Prologue: Velkan's decision

Velkan knew he would die. He wanted to die. He knew once the full moon arose that he was forever a monster. That never stopped him from believing that someone else could kill Dracula though. Velkan knew that he was to far under Dracula's hold to kill him, but even Dracula did not know how smart Velkan was. Yes, Velkan himself could not kill Dracula directly, but he could indirectly kill him. Velkan found out the Count's secret to late for himself but maybe not for the next werewolf that stumbles about. Oh yes, Velkan tampered with the werewolf cure, and of course he made it to were the person would only be partially cured. So if the Count tried to cure a betraying werewolf slave, that werewolf would only be partially cured and can finish the job, and his family will have their freedom. But of course Velkan will have to act fast in making a poor soul a werewolf, and he knew just who to pick.