Rex, TK and Anna are dining at an upscale bistro which has become a bit of a weekly tradition. The

tradition has been a bit more frequent with the chaos that has ensued since Coach's heart attack, Matt

leaving, Nico leaving and Dr Dani getting fired. The new coach… is hard to get used to… If they wanted

the anti-coach… the new owners managed to find him.

The three have formed a bit of a three stooges style relationship this season. Anna was quite in the

mood for this tonight given the past few weeks. She has been run ragged. She hasn't even had time to

hook up with Harvey in the last two weeks. TK is still reeling from everything and it just… it just sucks.

They commiserate together.

TK still stands by his theory that that Anna is a total player since the revelations about her long ago

engagement to Mark Cuban and her dalliances with the high powered attorney and Zak Fletcher. He

finds her to be a bit of a kindred spirit at a time when he needs one. Anna and Rex have become good

friends as a result of Raphie and Jim's friendship. Anna has been trying to make him feel better. "TK…

Matt is moving to Boston… not Mars. It's a blow but it's not over… it's just change. It sucks like a

Hoover… but it's just change." TK cracks a smile. "You aren't leaving me too?" Anna laughs… "TKs… I

couldn't leave if I wanted to… I'm under contract and I already checked." She smirks.

The three are chatting away as a gentleman approaches the table. "Doctor Adrianna Starr… it has been

far too long." Anna looks up with a measurable look of surprise that both Rex and TK acknowledge

with an exchange of glances. "Connor… This is a pleasant surprise." She has already heard about Dani's

job offer through some mutual friends.

She smiles as the man leans down and kisses her. "Connor McClane… I am sure you already know these

gentlemen." He leans forward and shakes their hands. "Of course I do… TK, Rex… how are you."

"Would you like to join us?" Anna offers and motions toward the empty chair. "I would love to my dear,

Annabelle, but I am just on my way out. Are you free for dinner say on Thursday?" Anna winks at him.

"Absoultely." He winks back at her before saying goodbye and heading for the door.

As he departs, both TK and Rex give Anna… "THE LOOK". She takes a sip of wine with a laugh. Rex is

the first to make a move. "So… Annabelle…" He looks down and then up at her with a wicked grin. She

looks them both up and down. "Believe it or not, gentlemen… I am not sleeping with every handsome

and powerful man who I happen to know." Rex looks up with another wicked smile. "Oh honey… why

not." TK smacks him. "Put away the wand, Tinkerbelle… but damn girl, how the hell do you know

Conner McClane?" Anna takes a few bites of her dinner. "We have a professional relationship." TK

gets his wandering eye look that is the giveaway that he doesn't believe her. TK makes a bowing

motion. "The King is dead… long live the Queen… man… You are like the ultimate playa… I'd sleep with

Connor McClane." She rolls her eyes at him. "I have a long standing professional relationship with him.

I have told you before… this is not my first rodeo in pro sports among other things." What Anna doesn't

realize that TK has picked up on something subtle. Mr. McClane called her Annabelle. The only people

that he has heard refer to Anna as Annabelle… have been her brothers… Mark Cuban and Matt. There is

more to this story than Anna is ready to reveal.

After dinner, Anna meets Harvey for a drink. He is dapper as ever as Anna spies him at the bar and that

smile… sigh. They have been on and off for decades. Truly, friends with benefits… When they aren't in

relationships… they somehow find themselves together. She can't help but laugh. She was introduced

to Harvey by Raphie at a Harvard v Yale football game. They were at law school and she was at Yale.

She has known Raph since they were kids. What a long strange road it has been.

This time… Anna needs a favor. A favor that she does not want to ask for but she knows she has to. She

knew she owed Marshall a favor. What she didn't expect was the price she is paying in return to a dead