Hey guys I know in my story TMNT proflies I said to expect this story soon but my life got in the way. But now I'm Here. Giving you this fabulously funny story. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I own not Facebook or the Turtles... and now I'm sad

Facebook names:

Leonardo-Blue Leader

Raphael- Hothead Fighter

Donatello-Tech Turtle

Michaelangleo-Rad Mikester

Splinter-#1 Ninja Master

Casey-Hockey Vigilant

April-Techy girl

*Hothead Fighter updates status- Just got done busting purple dragon scum. And it was awesome!

*Hockey Vigilant likes and comments- Yeah Raph! Best nite ever! :)

* Rad Mikester likes and comments- Hey Raph how many did you get

*Hothead Fighter comments- Oh about 30 maybe 40 I don't know

* Rad Mikester comments- O_O wow! Sweet!

*Blue Leader comments- Raph I thought you were grounded

*HHF- I am but I got tired of staying down here so I went topside for a while. What's your problem?

*BL- Master Splinter said you weren't allowed to go topside

*HHF- Shut up Fearless

*BL- I'm just saying Raph. Master Splinter's gonna be mad when he finds out

*HHF- If he ever fins out

* Whatever Raph

* Tech Turtle opens group chat with BL, HHF, and RM- Hey guys do you know what happened to the toaster and blender?

*BL, HHF, and RM reply:

BL- O_O!

HHF- …uuhh


TT- ok … I'm entitled not to believe you Mikey, seriously which one of you was it. Raph did you do it?

HHF- No! I wasn't even at home when it happened

TT- Mikey

RM- No Don you saw me I wasn't in the kitchen, I was in the living room playing video games

TT- Leo

BL- Yes Donny

TT- Were you in the kitchen earlier tonight?

BL- uummm

HHF- Fearless you might as well confess

RM- Yea Leo you are SOOO big time busted

BL- You're not helping guys. Yes Don I was in the kitchen but I was trying to make toast and a fruit smoothie

TT- Leo the toaster has forks sticking out of it and the blender looks like it went through a wood chipper.

HHF and RM- LMAO hahahaha XD

BL- not helping me right now guys


BL- O_O! I should start running now should I

TT- I'll give you a five min head start

BL- Right Bye!

*BL has exited chat

*TT has exited chat

* BL updates status- About to be chased by my brother. Gotta go. HELP ME! #SCARED WITLESS

*TT updates status- About to beat the shell of my brother. DON'T HELP HIM!

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