CH 13 VH

Anna gaped, unable to believe her eyes.

"I'm not going to be..." Carl cut off and blinked rapidly, as if suddenly disoriented. He closed his mouth abruptly, his brow furrowed, then his eyes suddenly rolled in the back of his head and he collapsed.

"Carl!" Both Anna and Van Helsing called to the friar, but the man started to convulse on the ground like a man possessed. They lurched towards him, Van Helsing temporarily forgetting to avoid his friends as he tried to hold the younger man still.

"Carl!" Anna called as the tremors stared to slow and the man in question groaned slightly. She turned to Van Helsing.

"He needs a doctor now. We cannot wait. I was going to use this as a backup plan but...There is a cottage not far from here that I know of. The lady there is said to dabble in witchcraft but she has never hurt us and I think she could help Carl...and maybe you."

"If you think it will help Carl, I'll go with you for now, but you have to trust me to leave you anytime I feel..."

"I understand." Anna cut him off so he wouldn't have to say it. She was thankful he didn't refuse them.

"Well then, let's go," he said as he shrugged into the coat she gave him, bending down to lift the still mumbling Carl onto his shoulders.

Anna nodded and followed him out of the room, hand on her sword as she entered the halls, ready for anything.

"Do you think he will become like me? Could this witch really fix that? Fix me?"

Anna had never seen Van Helsing so lost looking.

"The Angel tears could be a lie, we just don't know. We thought Dracula's cure would work too. If what Carl has is related to what you...have, then maybe she can cure it before he...turns." Anna tried to pick her words wisely, but Van Helsing still winced at them as he shifted the Friar on his shoulders.

"I've only hunted witches, never taking the time to study them...that was Carl's expertise," Van Helsing said in a somber whisper, like the man he carried was already dead.

"Van Helsing," Anna started but stopped as they came to the entrance of the castle.

"I know," he quietly replied as he pulled up his collar and once more shifted the unconscious man in his grip. Anna moved around him to open the great doors, the cold air biting her skin immediately as she hauled them open.

The trip was short, words nonexistent until they were in front of the small cottage. A small bit of smoke came from the chimney, clashing with the darkening sky and the cold weather.

"Maybe I should..." Van Helsing looked hesitant and Anna examined him closely to see if there would be trouble in him. No, the wolf was dormant...for now.

"No. We will both be there for him. Come, she might have answers."

They dismounted the horses, Carl shivering fiercely in a disoriented fever. They got him to the door when it suddenly flew open.

so sorry it's short and like two years overdue, but it's better than nothing huh? I don't have the right to ask...but reviews make me feel better:)