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Chapter 1: Where It All Started

Jo and Kendall have been together for 6 months when Kendall decided it was time to put their relationship to the next level.

It was a Friday night,the guys were having a Fish Stick Friday in 2J,while Kendall spend the night over at Jo' place.

Jo's POV :

I was in the bathroom checking myself in the mirror for the last time in this hour. As the doorbell rang I went out and saw a smiling Kendall.

Kendall: "Hey,babe!" -he greeted Jo and give her a sweet kiss.

Jo: "Hi! What are you hiding behind your back?" - she asked curiously with a shy smile.

Kendall pulled out what he was hiding behind his back,it was a big Rose bouquet for her. Jo eyes went huge in awe. It was a really beautiful bouquet, and only on special occasions Kendall use to bring it to her. From that she knew instantly that Kendall plans something,but what was the real question. But that didn't matter till they will spend the night together.

Kendall: "We should go inside." - he said with a slight chuckle to Jo who's snapped back to real world.

Jo let Kendall in and they sat down on the couch with a blanket over them,watching a really romantic movie,what usually Kendall can't watch and they instead always watch a comedy but today's night was special she could tell.

In the middle of the movie Kendall couldn't resist himself anymore. As much as he tried, it just got even harder to focus on the film, not on her pretty girlfriend. Jo eyes were on the Tv screen, when she felt as warm hands goes under her blouse and soft kisses are placed on her neck with hot breaths of Kendall's mouth.

Jo tried to stop him: "Kendall, please No,this not the right time for this."- she said,with this Kendall stop doing it, then they continued the movie. After 5 minutes was the time when Kendall got bored with it. He stop the movie with the remote, and turned back to Jo, who was looking him with a question look.

Jo: "Wh"- she couldn't finish what she was saying cause Kendall cut her off with a long, passionate kiss. Kendall leaned over on her, not breaking the kiss, moving his hands down to her pants. Jo stop him for a moment in his movement.

Jo said breathing hard after the long kiss: "You really want to do it?"

Kendall just shot a cute smile to Jo and Jo take that as a BIG yes. Jo related immediately the kiss,the romantic movie and the roses. Everything was the part of the night what he wanted to make special. She was more than ready, but she never thought that there would be a perfect time for it, but this moment was just perfect.

Kendall take Jo into her bedroom in a bridal style then he throw her on the huge king sized bed. Kendall didn't stop even for a moment, he almost teared of the clothes of Jo, while he kept kissing her.

Jo: "Wait a minute, you have protection?"- she asked seriously before they would do something what they will regret in the next day.

Kendall pulled out of his pocket a small bag.

Kendall: "Don't worry, I've got everything under control."-he said with a smirk continuing what they began a minute ago in the living room.

It was both the first time, so it was really memorable...

After it they were laying in the bed,with the blanket covering them,resting in each other's arm.

Kendall placed a small kiss on Jo lips and said : "You were amazing."- he smiled giving an another kiss to her.

Jo: "So were you!"- Then the bell ringed. They look at each other with a "who can it be" look.

Jo: "I don't know, don't look at me! Go check it"!-she said.

Kendall: "But this is your apartment not mine!"- he said chuckling,getting up he went to answer the door. On the way out of the room quickly he put on his boxers and throw on himself a T-shirt. Kendall walked to the door,open it.

Kendall: "Hi!" - he said awkwardly when he saw it was a teenage girl,and he was only in his underwear. The girl just stood there awkwardly when Jo came out in a panties and Kendall's flannel t-shirts. "Kendall, who is it?"-Jo asked came out to see who came.

Jo faked a smile. It was her lovely cousin,who come visit her,but she totally forgot about it.

Jo: "Oh, sorry, Emma!...um...excuse me a second"- Jo whispered to Kendall ear to go in and dress up while she let her in.

When Kendall was in the bedroom, Jo turned towards Emma and said : "You can stay here with me, but don't get use to it, soon you 'll go back to your hometown again. And if I found out that you have any friends here you'll regret it! Do you understand?"- she said harshly, walking in the kitchen area for a drink for her, herself and Kendall.

Just right then Kendall now in his normal outfit come back with a big smile on his face. He sat down beside Jo's cousin who just looked up at Kendall shyly, not saying a word. He found that really weird.

Kendall: "Why are you not talking? - he asked and put his hand over her shoulder, pulling her in a hug.

Emma only answered: "I'm just really tired, you know time zones are really crazy." -she said trying to change the subject.

Jo saw they were talking so she had to do something to tear them apart: "Emma, why don't you go and have a rest? You must really tired." -she asked/said so nicely that she could choke in her own drool.

Kendall: "Come on, give me a hug!I'm not scary!" - he said pulling in a hug Emma.

Emma: "O-okay, night!" -she said and went to her own room. She has visited Jo so many times before the guys aka Logan, Kendall, Carlos and James move here in the Palm Woods so she always got the guest room. But now she was too afraid that she's wanna steal away Kendall from her that she promised herself that she will do anything just to keep them apart from each other.

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