Chapter 8: Enter the Twin Dragons

Lucy's POV.

I came in the door with Natsu and Gray arguing with each other. No one but Laxus and Lisanna looked in our direction. I wasn't sure if it was because they'd gotten used to Natsu following me around (and where Natsu is Gray will be arguing with him...) or if it was because they didn't want to take sides between Natsu and Laxus. I know I wouldn't. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Gildarts slamming his hands down on his desk.

"Alright brats, sit your asses down, we have transfer students." He said. Once we were all sitting and quiet, which in and of itself took a good ten minutes, he nodded to the door. Who I saw almost made me scream. If I had it would have given me away instantly. Although, I probably would have been drowned out by the shouts of outrage courtesy of the rest of my classmates.

"What the hell are they doing here?!"

"Transfers? As if!"

"More like spies!"

"Get lost Saber-bastards!" I took a deep breath as Natsu's comment stirred the class into a chant. This was seriously starting to grate on my nerves. Red caught my eye and I immediately dropped my gaze to my desk. Don't look, don't look. If you look you'll give yourself away. He probably thinks you're a coward now anyway.

"QUIET!" Gildarts voiced drowned out and squashed the fervid chanting."Damn brats. They are transfers, and while they won't be considered one of us until after they've rid themselves of Sabertooth's mark at least pretend to put up with it. Geez. Anyway. Despite the fact that you all probably already know who they are, these are the new transfers, Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. Make them feel welcomed."

"Yoroshiku." Sting said airily.

"Yoroshiku ne onegaishimasu." Rogue. I shivered and kept my head down.

Natsu POV.

I grit my teeth as Gildarts assigned the Twin Dragons seats at the back of the class, right by the door. They weren't welcome in this school and I was sure as hell that they knew it, not even Gildarts had bothered with the false pretense. Not they seemed bothered by it at all.

I turned back to Gildarts, about to give my opinion (read: loud, obnoxious protest) on how they shouldn't even be here when I saw Sting trying to look around me to catch someone's eye. The hell? There shouldn't be any one here who doesn't know he's Saber. What good will flirting with Fairy Tail girls do him? Curiously I followed his gaze and landed on Lucy. Shit. That explains a lot actually, she was new to the way the prestigious schools worked so she didn't know them, nor did she know about the Sabertooth-Fairy Tail rivalry. Not mention she was so kind that she'd probably make friends with them if they approached her if only because no one else would… And if they were her friends I'd be forced to hang out with them on a daily basis! And I couldn't be cruel to her by leaving her because of those assholes! Not to Lucy. No that wouldn't do at all.


And class was over. ... "Wait what?! Class is over?!"

"Yes Ash-for-Brains that's what the bell means." Gray scowled. "Geez I'd say you have the comprehension of a two year but that would insult two year olds everywhere. Dumbass."

"Oh yeah you wanna go Ice Prick?!" I yelled.

"Hah?! Bring it on Flame Brain!" He yelled right back, our foreheads pressing together. I pulled away first and grabbed a chair-

"LUCY KICK!" Lucy's foot flew into my back and sent me flying into a wall. Damn that girl is strong despite her looks. "Idiots. You can fight later right now we have to go to class." She then proceeded to drag me and Gray by the collar to Biology.

"Hey." I whispered, leaning over to Gray. "Do you think Lucy is acting sort of strange?" He looked at me and then back to Lucy. I glanced over. She was grinding her teeth but otherwise she didn't look to be straining to drag two well built male teenagers down the hall at an almost running speed. She also looked worried.

"She's totally acting strange..." We said in unison. A tick mark appeared on her head.

"I'm not strange!" She snapped practically throwing me into the lab. Geez did she turn into the hulk or something overnight? I followed her to our usual spot and scowled as I recognized Sting sitting in front of me. Lucy darted her eyes toward me.

