Chapter 1 A Huge Mistake

Tonight was Zack Martin's final night as a single man, tomorrow morning at 11am he would be married to the most beautiful woman in the world Maya Elizabeth Bennett, he loved this woman more than he could ever describe he could remember when he saw her the first time, their first date, prom their first time it was all perfect and tomorrow was the day he was going to say I do.

His mother and brother were happy when they heard the news that he was settling down and getting married, all could talk about was how mature he had got over the years. Cody was proud that he was no longer the man flirt womanizer he used to be but a mature, responsible respectful young man.

All his family and friends were supportive even London, Woody, Marcus and his old friends Bob, Tapeworm, Max had all positive things to say, but there was one person whom he had heard from, the person whom he thought would be most impress that he was settling down his very first love Madeline Fizpatrick.

He had sent her an invitation but had not heard a single word, not one phone call of congratulations, nothing, and that confused the young man.

He could see her calling with her happy voice "saying oh I'm so happy for you Zack," or "I'm glad you finally found someone your own age to love but nothing," not even a "hey just letting you know I'm coming to your wedding."

For some reason this made him upset, he couldn't explain it, he was perfectly happy with Maya so why would he care if his old crush acknowledged he was getting married.

He lied on his bed when suddenly he felt a buzz in his pocket, meaning that he was getting a text message he opened his flip phone to see a message

Congrats on your engagement I just got your invitation yesterday to the wedding I just got off the plane actually is there a chance we can talk say around 8 tonight ya know catch up stuff like that?


He put on a soft smile, it would be nice to see his old friend again, he knew he was over her he had Maya now this was nothing but an innocent meeting, catching up with an old friend that he had not seen since he was fifteen, what was the harm in that? Nothing to be worried about Maya and him decided to obey the whole traditional wedding and not see each other the whole day or night before, so she was staying with Bailey for the evening along with London having a girls night, so what was the harm?

He then began to type as he wrote a message

Sure, how about at my suite I can make dinner and we can talk at 8 suite 101


Maddie looked over at her phone as she heard her text ringtone she picked up her phone and smiled as she began to get ready for her meeting with Zack, she had to tell him tonight that she loved him and that he could stop this whole wedding and be with her, truth is after the whole Linkinstamp and when she kissed him she fell in love with him, but didn't tell him because of her starting college the following semester she didn't know if he could handle being faithful to her he was still a crazed hormone sixteen year old boy.

She looked at herself in the mirror her blonde straight hair was glistening in the light and her black dress over her knees along with her black high heels, she looked perfect.

She took a breath as she left her room and got in the elevator her heart was beating faster as she approached the floor and walked to the suite and knocked on the door lightly, she became more nervous as the door opened revealing a tall, handsome light brown haired blue eyed, 6'2 tall man his eyes went wide as he looked at the woman in front of him

"Maddie?" he stuttered.

"Hey long time no see," she said giving him a hug which she returned eagerly.

There was a moment of silence before he stepped to side and let the blonde haired woman enter the suite she looked around and could see the big screen tv, the nice furniture and she could smell lasagna cooking in the oven.

"Wow nice place," she said observing it.

"Thanks! Well make yourself at home, dinner will be ready in a few minutes," he said going back to the kitchen.

She began to look around he could see pictures of him and Cody, him Mosby Carey, Kurt and Bailey and London at their graduation and then pictures of him and her she picked one up it was their senior prom picture him standing behind her in a tux hands on her waist and her in a beautiful dress.

She then remembered her prom Zack did everything for her, she promised to be his date in return but she had forgotten, her smile then turned into a frown as she kept staring at the picture he looked happy and she wasn't the cause of it.

She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a voice "that's the beautiful bride to be," he said standing behind her.

She turned around "what?" she said smiling.

"Maya, my fiancé, that was her during our senior prom," he said smiling.

"Oh right," Maddie said with a light laugh "well she's a lucky girl."

Zack smiled "no I'm the lucky one, I love her so much."

Maddie put on a fake smile "I'm so happy for you."

He then looked back at the table "well dinners ready."

The two of them walked over and sat down at the table which had two plates of lasagna and some breadsticks with a side of salad.

"Wow this looks very nice," said Maddie smiling.

"Of course It's not every day I get to see an old friend," said Zack.

Maddie then looked up at Zack "so Carrie said you graduated from NYU a year ago and that you're a lawyer now."

He smirked "yea who would have thought, me a lawyer in the hotel a lawyer, mom still can't believe it."

