Black Sun Widow


Disclaimer: I do not own WoW, Deathwing, orcs, or black dragons. I do own Xhialania, Cheru, and Zellana.(Other characters I own will be introduced later and they'll have their own disclaimer at the top of their page.) This is a gory piece compared to some of my other writings, and will have mature scenes. Once again, I don't own WoW and this is not canon, just a possibility. Hope you enjoy reading it!

She ran as fast as she could, ignoring the spear tearing into her left haunches. She had to get the Dragonmaw away from her cave at all costs—even her life. There was little hope for the Black Dragonflight if she didn't survive. Her eggs hadn't hatched and were in desperate need of their mother's touch. Or their father's, but Neltharion had gone insane. She was left to fend for their brood alone, and while it hurt, she knew deep down that she would feel his embrace again.

"Lok'tar ogar!" the orcs yelled as they caught her in a corner. Exactly what she wanted. She let out a huge breath of fire and leapt into the air, flapping her wings so that smoke covered their tiny bodies. She then flew to the south—direct opposite of her cave. Fortunately, the Dragonmaw had come up on her while she was hunting.

How much time do I have before I need to nest again? she wondered, trying to lead the orcs that escaped her fire as far away as possible from her actual home.

"Pin her wings then we'll flay the wretch alive. If she has whelps, it won't be long before their meat also decorates our tables." The orcs cheered, their leader yelling loud as she dipped into another cavern.

If they threaten my babies one more time—

"Run! There's too many! Fight them if you can, but there's no honor in dying to a dragon—dear gods is that—"

Screams and a familiar roar sounded through the cavern. She poked her head out and roared back her thanks—Neltharion, aka Deathwing, swooped down and consumed most of the orcs in one fiery breath.

"Xhialania?" he whispered in draconic, stopping mid-flight.

She nodded and flew up to meet him. "I still have it, and I still have a brood. There is hope."

He nuzzled her gently before shaking his head. "I'm not safe to be around you, but I'll be damned if orcs will kill one of my flight."

He then flew off without a goodbye, a kiss, or even a tail wave. He truly was mad, but like he had said when he gave her the stone, there was sanity and goodness to be found in him.

She, Xhialania of the Black Dragonflight, would find it and save him.