"Let's sit somewhere else today." She begged, not that she needed to, I would have happily swapped seats to sit away from the blond jerk. Luckily his sulky friend was nowhere in sight. I followed Lucy to the back of the room where Erza had just walked in.

"Why are we sitting back here?" She asked quizzically. I pointed to where we usually sat near the middle of the class, by the window.

"Blondie." I answered simply. "Did you know the Twin Dragons were going to transfer?" Erza made a 'tch' noise.

"No I didn't. Why would they transfer to Fairy Tail when they go to Saber Tooth of all places?" She asked as she sat beside Lucy. Lucy tilted her head.

"Twin Dragons? You mean Sting and Rogue? Why call them that though?" She asked innocently. Ezra's eyes narrowed for a second but she shook it off.

"It's nothing." She answered curtly. Lucy blinked innocently and Erza watched her owlishly. It felt like some sort of contest and whoever dropped their gaze first would lose. Did I miss something here? I was about to ask when a large thump came from the front of the classroom.

"Alright today you get a free work period while I grade these." Wakana said, waving half-heartedly at a ridiculously tall stack of papers. I scoffed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sting leave the classroom. Good riddance. I turned to Lucy but she wasn't there.

"If you're looking for Lucy she just left Ash-For-Brains." Gray said from behind me. "And quit looking like a kicked puppy. You're pathetic."

"Am not!" I snapped.

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Are you two fighting?" Erza asked menacingly. We gulped.

Lucy POV.

I stood silently at the edge of the roof loosely gripping the fence in front of me. The wind blew through my hair silently. The wind was light on my face but my mind was heavy.

"Something weighing you down Blondie?" A familiar obnoxiously loud voice called from behind me.

"Yeah." I answered turning to face them "You."

The smirk on Sting's face became even more obnoxious. If that was even possible. Rogue didn't so much as twitch. Typical.

"Why are you here?"

"We have a work period Blondie, obviously."

"'Why did you follow me dumbass. And what about you Rogue? You're not in our bio class." I said shortly.

"Spare. Sting. Do the math." Rogue said monotonously.

"So Blondie you been avoiding us, and after I went to the trouble of sitting right in front of Salamander in bio too…" Sting said pretending to pout. I snorted.

"You can hardly blame me. This is Fairy Tail you know. I'm starting over. Laxus is on my back already, Erza and Mira are starting to get suspicious too. And while Natsu is blissfully inobservant I know for a fact that hanging around you two will… Who's there?!" I snap suddenly turning to the door.

The door widened to reveal none other than Erza and Mirajane themselves. Wendy and Levy were with them too. The colour drained from my face. I took a deep breath and steeled myself. "Well shit. Thanks a lot you two. I knew something bad would happen if I hung around you…" I glared at the Twin Dragons. Sting had the decency to look ashamed while Rogue redirected his eyes from my face. Turning back to the Fairy Tail girls I saw the distrust and hurt that I knew would be there. I waited patiently.

"You're a Sabertooth." Levy accused, the first to break the deafening silence.


"You lied to us."


"You're the Fallen Star aren't you?" Erza spoke up suddenly and the resulting silence was even heavier than before.

"Yes." I answered looking away, finally too filled with guilt to be able to look them in the eyes anymore.

"Aren't you even going to try to defend yourself?" Wendy asked sadly.

"No." Internally cursing as my voice broke. I shut my eyes for a second when suddenly a force hit my face and I went flying into the fence.

"Lucy!" Sting exclaimed. I looked up to see Mira's betrayed face. I shut my eyes.

"Don't Sting." I told him, voice finally steady. "I deserve everything they throw at me."

"Yes. You do." The cold voice of the She Demon didn't sound anything like the Mirajane I had come to know these past months. Internally I cursed myself. "And since you admit to that I'm going to assume you're genuine until you prove me wrong." At the gentleness in her voice my head snapped up in shock.

