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Alfred's phone rang. The fifteen year old looked at his digital clock. It read 4:00 am. 'This better be good.' He thought grumpily.

"Hello?" he asked groggily. "A-Alfred-kun?" asked a timid voice. "Kiku what's wrong?" Alfred asked fully awake. "C-Can I come over?" "Of course! Hurry and get over here!" Alfred practically yelled. "I'm on my way." Within five minutes there was a knock at the door.

Alfred immediately opened the door. He was shoved back into an embrace. "I-I'm s-sorry I don't mean to intrude." Kiku sobbed softly. "Hey shh-shh. It's okay." Alfred whispered softly. C'mon let's head to the kitchen." As they walked to the kitchen Kiku asked, "Aren't we going to wake your family?" Alfred shook his head. "No, my parents are outta town and Matt's at Gil's."

As they sat at the table, Alfred asked Kiku what was wrong. The young Asain looked down. "My parents were in another fight." He said slowly. "It got really bad." Alfred heard Kiku's voice crack. He was trying to figure out a way to make Kiku smile. He looked at the counter and saw some oreos. Alfred smiled. He pulled out two glass cups and poured milk into them. He grabbed the oreos and also put them on the table

Wonder if I gave

An oreo to my best friend Keeks

Where would his frown go

Would he still huff and puff

Or would he do some cool stuff

Like read or write or draw or just sit with me

It would be wounderfilled

Alfred pulled the top of the cookie off and like the frosting then put the top on and dunk in milk. "Alfred?" kiku whispered. "Ya?" Alfred asked. "I have two things to tell you." "Shoot." "Well for one you suck at rhyming." He said smiling. Alfred pouted. "And…" "C'mon Keeks just spit it out." Kiku's face turned pink. "I-I, um, like you." He said quickly. Alfred looked at the sitting next to him. He could feel a blush on his own cheeks." I like you to, Keeks." Alfred said.

Kiku looked up at Alfred. His eyes were wide in disbelief. "Don't believe me?" Alfred asked with a smirk. He quickly captured Kiku's lips with his own. Kiku smiled into the kiss. Alfred tasted like oreos. They pulled apart for air. "If I gave one to you. It would be wonderfilled." Alfred sang softly.

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