Hey there! Well, I know it's been a while, but I'm finally ready to finish this story. I honestly do not know how I should end this, so it's gonna be kinda short. But, it will involve explosions. In my mind, that should always be a guarantee.

The blast wasn't nearly as big as it could have been. Eggman only used enough explosives to hit the person holding the weapon. However, it was enough to shoot Eggman straight up (because he was right on top of it) and Sonic right off the edge of the ship into open air.

Shadow and Knuckles were a little dazed, but that didn't stop Shadow from seeing Sonic's eyes closed before the blue speedster disappeared from view. Shadow pushed himself to his hands and knees, but he had to pause when his vision blurred. His head pounded.

Amy and Rouge were fine because they were farther away from the blast zone. They jumped to their feet, Rouge hurrying over to the guys while Amy ran towards the edge of the ship.

The bat pulled Shadow to his feet, then helped Knuckles up. They staggered a bit, but quickly gained their footing.

Amy cried out from the edge. "I don't see him!"

It wasn't any mystery who she was talking about.

"He should be fine. He can either land on the ground or chaos control back up here," Knuckles said.

Shadow shook his head, expression surprisingly showing concern. "The blast knocked him unconscious."

"WHAT?!" Amy panicked. She started running towards the side, but Knuckles stopped her. She struggled and started throwing punches. "Argh! Knuckles! Let me GO!"

"You can't fly! You'll just fall to your death! Besides, I don't think Sonic is gonna even get close to the ground!"

The pink hedgehog slowed her attacks. "...How do you know?"

The echidna rolled his eyes. "Come on. You know I'm not stupid enough to risk Tails' life. So, why do you think I provoked Eggman into pressing that button?" He glanced at the others. "Did you even think about how the invisibility gun made it underneath his chair?"

Shadow thought for a second. Then he raised his eyebrows. "Tails. He's the only one who wasn't here. And..." The black hedgehog glanced to the side. "...he can fly."

Everybody looked in the same direction. The young fox was flying towards them, tails spinning, carrying a limp blue form.

When Tails finally reached his friends, he landed slowly, carefully laying Sonic down. The fox muttered, "Deja vu."

The group gathered around the blue speedster. His face and arms were a little cut up, but he seemed okay otherwise.

Knuckles slapped his friend on the cheek. In a split second, the hedgehog had the echidna pinned with an arm on his throat. Eyes wild, Sonic shouted, "What! What's going on?! Where's Tails?!"

Shadow pulled him off Knuckles. "Calm down! You're fine! Tails is here! Eggman is..." He trailed off. "Actually, I don't know what happened to the doctor."

Since he was lying on the ground still, Knuckles had a clear view of the sky above him. And of the human that was falling towards them. "He's right there."

Everyone looked up, then covered there heads from the resounding crash near them as the evil scientist landed.

"Ooh, that had to hurt," Sonic said, smirking.

"I certainly don't feel bad," Tails stated. Sonic grabbed his little brother in a hug. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Me too. No worries, though. Knuckles knew what he was doing."

Sonic turned towards said echidna. "I owe you an apology, then."

Knuckles smiled sincerely. "Apology accepted. I was hoping you wouldn't kill me on sight."

"Nah, I wouldn't do that. Maybe give you a little beat down, but nothing too serious."

"Haha very funny."

Sonic grinned back.

Rouge clapped to get their attention. "Time to go hunt down Eggy."

Eggman lay growning in the bottom of a small crater. "Ugh... I really need to stop getting caught in my own blasts..."

Sonic jumped beside him. "Game over Eggman. You're diabolical plan has been thwarted...again."

The doctor grinned maniacally. "I'm not finished yet!"

He pulled out yet another remote with a button on it, and before anyone could ask, "Jeez, how many buttons does this guy have?" he pressed it.

A low rumbling resounded from the belly of the ship. "Great, now what?" Amy asked in exasperation.

"The chaos syphon!" Tails shouted. "You rigged it to explode?! Are you crazy?! The amount of chaos energy built up in that thing is enough to...to..."

"Destroy half the planet? I know that. What you don't is that I used most of that energy transporting the entire ship here. The energy level dropped to nearly zero. However, there is still enough to blow up this craft! Enjoy being charbroiled!"

Eggman pressed a second button on the remote- "Another button? Really?" said Sonic- and the evil genius dropped through a hatch that opened beneath him. He fell into his Eggmobile and flew away. Soon, he was gone from sight.

"Well, that's just great," grumbled Rouge. All of a sudden, the rumbling increased dramatically. The group could barely stay on their feet.

"We need to go!" Sonic yelled. "Everybody pack in tight!"

The Mobians huddled together. Sonic and Shadow shouted in sync, "CHAOS CONTROL!"

Just as a flash enveloped the group, the ground erupted beneath their feet.

The ship exploded in a giant ball of fire.

Another flash lit up the living room of Sonic and Tails' house. The six Mobians appeared, breathing hard.

"Well, I think that's enough explosions for the day," Sonic stated plainly. He tried to take a step forward, but instead found his nose smacking the ground. "Oww..."

Shadow smirked, but when he went to move forward, he also found himself kissing the floorboards. "Ah! What the-"

Tails laughed. "You guys are fine. You're just exhausted from the chaos control. Eat, then get some sleep."

"I think I wanna sleep first," Sonic muttered. His body relaxed, and soon snoring was heard from beneath his blue head. Shadow followed suit.

Amy was concerned. "Should we move them?"

"I'd let them sleep," Rouge advised. "Last time Shadow's sleep was interrupted, he, uh, destroyed a lot of things. Leave him here."

"Sonic too," Knuckles added. "I tried to wake him up once, and he punched me in the face while still asleep."

Tails pulled two blankets off the couch. He draped one over each hedgehog. "They'll be fine. I think we should get something to eat, though."

Knuckles leaped into action. "No argument there! I got dibs on Shadow's awesome pancakes!"

"No way!" Amy shouted, pulling out her hammer. "Don't even think about it! I WANT SOME!" She ran to the kitchen, right on Knuckles heals.

Rouge and Tails watched them go. "Well, I guess we'll have to fend for ourselves," Tails said, shrugging.

Rouge gave a sly smile. "Not quite." She walked over to the couch, grabbed a cushion, and pulled it back. There sat a plastic bag full of pancakes. The bat gestured to Tails to come over. They sat down, and dug in.

"Mmm," the fox murmured in pleasure. "When did you stash these?"

"The same day Shadow made them. I figured the next time we had a chance to eat, Knuckles would devour them. I left half of them in there so he wouldn't notice."

Shouting erupted from the kitchen. Something about how light and fluffy the pancakes were, and the answering scream of "GIVE ME SOME!"

Tails shook his head slowly. "Enough said."

Finally! I'm sorry, but I lost so much momentum when I stared exploring more fandoms. I kinda went nuts with Supernatural and Marvel. Anyways, sorry the end was short, hope you still liked it. Thanks for all the follows, favs, and reviews!

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