"Yeah little Zack has grown up to be a nice young man, "she replied.

"What about you Ms. Madeline I heard that you are a vet, which has been your all time dream, all you need now is the perfect husband and children and you would have a perfect life in your words," he said smiling as he took a bite of his lasagna.

She took a breath it was now or never "Zack the truth is I love you, it's always been you, you were my knight and shining armor even at twelve years old when you were there for my prom, and at fifteen when you saved me from the eight year old prince, and any time in between when I dated a jerk you were the one that comforted me told me you would always be there for me, when I kissed you I fell in love with you and I knew then you were the one for me, but I had to step back I had to let you grow up I need you and I hope you need me just a little bit too."

Zack was shocked, he was full of emotions happy, sad, angry, a tear fell down his eye "why now?" he whispered.

"I loved you all those years, I finally let go and find something truly amazing and now you decide you want to be with me," whispered Zack.

"Sometimes it takes time to realize when you have something, when you love someone," she said putting her hand on top of his.

Maddie "I love you but I love Maya too," he said as tears came down his face.

"But you loved me first, I thought you were different I thought you were my prince and I thought I would always be your princess," she said about to cry.

"Please don't cry, I can't stand to see you cry, you mean a lot to me, you mean so much to me," he whispered.

"It's not too late, you can walk away from this," she stuttered.

He had no words he could say, he looked into her eyes and brought his lips to hers and continued to kiss her passionately as his hands started on her shoulders and slid down to her waist, they pulled apart and looked into each other's eyes "I love you Zackary Martin," she said.

He smiled, once again he was speechless, and she didn't have to hear the words to know he loved her back she grabbed his hands and pulled him to the edge of his bed and began to kiss him again passionately as she began to lean down on the bed as he followed her.

The next morning a faint ringtone could be heard as Zack grabbed his phone he sat up and answered it.

"Hello?" he said groggly.

His twin brother's voice could be heard on the other line "Zack where are you, you have a wedding in three hours and you're not even getting ready with the rest of us!" Cody yelled.

His eyes went wide the world just stopped spinning, he was getting married in a matter of hours and he had just slept with his first love, he had to fix this, this night it was everything he ever wanted but it was a mistake.

He shook Maddie awake, she smiled and looked at him "hey Zacky" she said smiling at him.

He took a breath as he began to put a shirt and jeans on "we need to talk Maddie."

She looked at him confused "need to talk? I thought we had everything figured out, you can break up with Maya and we can be together."

Zack got up and took a breath "look I had dreamed of this moment since I was twelve years old, I thought the world of you but just as I suspected I love you with all my heart but I'm not in love with you, when I was younger you made perfect grades, you worked you were amazing I looked up to you I confused admiration with love," he began.

She shook her head "no you love me, you slept with me last night, if you didn't love me you wouldn't have done that to me," she yelled.

"I had a lot of emotions last night, I slept with you to make sure that there wasn't something between us, and there isn't, it just made me realize that much more how much I love and how much I am thankful for Maya," said Zack.

"If you love Maya you wouldn't have slept with me, you would have stopped yourself," said Maddie.

"I'm sorry I upset you, and hurt you but I have to get ready for a wedding, if you're not going to come I will understand, but you will always be one of my best friends and have a special place in my heart and I am glad that now I know I made the right choice for both of us, you will always be my best friend," he then pulled up her hand and kissed it.

She shook her head "I hate you Zackary Martin I hope I never see you again, have a nice life with Maya," she spat as she walked out of the apartment never looking back.

Zack took a breath as he sat down on his bed he was finally relieved the question, the what if, it was over he was over Maddie, he was ready to truly move forward and start this new chapter of his life loving one woman and being married and happy.

Three hours flew by and it was finally time he could hear the music begin to play first came down the brides maids Bailey and London then the moment was finally here as Maya in her beautiful white dress began walking down the aisle, he was breathless looking at her, he was falling in love all over again as when he first saw her on the sky deck.

Before he knew it she was standing in front of him as he grabbed her hands and the preacher began to speak before they knew it they said their I do's and he gave her a long kiss symbolizing their love together "now I present Mr. and Mrs. Martin!"

Cheers could be heard all through the church as they began walking up the aisle, once the reception took place and they said their goodbyes they rode off on their honey moon.

She smiled "Zack I can't believe that were finally married, I love you so much," she said kissing him passionately.

Zack knew at that moment there was no other person he would rather spend the rest of his life with and that would never change.