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TT-yes Mikey. We know

HHF- can it mikey ya gonna break the internet if ya keep shoutin'

RM- don't be such a scrooge raphie-boy

HHF- mikey call me tha' again 'nd imma use my foot and shove that 'Christmas cheer' so far up yer-

BL- ok raph stop threatening mikey and let him enjoy himself

HHF- yeah whatevah fearless

TT- i think its good mikey is expressing the true meaning of the holiday

HHF- oh yeah what's that? Oh let me guess, the presents?

BL- not quite raph, its all spending time with family and friends

TT- and its about giving back to others rather than just receiving

RM- and most importantly its about spreading and showing love to all those you care about

HHF- ahhh i guess you guys are right, the goofball seem ta know how ta spread love, in his annoying way

TT- glad to see you understand brother

Everyone- Happy Holidays!

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