Two months went by and now it was time for Zoey to go off to her dorm to start her journey at NYU she had all her boxes and bags packed and was bringing the last little bit in the kitchen with all of her stuff.

"Maya stood at the table with a list you have your laptop?"

Yes Maya.." she said rolling her eyes.

your clothes, makeup, flash light, tooth paste all of your furniture you bought for your dorm?"

"Yes I have everything" she said.

"Where is dad?" said Zoey.

"I think he is making sure you have everything" said Maya.

Zack walked through the door "you sure you want to go to college at NYU i mean its an hour away and you can get lost and then youll stop coming for family dinners and then it will be months, then years, then i don't know what id do" said Zack.

Zoey rolled her eyes "I will be home on every break and I wont be alone my boyfriend will also be there" she said.

Zack rolled his eyes "that makes me feel so much better."

Maya punched him in the arm "shes a grown woman, she can take care of herself."

Kyleigh came down the stairs "does she have to leave I just got used to having a sister and now she is gone" she said coming up and giving Zoey a hug.

"You can call me everyday and tell me all about that high school gossip" said Zoey.

"Girl who cares about high school gossip I want to hear about the college parties, and come get me and ill go with you" said Kyleigh.

"You are not going to no college parties until you get into college then you can go to all the college parties you want" said Zack patting her on the shoulder.

"I wont be partying anyway I'm going to be focused on school" said Zoey.

"I mean theirs nothing wrong with partying every now and then you only experience college once" said Maya.

"I miss when you two hated each other now your ganging up on me" said Zack.

"Would you like us to go back to that?" said Zoey.

"NOOOO absolutely not I love you both please don't do that" said Zack.

There was a knock at the door "must be Cole or Lola" said Zoey as she opened the door to Cole.

"Hey come on in" she said as he walked in "you got everything packed" he asked.

"Yep Maya made sure of it" she said.

"Well Zoey I have good news are dorms are two rooms away from each other" he said.

"Wow that is amazing... I'm going to take my stuff to Coles truck as she started to grab a box.

"Before you do that" said Zack "I have two presents for you...well actually your mother does..."

Zoey felt tears starting to fill in her eyes "my mom?"

"The money she left you all the legal shit went through and you have access which means two things one he then gave her a box and she took it out of his hand and opened it there was what looked like a car key, her mouth dropped.

'You got me a car!" she said jumping up and down.

"Your mom got you a car I just took the money and bought it, I want you to have your own reliable vehicle"

Kyleigh ran up to Zoey and looked at the key "where is the car?"

"Its right outside the front..." the girls ran past him and went outside to find a green chevy blazer Zoey ran back to Zack "thank you dad this is so awesome!"

"I know your mom and she saved that money so you wouldn't have to struggle, so you wouldn't have to work as a teenager like she did and struggle with working and school so i did something else" said Zack.

"What more could you have possibly done?" said Zoey.

"Im sorry Cole buddy old pal you are not gonna be neighbors Zoey you have your own condo as well, I think you will be able to focus and have less stress in your own place.

"I have my own place?" said Zoey.

"Yeah its not even 5 minutes from the school" said Zack.

"Girl do you need a roommate I will come and live with you" said Kyleigh.

"Kyleigh you are still a senior in high school this year you can't move in with your sister" said Maya.

"Next year i can" said Kyleigh.

"You didn't have to do all this..." said Zoey.

"I know but I did what your mom would've wanted me to do" he then handed her the bank card "this is the card to the bank account I have authorization over it just to make sure your not flying through it and your car insurance is set to come out every month and you just pay your expenses out of it... your mom and i both would want you to focus on school this way you don't have to work " said Zack.

Tears fell down her eyes "thank you dad I love you," she said as she hugged him then she went over and hugged Maya "thank you both for everything you have done."

Zack wiped away his tear "well lets get you all packed up" he said trying not to cry.

Cody Bailey and Lola pulled in and Lola immediately got out seeing the car "whose car?" she said.

Zoey held up the keys "I got a car and my own Condo."

"That is so awesome I'm so happy for you and guess what?"

I got into Columbia we are gonna be school neighbors" said Lola the two girls started jumping up and down "hey how many rooms do i have?" said Zoey.

"You have two" said Zack.

"Lola why don't you move in with me?" said Zoey.

"I can't do that to you" said Lola.

Come on it will be fun" said Zoey.

Lola smiled "yes we can be roommates."

The two started jumping up and down "I'm so happy this is gonna be so fun."

Cody walked up to Zack" it means the world to me that they are best friends."

"Cody" he said putting his arm around him "you are my best friend."

Cody started nodding you are mine too" they said hugging one another.

The girls started packing their stuff in Zoey's car and once they finished they all were standing outside "well I guess this is goodbye" said Zoey.

Zack started to look down, trying to hide the tears "friendly reminder that it isnt goodbye its see you later" said Maya.

Zoey then had an idea "hey dad I'm terrible with the GPS to know the way and and I have trouble lifting things can you come with me to my condo and help put my stuff in" said Zoey.

"I'm sure you can figure it out its step 1 2 and 3" said Zack.

"Dad I want you to come help me please?"

Zack smiled "well if you say so, I will get in my car and lead the way," he said running to the car.

Maya walked up to Zoey "that probably meant the world to Zack that you would need him one more time."

"I will always need him probably more as an adult and I'll need my side kick to be on my side" said Zoey.

"Make good choices kid who am I kidding I know you will" she said.

Maya and Zoey hugged each other.

Lola walked over to Cody and Bailey "I'm going to miss you guys."

"Hey you will do great call if you need anything" said Bailey.

The two gave each other a hug.

"I'm proud of you stick together and youll never go wrong" said Cody.

"I love you dad" she said hugging him.

Everyone said their goodbyes and Cole Zack and Zoey with Lola in her car got in their cars and headed on their way.

Once everything was brought into the condo and set into place, thanks for everything dad," said Zoey.

She walked over to give him a hug when a book fell out of the box and she turned around "its my yearbook."

Zack put his hand on her shoulder "you'll look when your ready."

She turned back around to facing him "I want to look at it now will you look at it with me?"

"Id be honored..." he said as he sat down next to her on the couch she opened it to her senior tribute from her mom


I cant believe 18 years came and gone from the moment you were born you were meant for greatness you are smart, beautiful intelligent and this is only the beginning this is only the start of you growing up, i want you to know how proud of you i am and cant wait to see the person you become no matter how old you get or how far you move you will always be my baby and ill always be by your side I love you mom the two of them looked through the pictures of her growing up.

"I know she is proud of you and I am too" said Zack.

"I wish she was here" said Zoey.

"She is... she is watching over you everyday, she will be here everyday" said Zack.

The two hugged and he kissed her on the cheek.

"I better go before Maya thinks im trying to move in with you." said Zack.

"I'll be fine I love you dad thank you for everything" said Zoey.

"I love you I'm only one call away" said Zack.

"I know I'll call you if i need any help"said Zoey.

he then looked at Lola "hey you keep each other in line."

Will do uncle Z" said Lola.

Zack held his tears until he left once he got in the car he broke down and cried.

The phone then rang a second later "what Maya I am not crying" he said choking up.

"Dad?" Zack's eyes widened "Zoey you okay?"

"Can I do this on my own?" she asked.

Zack smiled "you will be just fine kid."