artemis fowl

love changes all

author note: hello readers this is my first fanfic and i hope you guys will like it, i have had a few ideas for some stories, but i like this one the most so expect me to do alot for this story

anyway enjoy


chapter 1: butlers revolation

7:00 am fowl manor:

artemis was just starting to stir from his slumber when BOOM his door flew open, and a very exited LEP captain flew into his room and started jumping on his bed to make sure he was fully awake .

" holly please stop jumping and get off my bed" said artemis clearly eratated

"aww arty did you forget what today is" replied holly with thick sarcasm

"holly you know i never forget anything, thats why i dont want to get up today"

at this point holly moved to the curtains and flung them open to let the light in, artemis reaction to this was one that suprised the LEP captain, artemis buried himself under his blanket like a normal teenager, unfortinatly for artemis he will soon learn that when in the presence of an exited holly short the worst thing to do was to try to block her out

so when artemis least expected it, holly, dispite her size, tackled artemis out of his bed and onto the floor, where she wrestled with the sheets to get to artemis, when the sheets were finally disposed of holly found her self in a very akward position, she was basicly stradiling artemis's lap, with artemis in just his red armani boxers, the same ones holly had seen him in a few years ago during their time travil adventure, and because of these another memory from the same adventure (involving artemis and an angry gorilla and the thing that they both promised to never bring up again) poped into her head and her cheeks became just as red as his boxers

artemis however was confused about what had just happened and when his mind finally came back to earth, he was blushing just as much as holly was

"um this is akward" stated holly


and at that they both stood up trying to forget what had just happed, even though they were both kind of dissapointed in the shortness of the moment (if you can call it that) but they both hid it well from each other

"artemis get down here now" boomed butler from the kitchen

"holly do you mind going down and telling butler i will be right there, after i get dressed and have a shower that is"

"um, yeah sure" holly stated still a little embaressed of what just happened

"but artemis remember that you promise to do this today, and if you dont, i wont hesitate to use my neutrino as 'motivation' " holly said with a look in her eyes that told artemis that she isnt joking around, and knowing her as well as he did he knew that the look in her eyes wasnt something to have second guesses about so he obeyed her orders

"i know holly, but remember that i will try my best, for you and butler "

and with a satisfied look on her face, holly left to talk to butler about what was to come later that day

artemis sighed and did his usuall routein,he showered, brushed his teeth, and shaved, but the only thing different he did ( and he will be doing it alot lately) is that instead of an armani suit he dressed in sweat pants and a tee-shirt, the reason for this is that today is the day that artemis starts to work out, the reason he starts today is that a month ago he was revived from the dead and needed time to adjust to his new body, and to recover his memories that is partially the reason why holly is still here, the main reason is that most of the fairies who still follow opal's commands (even though she is long gone her control still stands) find this the perfect time to exact revenge on their fallen 'queen' , so holly is here to make sure no one harms artemis while the followers are still out there, artemis however doesnt complain one bit, it gives him more time to spend with his good friend

' if i dont go down soon holly will come back up and probably be armed with her neutrino' thought artemis

so with a 'sigh' he leaves the sanctity of his room

meanwhile down in the kitchen:

butler was down in the kitchen preparing breakfest for himself, holly, and artemis, now usually the fowls 5-star chef would be cooking, but since holly had been staying at fowl manor, and with the world almost ending, the fowls gave their staff time off to give them some time with their famillies, so here is butler preparing a vegitairian breakfest, waiting for artemis to come down so they can start the day, and even after sending holly to go get artemis out of bed, butler was getting impatiant, so he decided to go a different route

"artemis get down here now" boomed butler

butler hoped that that would do it, and continueed to cook the vegan breakfest that artemis insisted that butler cook while holly was staying at the manor, when holly walked into the kitchen

"is artemis planning on keeping his promise this time" said butler

"huh, yea artemis is just getting ready" said holly who apeared to be in another realm at the moment

"is there something on your mind captain short" butler said with a hint of worry, this seemed to pull holly from her trance as she instintly became aware of the vegan meal butler prepared

" butler that smells delicious what is it?" asked holly

"firstly, holly your avoiding my question, and secondly its a dish prepared with several fruit and vegtables, no meat as artemis insisted" replied butler

" why is artemis insisting you make all meal vegan, i dont get it, im the only one who doesnt eat meat, so why is he making you and himself eat vegan while im here" asked holly in a somewhat iratated voice

"holly i believe you know the reason, you just dont want to hear it" replied butler

"what you mean he's trying to be sensative about my belief's" replied holly somewhat angry like

"holly you know as well as i do that artemis has changed for the better, and maybe coming back from the dead has changed his views on certain things that the older artemis wouldnt even considered, is that why you were in a trance when you entered, you were thinking ...of artemis?"

"to be honest, butler, i was thinking of the time travil incident- "

"ah, so you were thinking of the kiss you gave artemis"

this shocked holly, to where she almost passed out from choking on the air, but what shocked her more than the fact that butler knew about the kiss, is that butler seemed to have no problem talking about

" so, i take it artemis told you about what happed" holly asked after her choking fit

" yeah, it took awile but i managed to get it out of him, i knew that something happened i just didnt think it would be something like that, although i guess i should have expected it- "

"WHAT!... what do you mean you should have expected it" holly all but yelled this at butler, wile at the same time trying to remain cool, it didnt go so well

" o come now holly, its obvious to everyone, exept you and artemis it seems" said butler with a hint of a smile on his face

"and what is it exactly that is so obvious to everyone but me and artemis?" holly said with worry in her voice

"that you two love each other" replied butler like it was something small

to this hollys mouth fell into a shocked o shape, her body tensed, and she became angry, and a little embarrased

"butler" holly said through clenched teeth, after she picked her mouth up off the floor " what makes you and everyone else think that i... like artemis in that way"

and with butler being butler he easily noticed that holly said like and not love, which meant she was unconfortable with saying the word love, but butler needed to find out more to be certain of his hunches

" alright then, so if you dont love artemis then who do you love, trouble?"

holly looked hurt at his inquiry

" ugh, i go on a few dates with him and nobody lets me live it down" said holly while looking to the heavens as if asking for butlers prodding of her love life to end soon, but no such luck would be given (just yet)

butler just stared at the little elf, holly noticed his expresion

"i know, i know 'dont try to change the subject' well if you want the truth than here it is, i do not and never ever will i love trouble kelp, he is like a brother to me"

and at this butler smiled, holly saw the smile and instintly felt alarmed, she couldnt find out why butler was smiling, a man like that just doesnt smile for no reason there had to be a pritty good reason for the man mountain to smile, and there was for in the last sentince holly said, butler found the truth, the truth was that holly was confortable with using the word love, but she wasnt confortable with saying the word love and artemis in the same sentince, this told butler alot, considering he's been trained to read peoples emotions by the best, and he was about to confront holly when fate decided to give her a break

"hello holly and good morning butler" said a freshly cleaned artemis wearing workout attire

this seemed to snap the two out of their discusing and for them to forget about what they where talking about, well holly forgot, but butler didnt.

authors notes: well there is the end of the first chapter there will be more to come, after i have a brainstorm of ideas, i hoped you liked it, remember this IS

my first ever fanfic so i hope to improve if you didnt like it, and if you did like it i hope to make it better. until next time -yendor

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