"W-what?" I asked, my voice wobbled. I stared at her in shock for a second before realizing there tears on my face. I gasped sharply and made to swipe them away but a strong hand caught mine before I could though and suddenly I was staring into the gentle face of Erza.

"You already have the Fairy Tail stamp." She said gently. My eyes widened as I realized that the hand she was holding was the one with the mark on it. "Therefore you are a Fairy Tail member. And besides you shed those tears for our friendship without even realizing it, there's no doubt that you're sincere." She continued with a smile. I stated in shock.


"No buts Lu-chan, you are a member of Fairy Tail now. We aren't like Sabertooth, we don't punish each other for the slightest offence-"

"But it's not slight! I lied about my involvement in the prestigious schools! I lied about being Saber! I-"

"Don't care." Mira snapped. "You are a member of Fairy Tail now. We treat each other as family. And you've already proven yourself." I stared in shock at the two. Two of Fairy Tail's best and yet they didn't decide I was an enemy…

"I- Thank you…" I said finally. "Thank you. So much…" I swiped at my tears. No one stopped me this time. "Now I just need to get Natsu off my back so that I can get the Sabertooth mark removed…" I laughed. So did the girls. I smiled at them then stood up and turned back to Sting and Rogue, finally asking what I had meant to before we were interrupted. "Why are you here? At this school I mean."

"You first Blondie."

"First off: you're blond too asshole. Secondly: I told you. I'm starting over. I'm sick of the way Sabertooth treat each other, I'm sick of everyone worshipping the ground I walk on due to my father's influence. I'm sick of being the heartless bitch Lady Heartfillia. I wanted to start over. As myself. As Lucky Lucy, in a place where no one cares who's who. Fairy Tail was the only place I could think of…" I wound my arms around myself as my eyes stung again. I blinked rapidly, willing the tears not to fall.

A hand fell on my shoulder and I looked up to find myself eye to eye with Rogue. I was barely aware of Erza and Mira tensing behind me, I was too caught up in the scarlet of his eyes. The gentleness in a normally emotionless face. "That's fine. We're with you, no matter what. You know that." Was my face on fire? How have I not exploded yet?

"I know. Thanks." Breathe Lucy, breathe. He smiled, a small barely visible smile just for me, and let go of me."Your turn boys. What are you doing here. And don't smart mouth me dumbass." I glared at Sting who rolled his eyes at my words.

"What do you think? For you Blondie."

"Because my father told you to keep an eye on me."

"He doesn't know you're here."

"I don't understand… Then why-"

"Dammit Lucy! Can't I just be worried about my cousin without strings attached!" He snapped cutting me off. I blinked, reeling in surprise. Sting's words suddenly seemed to catch up to him and he blushed and looked away. "I-I mean.. That is… Wha-?!" I cut him off with a hug.

"Well would you look at that." I said pulling away. "You do still have a heart Eucliffe. And here I thought I lost my sweet, caring cousin the day we joined Sabertooth."

"Yeah well I could say the same for you…" He muttered blushing. "Didn't see much of Lucky Lucy once we joined, only Lady Heartfillia." I smiled. We were interrupted by a cough.

"Hate to break up the family reunion but lunch is about to start." Levy said with an amused smile. I blinked wondering. Why that would be important.

"Natsu." Erza reminded me. I smack my forehead.

"I knew I forgot something…" I muttered.

And that's a wrap. So, I tried to make this longer, as some people have told me the chapters are a little on the short side, not sure how well that's worked out… On another note, thanks to all the people who said they wanted me to continue this story. It was surprising how many of you left a response. So I'm going to take this author's note as a chance to officially say that I'm picking up this story, although I won't be updating regularly (not that I ever did that to begin with… I'm sorry .) but I'll do my best to work around my schedule. Between IB stuff and university applications I don't know how much time I'll be able to contribute to this story but I'll do my best. Thanks to everyone for putting up with my (admittedly not-so-great narrative) writing and my flaky updates.