her smiling. She quickly smiled and wrote do their order.

"Glad your back Jack. Was the wedding wonderful?" Shirley asked. Jack smiled as Kelly started telling her all about the wedding and the party. Shirley listened intently since the diner was not very busy.

Shirley did have to step away to get their order. Kelly looked at her grandfather. "I think Shirley likes you Grandpa Jack. She looks at you like Mama looks at Dad." Jack could not help but smile. He did like Shirley but had always thought he was too old for a new romance. Jack started to answer her but Shirley walked up to the table. She placed down their plates and stood by while they tasted it.

"Good as always Shirley." Jack replied between bites. Just then the door opened and in walked the local sheriff Ed Gantry. He immediately noticed Jack and Kelly sitting with Shirley.

"Welcome back Jack. Did you have a nice trip?"

"Yes, it was a wonderful wedding." Jack told him.

"And who is this young lady?" he asked looking at Kelly.

"I'm Kelly Williams Gibbs," she said proudly smiling at her grandfather.

"Kelly Gibbs?" He looked at Jack puzzled. "I thought Leroy's daughter died and would be much older. Did he have another kid and name her the same?"

Kelly immediately took a dislike to Ed's tone of voice and actions. "My dad adopted me when my mother was killed. He also caught the killer." Kelly replied proudly. Gibbs was her hero and she did not like the way this man was talking."

"Really so now he is some kind of hero."Kelly nodded. "That wimpy teenager joins the marines then thinks he is some kind of hero."

Jackson Gibbs could see that Ed was getting into the belligerent mode he always seemed to get into when Leroy was mentioned and he saw the look on his granddaughter's face. She was getting upset. "Now Ed if you can speak nicely about my son you can find another place to be. You are upsetting my granddaughter and she does not deserve that." Shirley knew that Ed was not going to back off unless she stepped in so she walked up with a cup of coffee.

"Here Ed. Here's your coffee. Why don't you come over here and tell me about the crime in Stillwater?" Shirley smiled and then she winked at Jack.

After Ed moved away Kelly looked up from her dinner. "I don't like him Grandpa. He hates my Dad."

"He does baby."

"Why?" Kelly asked.

"Never really knew. Your dad never me. They just have never gotten along. I always suspected it evolved a girl from high school." Jack told her. "Now don't let him bother you. Just eat your supper."

The two continued to eat and then ordered dessert. Jack got a piece of apple pie and Kelly got her ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts. By that time most of the other diners had left so Shirley joined them for a cup of coffee. "Don't let old Ed bother you Kelly." Shirley told her. "I've met your dad. He is a hero and pretty special just like your grandpa here."

Kelly smiled at both of them as an idea entered her head. "Grandpa, can I call Abby when we get back to your house?"

"Sure, also we need to text your mom and dad. Let them know you are safe."


After a very romantic dinner and a relaxing bubble bath, Gibbs and Samantha were laying in the large king sized bed just holding each other. Samantha was lying with her head on Gibbs' chest. "This was a wonderful night."

"Hoped it would be." Gibbs smiled. "I want the rest of our lives to be filled with nothing but happiness."

"You know we will have a few fights'

"Ok with me because we will have so much fun making up." Gibbs pulled her closer and kissed her on the forehead.

"May just have to pick a fight with you so we can make up." Samantha looked into his eyes and grinned.

"Sounds like a good idea." Gibbs began tickling her and they both then melted into a fit of laughter. Then the tickling incident then led into more passionate activities.


When Kelly and Jackson returned to the store Jack handed Kelly his cell phone. She went up to her room and quickly dialed Abby's number.

"Hello," Tim McGee answered.

"Hi Tim. This is Kelly. Can I talk to Abby?"

"Sure sweetheart. You having fun with Grandpa Jack." Tim motioned to Abby to come to the phone.

"Yes, we had ice cream for dessert."

"Good, here's Abby. I will talk to you later." Abby took the phone. "Hello Gibblet. How was the trip?"

"It was fun. I needed to talk to you. Have you met Shirley from the diner here?"

"No I don't think so. Why?"

"I think she likes Grandpa and I know he likes her. They look at each other like Mama and Dad" she told Abby.

"And you want to play match maker."

"Yes. Grandpa does not need to be alone."

"Well I assume you have something planned." Abby inquired.

"Working on it. Can I send you an email?"

Abby giggled. "Of course. I'll help in any way I can."


After a romantic evening and a wonderful morning Gibbs and Samantha left their beautiful hotel and caught a cab back to Love Field to catch their flight to Lubbock. The flight was uneventful. They just sat quietly arm in arm with Samantha dozing on Gibbs shoulder.

As the plane neared Lubbock International Airport Gibbs could feel the excitement in his wife's body. The pilot had announced their decent into Lubbock and that there might be some turbulence because of the winds that were blowing on the surface. Samantha just smiled and sighed. "Sounds like home. Wonder if it mild or a real barn burner." The flight attendants were busy getting all the overhead bins squared away as well as making sure all the passengers had their seatbelts fastened.

Samantha looked out the window and saw the large brown cloud near the surface. She elbowed Gibbs. "Looks like home."

Gibbs smiled. He was happy to give her what she wanted to take her home.

The landing was rough but the plane managed to reach the surface. Looking out the window was a challenge with the dust that was swirling in the air. As they were waiting for their luggage and the rental car to be brought around Gibbs was standing at the large windows. Samantha walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. "Beautiful isn't it."

"Looks like Kuwait. You sure we are in Texas" he smirked.

"Sure. It is June in West Texas. Dirt is in the air," she giggled. Just then the rental car drove up to the door. Gibbs quickly loaded the car and opened the door for Samantha.

As they pulled away they did not see the man who had been watching them from the row of chairs near the back of the baggage claim. He picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Carmelita, they are now in our backyard. What do you want me to do now?"

"Follow them Mi cariño." Carmelita replied.

"Your wish is my command." Alexander Curry said as he left the terminal and got into his car. "Well this is going to be interesting Agent Gibbs."

To be continued